The american based team, USA Team compLexity, has announced the departure of yet another player from their DotA 2 line-up.

The one that left the team is the canadian player, Canada David 'MoonMeander' Tan, the reason for his departure seems to be the fact that both the managers and the player decided he was not the right fit for the team. 

MoonMeander stated:

"Hey guys, first of all I want to say there was no drama regarding this change to the team. After hours of conversing with the team, I realized that I wasn't the right fit, both mentally and mechanically. I also need some time to rediscover what I truly want to do in life, thus I've decided to take my leave from the compLexity Dota team. I wish my former teammates the very best in Dota 2, and I know they'll make it to TI5!”

More to the story, it seems that the managers have decided that for the time being, the team will roll with two stand-ins in the name of former Sweden The Alliance player Sweden Johan 'Mynuts' Andersson and former Team Liquid and Team Dignitas player, Sweden Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen.

With this, USA coL now has the following roster for the DotA 2 division:

  • USA Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman (C)
  • USA Zakari 'Zfreek' Freedman
  • Sweden Linus 'Limpp' Blomdin
  • Sweden Johan 'Mynuts' Andersson (stand-in)
  • Canada Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen (stand-in)
  • The swedish based team that seeks to have an all swedish line-up on their DotA 2 team, Sweden The Alliance has announced that they have changed one player. The player that left is Sweden Johan 'Mynuts' Andresson because the team felt that they have a better team play with the new addition to the line-up, the new player is Sweden Niclas 'Niqua' Westergard.

    With this move, the new line-up for Sweden The Alliance is:

    Sweden The Alliance:

  • Sweden Jonathan 'Loda' Berg (C)
  • Sweden Joakim 'Akke' Akterhaal
  • Sweden Pers Anders Ollson 'Pajkatt' Lille
  • Sweden Jerry 'EGM' Lundqvist
  • Sweden Niclas 'Niqua' Wetergard
  • The finnish protoss player, Welmu has announced his departure from his romanian based team, Romania NewRoSoft.

    The reason behind this move is the fact that both parties decided not to prolong the contract.

    FinlandProtoss Welmu stated:

    "Today I have to part away with my long time team Newrosoft since we weren't able to extend the contract anymore. Newrosoft has provided awesome chill atmosphere and support the whole time and I'm really grateful about. Thanks for Andrei and Valentin having me and good luck for the team and players in future, hopefully I get to visit romania again at some point."

    Team managers stated:

    "We are sad to announce that after two years the time has come to part ways with one of the most loved and successful player that ever performed for our team. This was a very difficult decision but a necessary one since we knew it was impossible for us to extend his contract"

    With this, Romania NewRoSoft has:

  • RomaniaProtoss NightEnD
  • South KoreaProtoss Hunter
  • GermanyTerran KrasS
  • GermanyZerg roof
  • The South Korea SK TelecomT1 protoss player, South KoreaProtoss ParalyzE has decided to call it quit with progaming.

    The protoss player, one of the medium tier players from one of the best South Korea KeSpa Starcraft 2 team, ParalyzE has announced his retirement.

    South KoreaProtoss ParalyzE stated:

    "After debuting as a progamer, I made a lot of precious memories as a T1 player. I want to thank all my fans who have cheered me on up till now."

    With this move, South Korea SK TelecomT1 has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Classic
  • South KoreaProtoss Bilowy
  • South KoreaTerran INnoVation
  • South KoreaTerran Dream
  • South KoreaTerran Sorry
  • South KoreaZerg Dark
  • South KoreaZerg soO
  • South KoreaZerg PenguiN
  • A new russian based team has surfaced on the DotA 2 scene.

    The new team, called RussiaXX5 DotA 2 features two former Russia Moscow Five players in the name of Russia Alexei 'Solo' Berezin and Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovsky. The other three players are a bunch of new commers from the scene in the name of  Russia Dimitry 'UnderShock' Bolshakov former Russia VegaSquadon, Russia Ivan 'uBaH' Kapustin and Russia Rinat 'kingR' Abdulin.

    With this the new Russia XX5 DotA2 has:

  • Russia Alexei 'Solo' Berezin
  • Russia Igor 'Nexus' Lisakovsky
  • Russia Rinat 'kingR' Abdulin
  • Russia Dimitry 'UnderShock' Bolshakov
  • Russia Ivan 'uBaH' Kapustin
  • The online event played on the SEA servers, Hairy Smash Tournament has ended with a PvZ final game.

    The final saw South KoreaProtoss Arthur take on Zerg iaguz, the korean protoss player take the final game with an easy win and a scoreline of [2-0] after starting out with an advantage since he came out of the Upper Bracket.

    With this win, the protoss player takes home a total of $488 in cash prize.

