United Estonia wins ESL UK Premiership Season 2
Posted: Oct 25, 2015 Written by: do_0h

The United Kingdom ESL UK Premiership Season 2 has had its final game played today.

United Kingdom Team Infused took on EstoniaUnited Kingdom United Estonia in order to see whom will get the first prize.

In a rather close series, the team that finished the Group Stage in third place managed to defeat the winner of the Group Stage with a [3-1] scoreline after finding themselves in a [0-1] deficit.

The game saw United Estonia take two close last two maps in order to grab the victory and the biggest take out of the £5000 in cash prize.

Final prize distribution of United Kingdom ESL UK Premiership Season 2:

  • 1. EstoniaUnited Kingdom United Estonia - £2500
  • 2. United Kingdom Team Infused - £1250
  • 3/4. United Kingdom Team XENEX, United Kingdom Choke Gaming - £625 each
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