The american terran, intense has decided to leave the american based team, USA IvD Gaming

The reason is uncertain, maybe the managers of the team were not satisfied with the players performance.

The announcement was m

ade by the player via his official socialization page where he stated:

"I have officially left IvDGaming . Everybody on IvD was absolutely amazing, and I hope to continue my friendships with them in the future."

With this move, USA IvD Gaming now has:

  • USAProtoss puCK
  • USAProtoss Aruim
  • USATerran Zan
  • USATerran Pokebunny
  • South KoreaZerg Gamja
  • USAZerg Phog
  • USAZerg ZergZingZing
  • CanadaZerg NoRegreT
  • Two of the few Starcraft 2 players that have a personal sponsor, South KoreaZerg Life and South KoreaTerran Bomber have secured yet another sponsorship. 

    The two players will be sponsored by the RAM manufacturer, SanDisk.

    The announcement was made by a korean eSports news site.

    The two players will have from now on a new sponsor in their Starcraft 2 career that will help them reach more events in 2015.

    The 2014 edition of the China National Electronic Sports Tournament has had it's final details revealed. The chinese based tournament that will run starting 30'th of October 2014 and will last until 2'nd of November 2014 will hand out a total of $15.300 in cash prize.

    The eight players that will take part at the event are: ChinaProtoss MacSed, ChinaProtoss Top, ChinaProtoss Jim, ChinaProtoss XY, ChinaProtoss iAsonu, TaiwanZerg Ian, TaiwanZerg Slam, ChinaZerg XiGua.

    The Bracket looks as follow:









    TaiwanZerg Ian            
     30'th of October 2014          
    ChinaZerg XiGua        
        1'st of November 2014      
    ChinaProtoss Jim        
     30'th of October 2014      
    ChinaZerg iAsonu        
           2'nd of November 2014  
    ChinaTerran XY        
     30'th of October 2014        
    ChinaProtoss Top      
        1'st of November 2014    
    ChinaProtoss MacSed        
    30'th of October 2014        
    TaiwanZerg Slam          

    Prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - $8.165
  • 2'nd. - $3.266
  • 3'rd/4'th. - $980 each
  • 5'th/8'th. - $490 each
  • The belarussian based team, Belarus Power Rangers whom for the past weeks was left in only three players have marked yet another player to their DotA 2 line-up.

    The new player is a rather unknown russian player, that will help them reach a four man squad for the time being.

    The announcement was made by a DotA 2 blogger.

    With this move, Belarus Power Rangers now has:

  • Belarus Aliaksei 'j4' Lipai
  • Belarus Eugeniy 'chshrct' Kostroma
  • Russia Maxim 'Shachlo' Abramovskikh
  • Russia Akbar 'SoNNeikO' Butaev
  • The brazilian based team, Brazil INTZ eSports has decided to change one player, the player that left the team is non other than the team captain Brazil Victor 'Sono' Weichert, he is changed by Brazil Paulo 'Klotz' Nobrega.

    The reason behind this move is unknown, all that is posted by the team regarding this is the change itself.

    With this move in mind, the new line-up of Brazil INTZ eSports is:

  • Brazil Eduardo 'dudu' Petrone
  • Brazil Guilherme 'Fuzzy' Fuzzatto
  • Brazil Antonio 'ACC' Carlos Cunha
  • Brazil Winder 'Deex' Lima
  • Paulo 'Klotz' Nobrega
  • The chinese based team, China Newbee has decided to sing another DotA 2 team, the China Newbee.Young team has a total of six members, all of them being rather unknown players.

    The announcement was made via the official socialization page where the managers of the team stated:

    "We're excited to bring forth a new Dota2 project - Newbee.Y, a team consisting of up-and-comers to the Dota2 scene that are willing to go all the way to the pro scene and fulfill their dreams."

    The new and second DotA 2 team for China Newbee has:

  • China Tan 'Jiajia' Lijia
  • China Sun 'Maples' Yuxuan
  • China Meng 'Mrrr' Duo
  • China Zhang '8gk' Hao
  • China Liu 'MKSos' Yufeng
  • China Zhu 'CaoMei' Chao (C)
  • Fragbite Masters 2014: LAN ParticipantsThe online stage of {#emotions_dlg.sweden} FragBite Masters Season 3 is completed.

    Now we are know all 4 participants which will play for $42,000 of prize purse in Stockholm, Sweden.

    The first two slots went to winners of upper bracket - {#emotions_dlg.france} LDLC and {#emotions_dlg.poland} The remain two slots went to winners in lower bracket - Sweden fnatic and {#emotions_dlg.denmark} Dignitas. Interesting to note that fnatic won over non other than {#emotions_dlg.sweden} NiP, while Dignitas cancelled trip to Sweden for {#emotions_dlg.ukraine} NaVi.

    The LAN Finals of Fragbite Masters S3 will be held on 8-9 November.

    Prize distribution:

    1. - $22,500
    2. - $11,250
    3. - $5,600
    4. - $2,800 

    The next Germany HomeStory CUP, the 10'th edition is due to start in two weeks, with this in mind, the organizers of the event have announced 30 of the 32 man roster that will take part at the event.

    The event will hand out a total of $25.000 in cash prize.

    The players that are confirmed for the time being are:

    Representing Zerg Zerg race: South Korea Jaedong, Germany TLO, Netherlands Ret, Canada Kane, France Stephano, South Korea HyuN, Norway Snute, Sweden Miniraser, South Korea Sacsri, South Korea KangHo.

    Representing Terran Terran race: South Korea Flash, USA qxc, Denmark Bunny, France Dayshi, South Korea YoDa, South Korea TaeJa, South Korea jjakji, United Kingdom DeMusliM, South Korea TY, South Korea Polt.

    Representing Protoss Protoss race: United Kingdom BlinG, Netherlands Grubby, Germany HasuObs, France Lillbow, South Korea MC, South Korea PartinG, Germany Socke,  Harstem, Poland MaNa, South Korea First.

    Remind you that the event will kick off 13'th of November 2014 and will end on 16'th of November 2014

    The american zerg player, USAZerg Guitarcheese has left the american based team, USA Solaris Gaming. The reasons behind this move is uncertain, also no statement was made regarding this move, the future of the player is unknown as of yet, it's not known is he will seek for a new team or if he will retire from the pro scene.

    With this move,  USA Solaris Gaming now has:

  • USAProtoss Virium
  • USAProtoss Trace
  • USAZerg Silky
  • USAZerg JonSnow
  • Zerg Cham
  • USATerran Sonic
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