After losing Ukraine Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko to Ukraine Natus Vincere and Russia Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov from their European Union Polar DotA 2 line-up, the guys behind Russia Virtus.Pro have managed to bring in new players.

The players that joined the team to make it for a full five man roster are: former Ukraine Natus Vincere and Belarus Power Rangers player Belarus Artem 'fng' Barshak and former Team Empire player Ukraine Andrew 'Mag~' Chipenko.

These players will try and represent this line-up of Virtus.Pro in future events.

The announcement was made by the new team via their official website, wherethe two players stated:


"It was a pretty long time ago when I was a stand-in, and today I officially became member of Polar. I'm very happy to play with this guys in one team!"


"Hi all! I'm very glad to join the team. Together we started the new way, and I'm sure that everything will be great. We can achieve our targets and will make happy our fans"

With this, European Union Virtus.Pro Polar now has:

  • Ukraine Alexander 'DkPhobos' Kucheria
  • Ukraine Andrew 'Mag~' Chipenko
  • Russia Illya 'Illidan' Pivcaev
  • Russia Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk
  • Belarus Artem 'fng' Barshak
  • The russian based team, whom just recently changed one player from their DotA 2 team has once again decided to change one player from their international team.

    The player that left is the ukrainian player Ukraine Danilo 'Bignum' Shehostov.

     The reason behind his departure seems to be the fact that the players did not feel like they were doing good with him. 

    To fill in the gap, the managers and other players called Russia Dmitry 'Slander' Zhukov.

    Team captain, Russia Khaled 'sQreen' El-Kabbash stated:

    "At bootcamp, it was decided to take in the last, the fifth player who had already proven to be a man and show a good level of play. They became Slander, with whom I played for a long time as a team before the M5."

  • Russia Khaled 'sQreen' El-Kabbash (C)
  • Russia Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov
  • Russia Dmitry 'Slander' Zhukov
  • Selim 'Neqroman' Oynar
  • Belarus Vitali 'zxc' Damastoi
  • The french team, France Invasion eSports has lost more player, asfter losing South KoreaZerg BBoongBBoong to South Korea Team Prime, it's now time to lose South KoreaProtoss TAiLS and South KoreaTerran Noblesse.

    The departure of the two players comes as the contract expiration, and the fact that both parties decided not to prolong.

    Team managers stated:

    "I would like to announce that today our contract with Noblesse and Tails has ended, as a common agreement we have decided to take two different paths. I would like to thanks them and I wish them all the best for the future.

    After this sad news, I’m happy that after the IEM San Jose, TOP has expressed his desired to continue the adventure with us. Despite his performance during this IEM he has shown an exemplary behavior by helping our managers and cheering our players.

    Now he wants to show that he can do better. We believe in him and his great potential. Our adventure at the IEM was very constructive, it gave our players, our managers and our admins more motivations to go forward.

    For us it has been a great success, our players were very happy and performed well despite the fact that they wanted and had the capacities to go further in the competition.

    I would like to thanks Ana and Sebou for their incredible management during this tournament. It was the first representation of Invasion eSport at a major foreign tournament. In 2015, we will be present in many more.

    Our team will be reinforced with the incoming of a major player from Korea we expect to make the official announcement in a couple of days.

    As our admins weren't all available for personal or professional reasons it has been difficult to coordinate everything and it has been a busy month for us. 2014 will ends with the qualification of Super and GuMiho to the SSL and the GSL, we couldn't have dreamed of a better end. We are very proud of them."

    With this move, France Invasion eSports now has:

  • FranceZerg YellowFox
  • FranceZerg Cazo
  • FranceZerg Davdou
  • Zerg IMComingHome
  • South KoreaTerran TOP
  • South KoreaTerran GuMiho
  • FranceProtoss Quent
  • FranceProtoss Nanaki
  • DenmarkProtoss Theo
  • South KoreaProtoss Super
  • The european team, European Union Team Secret has decided to change one player.

    The player that left is the israelian player,  Tai 'Fly' Azik.

    The reason behind his departure is the fact that the managers decided there is no synergy between the players

    In order to fill in the gap, Rasmus 'Misery' Filipsen, former European Union Mousesports, European Union fnatic, European Union MYM and European Union LGD.Gaming player.

    The announcement was made by the managers of the team via their official socialization page.

    With this move, European Union Team Secret now has:

  • Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov (C)
  • Sweden Gustav 's4' Magnusson
  • Denmark Johan 'BigDaddy' Sundstein
  • Rasmus 'Misery' Filipsen
  • Germany Kuro Salehi 'Kuroky' Takhasomi
  • The France Millenium zerg player from Spain, SpainZerg VortiX has announced that he decided to take a brake from progaming.

