The former Germany ESC.IcYBoX protoss player, GermanyProtoss ShoWTimE has decided to change teams. His new team is another german based team, Germany Team Alterante.

The announcement was made by the player on his official socialization page:

"Happy to announce that I will play for Team ALTERNATE from now on! :)"

With this move, the two teams have the following rosters:

Germany ESC.IcYBoX:

  • GermanyTerran GoOdy
  • PolandProtoss GraVe
  • USAProtoss KoNtiNuE
  • Germany ESC.IcYBox junior team:

  • NetherlandsProtoss JackO
  • GermanyProtoss yingyang
  • GermanyProtoss Alai
  • PolandProtoss Jade
  • GermanyZerg Achilles

  • Germany Team Alternate:

  • GermanyTerran kauP
  • GermanyProtoss KnowMe
  • GermanyProtoss ShoWTimE
  • GermanyZerg Lambo
  • GermanyZerg ARes
  • The female player from South Korea StarTale, South KoreaTerran Aphrodite has announced that she has left the korean team.

    The terran player announced this on a post from her official socialization page that stated:

    "I'm not Startale anymore =("

    The reason behind this move is uncertain, nor if she will seek for a new team.

    With this move, the new line-up of South Korea StarTale is:

  • South KoreaTerran Hack
  • South KoreaTerran Legend
  • South KoreaProtoss Booster
  • ChinaProtoss MisS
  • South KoreaProtoss Panic
  • South KoreaProtoss TricKsteR
  • South KoreaZerg Pet
  • South KoreaZerg Zero
  • South KoreaZerg SuHoSin
  • South KoreaZerg Curious
  • South KoreaZerg Life
  • With the event due to start next week, the organizers have released the final informations for the next stop of Sweden DreamHack, the Sweden DreamHack Open: Strockholm 2014.

    The players list is set at 96 players that will starting on 26'th of September 2014 till 27'th of September 2014 duke it out for a total of $25.000 in cash prize and a total of 4.000 WCS Points.

    The big names from that 96 players list are:

    Representing Zerg Zerg race: Norway Snute, South Korea Golden, South Korea Solar, South Korea HyuN, South Korea Life, South Korea TRUE, South Korea Sacsri, South Korea Jaedong, South Korea soO, South Korea Leenock, Germany TLO,  PiG, Canada Kane, Germany Hanfy, Netherlands Ret, Norway TargA.

    Representing Terran Terran race: South Korea Polt, France Dayshi, South Korea YoDa, South Korea forGG, South Korea Ryung, South Korea jjajki, United Kingdom DeMusliM, Denmark Bunny, South Korea MMA, Denmark LilleKanin, Netherlands uThermal, Sweden MorroW, Sweden SortOf, USA ViBE.

    Representing Protoss Protoss race: Netherlands Grubby, France Lilbow, Patience, South Korea Oz, Poland MaNa, Canada HuK, Finland Welmu, South Korea MC, South Korea herO, South Korea Classic, South Korea First, South Korea HerO, France ToD, Germany Socke.

    With a players list this impressive, we need a bunch of top notch casters and hosts. To pull off this job the organizers have called some big names in this terms also.

    The panel host will be United KingdomTerranProtossZerg Shaun 'Apollo' Clark, he will conduct the disscusion before the games with the casters USAProtoss Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, USATerran Nathan 'Nathanias' Fabrikant and South Korea ProLeague casters Terran Andrew 'mOOnGLaDe' Pender.

    The intwrwiev part will once again fall on South Korea Sue 'Smix" Lee's shoulders.

    The american protoss player, whom joined South Korea Team Prime almost half a year ago, USAProtoss State has decided to leave the korean based Starcraft 2 team.

    The player made the announcement via his socialization page, he stated that he wants to find a new korean team to train with.

    He also stated that Korea for him seems to be the best place to train, and that he does not want to leave the country as he wants to train for USA WCS America.