    Upper Bracket:



    Winners' Final


    Grand Final

    Zerg iaguz            
    [2-0] Zerg iaguz        
    South KoreaZerg KingKong        
         [1-2] South KoreaProtoss Arthur    
    South KoreaProtoss Arthur        
         [2-0] South KoreaProtoss Arthur
    [2-0] South KoreaProtoss Arthur    
    Zerg PiG     Zerg iaguz  

    Lower Bracket:



    Losers' Final



        Zerg iaguz    
    South KoreaTerran Spear      
       [2-1] Zerg iaguz
    Zerg PiG  
    Zerg PiG      

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaProtoss Arthur - $488
  • 2'nd. Zerg ROOT Gaming iaguz - $244
  • 3'rd. South KoreaTerran Spear - $162
  • 4'th. Team Exile5 PiG - $144
  • 5'th/6'th. South KoreaZerg Team Exile5 KingKong, Zerg DuSt Gaming DemiLove - $81 each
  • 7'th/8'th. Zerg Frenetic Array Wally, Protoss SYF GAMING Frustration - $65 each
  • 9'th/12'th. USAProtoss PSISTORM Gaming sWs, Protoss Lobo, Zerg PSISTORM Gaming EnDerr, Zerg Frenetic Array Crimson - $48 each
  • 13'th/16'th. South KoreaZerg Samsung Galaxy Armani, Protoss Silicon Sports Pezz, Protoss mYinsanity! Blysk, United KingdomZerg fenner - $40 each
  • The north american tournament, USA ChiCraft Winter 2015, a tournament that allows the semi-pro players from Starcraft 2 scene to take a share of cash prize has ended.

    The event featured a total of 32 players has ended up in a TvZ final game.

    The final game saw USATerran Kamker take on USAZerg Honeybear.

    In the end, the terran player has managed to win the final game and took home a total of $250 in cash prize.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. USATerran Team Ascension Kamker - $250
  • 2'nd. USAZerg Integrity Gaming Honeybear - $125
  • 3'rd. USAZerg Imperative Gaming Sacrilege - $75
  • 4'th. USAProtoss AvilosLisp - $25
  • One of the strongest organization in the Starcraft 2 scene in North America, USA ROOT Gaming has announced new changes in their Starcraft 2 line-up.

    The player that left is long time member and one of the player that has been the most in and out of the team, the mexican terran player Terran MajOr.

    The reason behind this move is uncertain, all that is known is the fact that the player was released from the team before the contract between the two parties expired, this may mean that the organization or the player himself was not satisfied with someting inside the team.

    The player that joined the organization is former France Millenium and USA compLexity zerg player USAZerg goswser.

    The announcement was made on the official website of the team, where it is stated:

    "We are adding Goswser to our SC2 squad as he recently came back into SC2 full time. Since I was on compLexity (he was in the coL academy back then) I've seen him grow and become one of the best Zerg players in North America.

    He recently signed with us for this year and so we're happy to announce him as a part of our team and family.

    We are releasing MajOr from our SC2 roster (this is before his contract expires, as we honestly believe it's in the best interest of both parties). We wish him good luck in the future."

    With this move, USA ROOT Gaming now has:

  • NetherlandsProtoss RooterdaM
  • USAProtoss Astrea
  • USAProtoss Minigun
  • USATerran Illusion
  • USATerran Nathanias
  • South KoreaTerran SuperNova
  • Terran iaguz
  • CanadaTerran MaSa
  • Zerg CatZ (C)
  • USAZerg Sasquatch
  • CanadaZerg Spyte
  • USAZerg goswser
  • South KoreaZerg Hydra
  • NorwayZerg SolO
  • USATerranProtossZerg Caliber
  • USA ROOT Gaming's academy, the USA Seed Academy:

  • Protoss Darkness
  • USATerran Heiwa
  • USATerran SiegeMode
  • SwedenZerg Najzmajs
  • NorwayZerg Prebs
  • USAZerg Baldwin
  • CanadaZerg Regor
  • France Millenium:

  • FranceProtoss Adelscott
  • FranceProtoss Lilbow
  • FranceTerran Dayshi
  • PolandTerran DieStar
  • South KoreaTerran ForGG
  • FranceTerran MarineLorD
  • SpainZerg VortiX (on brake)
  • After losing they star player, South KoreaProtoss StarDust, the swiss based team,  mYinsanity! has announced a new player.

    This new player is former USA ROOT Gaming player Zerg Petraeus.

    The announcement was posted on the official socialization page of the team, where it is stated:

    "Today mYinsanity is happy to announce Mackenzie “Petraeus” Smith as our new Starcraft 2 player.

    Petraeus was already living for a couple of months in our gaming house in Switzerland and after he left his former team ROOT we decided that he would fit perfectly in our team.

    Petraeus is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and has been an active part of the SEA competitive gaming scene since early 2012.

    Before moving to Switzerland he was practicing in the ROOT gaming house in California. Petraeus is a very dedicated player, he is very hardworking and we are sure that with the environment we provide him in our gaming house he will become one of the big players in the Starcraft 2 scene this year!"

    With this move,  mYinsanity! now has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Rain
  • USAProtoss Arium
  • South KoreaTerran jjakji
  • South KoreaZerg Sacsri
  • FinlandZerg Serral
  • CanadaZerg Kane
  • Zerg Niroxs
  • Zerg Zervas
  • Zerg PengWing (C)
  • Zerg Petraeus
  • South KoreaTerranProtossZerg Balloon
  • The  Academy:

  • SwedenProtoss QueenE
  • Protoss Blysk
  • ItalyTerran Narcotic
  • Terran Smile
  • ItalyZerg Reynor
  • SwedenZerg Winter
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