The swedish zerg player whom last night failed to qualify for the european Premier League has announced that he is teamless once again.

The reason that he left Sweden The Alliance is uncertain but the move is certain as both the official page of the team does not feature a Starcraft 2 division any more and the player addmited this move on his socialization page.

With this move The Alliance lost it's last player from the Starcraft 2 division, thus closing it, it is uncertain if the team will seek to find other Starcraft 2 players or if they will only feature the other divisions they have from now on.

The protoss player whom was teamless after leaving South Korea Incredible Miracle, the former GSL Champion, South KoreaProtoss Seed has signed with a new team. The new team is one of the best in South Korea ProLeague, South Korea Samsung Galaxy.

The official statement is not out yet, but the player was seen in a Samsung Galaxy jersey at the ProLeague playoff between South Korea Jin Air Green Wings and South KoreaKT Rolster.

With this in mind the new line-up for South Korea Samsung Galaxy is:

  • South KoreaProtoss Stork (C)
  • South KoreaProtoss Dear
  • South KoreaProtoss eMotion
  • South KoreaProtoss Hurricane
  • South KoreaZerg Armani
  • South KoreaZerg oDin
  • South KoreaZerg RorO
  • South KoreaZerg Shine
  • South KoreaZerg Solar
  • South KoreaTerran TurN
  • South KoreaTerran Reality
  • South KoreaTerran Guilty
  • The well known korean team, South Korea Team MVP has announced that they will rebuild their team in order to participate in the South Korea ProLeague next season. 

    The players that they still had all left the team, meaning that the managers of the team had to call some free agents in order to rebuild the line-up.

    The players that are announced to have joined the team so far are: South KoreaZerg KangHo, South KoreaZerg SymbolSouth KoreaTerran Center and South KoreaProtoss YongHwa, it seems that he former South Korea fOu player and choach, South KoreaProtoss Choya will come and act as a coach for the team.

    More to the storyy it seems that two protosses will help the team in the games from ProLeague, Seed and HerO from Dignitas and Team Liquid will try and help the alrady mentioned player win games in ProLeague next season. It is uncertain as of yet  if Choya will only coach or if he will act as a playing coach.

    The current MVP line-up is:

  • South KoreaProtoss Choya (coach)
  • South KoreaProtoss YongHwa
  • South KoreaTerran Center
  • South KoreaZerg Symbol
  • South KoreaZerg KangHo
  • The former fnatic player, the korean zerg South KoreaZerg ByuL has announced that he has found a new team. The new team that he has joined is non other than one of the good team from South Korea ProLeague.

    The player joined South Korea CJ Entus. Official statement:

    "Hello, Fans! Here’s good news for you and CJ ENTUS! We are happy to announce that there is a new player in CJ ENTUS SC2 team’s Zerg lineup. Please welcome our new member “ByuL,” Han Ji Won! We are always grateful to you for supporting us! Thank you!"

    The player stated:

    “Hello. This is ByuL, Han Ji Won and I am really happy to be a new member of CJ ENTUS team. We will try our best to show you a better performance in next season. We need your support more than ever! Thank you.”

    With this, the new South Korea Cj Entus looks as follow:

  • South KoreaTerran Bbyong
  • South KoreaTerran Bunny
  • South KoreaTerran GuMiho
  • South KoreaTerran sKyHigh
  • South KoreaProtoss herO
  • South KoreaProtoss Hush
  • South KoreaProtoss Sora
  • South KoreaProtoss Trust
  • South KoreaZerg EffOrt (C)
  • South KoreaZerg Hydra
  • South KoreaZerg ByuL
  • The Premier League for South Korea WCS Korea Season 3 is due to start. The Ro32 starts with eight groups of four players that will seek to get the all so important WCS Points and also the cheque prize.

    The players that made it for the Ro32 were divided into eight groups. The action will start 6'th of August 2014 and will end on 21'st of August 2014.