    With this move, team South Korea Prime lost another player and now features the following Starcraft 2 players:

  • South KoreaProtoss Creator
  • South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK
  • South KoreaTerran ByuN
  • South KoreaZerg KassiA
  • South KoreaZerg TerrOr
  • The zerg player from South Korea KT RolsterSouth KoreaZerg hitmaN has left the multiple South Korea ProLeague winners.

    The reason behind this move seems to be the fact that he wants to play in a different team. It is uncertain if that new team has already signed with the zerg player nor if it will be a korean team or a foreign team.

    Also the managers of the team have hinted to a new player to join the team soon.

    With this move South Korea KT Rolster will have the following roster:

  • South KoreaProtoss Zest (C)
  • South KoreaProtoss Stats
  • South KoreaProtoss Believe
  • South KoreaZerg Action
  • South KoreaZerg Sleep
  • South KoreaTerran Flash
  • South KoreaTerran Miso
  • South KoreaTerran TY
  • A new stop in the Germany Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 series was announced. The event is due to take place from 6'th of December 2014 till 7'th of December 2014 in the american town of USA San Jose, California, USA.

    The event will have a total of 28 players that will duke it out for a total of $25.000 in cash prize.

    Germany ESL manager, Poland Michal Blicharz stated:

    “It is a massive challenge and a massive opportunity for us. This is the new frontier.We are the first independent esports content creators to run an event of this scale inside a US sports stadium. It’s a chance for gaming fans to prove that their hobby belongs in the spotlight."

    The event will be held at the USA SAP Center, a center that regularly hosts Olympic athletes and Grammy award winners, and has a total of 18.000 visitors capacity.

    The former South Korea Incredible Miracle protoss player, South KoreaProtoss Trap has found a new team. The new team is the South Korea KeSpa team sponsored by the airplane company South KoreaKorean Air.

    The announcement was made by the new team via a post on their socialization page:

    "We recruited a former IM player, Trap. His first tournament playing for us will be RedBull Battle Grounds: Washington, along with $o$ and Cure."

    South KoreaProtoss Trap stated:

    "I returned to a company-sponsoring team, and it's refreshing. Back to the basics, I will do my best to contribute to my team. I also have considered foreign teams after leaving IM, but I joined Korean team to be the best player in Korea.I wanted to join Jin Air because of the ace player, SoS.

    It has not been so long since I joined the team house, but I already know that my teammates are so nice. We will win the next proleague"

    With this move, the new team for South Korea Jin Air Green Wings is:

  • South KoreaProtoss Avenge
  • South KoreaProtoss Terminator (C)
  • South KoreaProtoss sOs
  • South KoreaProtoss Trap
  • South KoreaTerran Cure
  • South KoreaTerran Maru
  • South KoreaZerg Rogue
  • South KoreaZerg Adios
  • The former South Korea KT Rolster player, whom a week ago left that team, has announced his new team. The new team is a former South Korea eSF team now a South Korea KeSpa team, non other than former South KoreaTerran Maru and South KoreaTerran MarineKing team, Team South Korea Prime.

    The announcement was made on a famous Starcraft 2 news site.

    The protoss player will play for the new team in the next season of ProLeague.

    With this move, South Korea Prime now has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Creator
  • South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK
  • USAProtoss State
  • South KoreaTerran ByuN
  • South KoreaZerg KassiA
  • South KoreaZerg TerrOr
  • The german caster Germany Denis 'Take.Tv' Gehlen has announced that he will host yet another tournament. The event, a 24 man roster, the Top 6 from the Europe Grandmaster that are not barcode will be invited to join the roster in that 28 man line-up. 

    Along side the 6 man from the Grandmaster ladder, we will have 6 other players qualified from three online qualifiers. To make for the entire players list we will have 12 invited player. Out of these 24 players, 12 will make it for the final phase of the event where they will be seeded along side 4 invited players.

    First names to be invited are: South KoreaProtoss Stork, South KoreaZerg Impact and NetherlandsProtoss Harstem. These three players will seek to get a part of the $1.500 in cash prize.

    The qualifiers will start on 21'st of September till 23'rd of September, while the main event will start on 10'th of October 2014, while on 11'th of October we will have the last phase of the event


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