    The reason behind this move is the fact that the player lost his interest in the game, he however stated that if the passion will be back, he might make a comeback to the pro scene.

    The announcement was made by the player's team in a post stating:

    "After six months in the structure, VortiX has decided to take a break from StarCraft II since the game doesn’t interest him as much anymore. He is however leaving the door open to a comeback in a few months if the passion comes back.

    VortiX stepping down from StarCraft is a hard blow for both the Spanish and the European scene. In Spain, Juan has been the number one player after LucifroN announced his retirement. His status was not uncontested since he lost to Majestic in the finals of Gamergy season 1 for instance.

    But season 2 has been the occasion for the Millenium zerg to balance things back to where they always should have been.

    After two victories in the qualifiers and a clear domination during the offline finals, VortiX showed once and for all that he is the true Spanish king."

    With this, France Millenium now has:

  • FranceProtoss Adelscott
  • FranceProtoss Lilbow
  • FranceTerran Dayshi
  • PolandTerran DieStar
  • South KoreaTerran ForGG
  • FranceTerran MarineLorD
  • USAZerg goswser
  • SpainZerg VortiX (innactive)
  • After the management of Sweden DreamHack was changed, it seems that the future DreamHack events will have a different format.

    It is uncertain for the time being if the tournaments that featured only two games: League Of Legends and Starcraft 2 will now have three games or if those events will not feature Starcraft 2 in the future, and instead will have Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

    The announcement was made by the DreamHack management in a post stating:

    "All DreamHack events in 2015 will feature CS:GO as a main game. So far, CS:GO has had limited exposure in DreamHack's world circuit, with the game having been left of out of a number of events that take place in several countries throughout the year.

    CS:GO will replace Starcraft 2 as the main game of the 2015 event circuit, which means full production and main stage privileges in all tournaments."

    It remains to see if the Open events will have two or three games from now on.

    The former South Korea SK TelecomT1 terran player, South KoreaTerran Journey has managed to find a new team.

    This new team is another South Korea ProLeague team in the name of South Korea Samsung Galaxy.

    The announcement was made by the ProLeague organizers when they announced the line-ups of the team.

    With this move, South Korea Samsung Galaxy has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Stork (C) - playing coach
  • South KoreaProtoss Dear
  • South KoreaProtoss eMotion
  • South KoreaProtoss Hurricane
  • South KoreaZerg Armani
  • South KoreaZerg Shine
  • South KoreaZerg Solar
  • South KoreaTerran Guilty
  • South KoreaTerran BrAvO
  • South KoreaTerran Journey
  • The terran player, sponsored by USA RedBull, South KoreaProtoss Bomber has managed to secure a nice contract with the pair of teams South Korea StarTaleTaiwan Yoe Flash Wolves.

    The korean player will join these two teams as a player coach, the announcement was made by the South Korea ProLeague caster, USAProtoss Wolf 'Wolf' Schroder whom stated:

    "Bomber will be ST-Yoe's Player coach. With him joking he wouldn't realy play unless Legend asked, it looks he's focusing more on indivual leagues like the GSL. That way he can help his players more in Proleague, without having to actually play in matches too often."

    With this move, the collaboration between the two teams now has the following roster:

    South Korea StarTale:

  • South KoreaTerran Hack
  • South KoreaTerran aLive
  • South KoreaProtoss Panic
  • South KoreaProtoss StuN
  • South KoreaZerg Pet
  • South KoreaZerg Curious
  • South KoreaZerg Life
  • Taiwan Yoe Flash Wolves:

  • Protoss Has
  • South KoreaProtoss San
  • South KoreaProtoss PartinG
  • South KoreaZerg Leenock
  • Zerg Ian
  • Zerg Slam
  • TaiwanTerran Vanilla
  • Player-coach:

  • South KoreaTerran Bomber
  • The former South Korea KT Rolster zerg player has decided to sign with the rival at the top position in the korean Starcraft 2 scene.

    South KoreaZerg PinguiN moved to SK TelecomT1 and also managed to qualify for the next season of South Korea Code S.

    The announcement was made by a korean eSports news writer via his official socialization page.

    With this move, South Korea SK TelecomT1 now has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Classic
  • South KoreaProtoss ParalyzE
  • South KoreaProtoss Bilowy
  • South KoreaTerran INnoVation
  • South KoreaTerran Dream
  • South KoreaTerran Sorry
  • South KoreaZerg Dark
  • South KoreaZerg soO
  • South KoreaZerg PinguiN
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