    Group A Group B Group C Group D
    South KoreaProtoss Classic South KoreaProtoss paralyzE South KoreaTerran Maru South KoreaZerg SoulKey
    South KoreaZerg effOrt South KoreaTerran Cure South KoreaProtoss Hush South KoreaProtoss Terminator
    South KoreaZerg Shine South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK South KoreaTerran Reality South KoreaProtoss Stats
    South KoreaProtoss sOs South KoreaTerran INnoVation South KoreaProtoss Trap South KoreaTerran Bbyong
    Group E Group F Group G Group H
    South KoreaProtoss Zest South KoreaZerg soO South KoreaZerg TRUE South KoreaZerg Solar
    South KoreaProtoss Hurricane South KoreaProtoss Trust South KoreaTerran TY South KoreaProtoss Avenge
    South KoreaZerg Rogue South KoreaZerg DongRaeGu South KoreaProtoss Dear South KoreaTerran Flash
    South KoreaProtoss Rain South KoreaProtoss Stork South KoreaProtoss PartinG South KoreaZerg Dark

    The 80 man LAN event from Munich, Germany has ended with a ZvZ final between South KoreaZerg HyuN and South KoreaZerg Sacsri, whom after winning Spain DreamHack Open: Valencia 2014 managed to win this small LAN event.

    The win broght him a total of €1.000Plantronics gear.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaZerg mYinsanity!Sacsri - €1.000 + Plantronics gear
  • 2'nd. South KoreaZerg ROCCAT HyuN - €400 + Razer Deathstalker
  • 3'rd. South KoreaProtoss Alien Invasion Patience - €200 + Razer Marauder
  • 4'th/8'th. GermanyProtoss Planetkey Dynamics GunGFuBanDa, South KoreaProtoss mYinsanity!StarDust, NetherlandsProtoss ESC Gaming JackO, South KoreaZerg Alien Invasion Golden, GermanyProtoss Cascade Gaming Zeth - €100 each
  • After losing FinlandProtoss elfi just few days ago, the russian based team, Russia Vega Squadron announced via their socialization pages that they will let another player leave.

    The one in question is the british zerg player United KingdomZerg JonnyREcco, whos departure has an uncertain reason for the time being.

    What it is known, is the fact that he left with both parties agreeing.

    The guys behind the team stated:

    "After elfi departure from our SC2 team, there is another player who is leaving us! After mutual agreement we are saying goodbye to Paul "JonnyREcco" Whyte! Best of luck, Paul, in your future SC2 career and personal life aswell!"

    With this move, the new line-up looks as follow:

  • RussiaProtoss KingCobra
  • PolandProtoss Romson
  • RussiaZerg Revolver
  • RussiaZerg LiveZerg
  • The team academy has:

  • GermanyProtoss Sheggi
  • GermanyProtoss PrimeLoT
  • PolandTerran Miszu
  • PolandTerran Pidiiinne
  • PolandZerg Kreator
  • United KingdomZerg matt
  • USATerranProtossZerg Sloth
  • The season in the Germany Acer TeamStory CUP has ended with a Netherlands Liquid vs. European Union Acer final.

    As they came from the Upper Bracket, Netherlands Team Liquid had a [1-0] lead in each Bo9 played.

    This did not impress South KoreaTerran MMA and CanadaZerg Scarlett whom managed to take multiple maps from the Liquid players whom were forced to present at the final game with an all european line-up due to South KoreaTerran TaeJa having wrists problems again and South KoreaProtoss HerO having to move from the South Korea Incredible Miracle team house.

    With this win, Acer secures their second title in Acer TeamStory CUP and the $10.000 in cash prize.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. European Union Team Acer - $10.000
  • 2'nd. Netherlands Team Liquid - $5.000
  • 3'rd. Germany Mousesports - $3.000
  • 4'th. USA Axiom eSports - $2.000
  • ESL One Cologne CS GO: All Participants All qualifiers for huge Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament ESL One Cologne is over and now we are know all 16 participants which will play for $250,000 prize purse.

    Remind you that organizers have invited 7 teams directly, other 6 teams were determined via online-qualifiers in Europe, and 3 remain will represent India, Australia and North America. Despite to the finalized list of participants, some changes are possible. For example, dAT team may skip the event due to lack of finance.

    ESL One Cologne CS GO will be held on 14-17 August, 2014.

    The teams:

    Poland  Sweden NiP  USA compLexity             Sweden fnatic 
    Ukraine HellRaisers  France LDLC  India Wolf  Denmark Dignitas 
    USA iBUYPOWER          Australia Vox Eminor  Ukraine dAT team    France Titan 
    France Epsilon  Norway London Conspiracy  Ukraine NaVi  Denmark Cph Wolves      


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