The Ukraine DotA 2 Champions League is now over with the ukrainean team on top, in the grand final, Ukraine NaVi took on USA Cloud9 to see whom grabs the big prize. In the end, the european team managed to grab an easy win with the [3-1] scoreline.

The third place decider saw Russia Team Empire take on Sweden The Alliance, it seems that the swedish team is on a decline and lost this game with the same score Cloud9 did.







USA Cloud 9        
 [3-1] USA Cloud9    
Russia Team Empire    
    [1-3] Ukraine Natus Vincere
Ukraine Natus Vincere      
 [3-2] Ukraine Natus Vincere  
Sweden The Alliance      

The final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $61.500 (50%)
  • 2'nd. USA Cloud9 - $30.750 (25%)
  • 3'rd. Russia Team Empire - $18.750 (15%)
  • 4'th. Sweden The Alliance - $12.300 (10%)
  • After signing a contract with USA RedBull, it was easier for the american DotA 2 player, USA Jimmy 'DeMon' Ho to find a new team. Not long after that the announcement was made, he joined one of the biggest organization in eSports.

    The new team is Netherlands Team Liquid whom was without a player for a month by now. The new player came just in time for them to practice for USA The International 5.

    Team manager, Netherlands Nazgul stated:

    "DeMoN is someone who can motivate others and kick it into the next gear when it is needed, and with that he is a more than welcome addition to this team. If roughly a month or so ago you would have told me this were to happen I would not have believed you. Today, it makes a lot of sense. Welcome Liquid`DeMoN!"

    USA DeMon stated:

    "I would like to thank Team Liquid for giving me this opportunity to play under such a prestigious organization. This team has been in a slump for the past few months now and I hope I'll be able to lift their spirits high and rebuild the confidence they need as a team. BuLba and myself go way back and have lots of chemistry together and I want to build that same relationship within the whole team."

    The new USACanadaGermany Team Liquid line-up has:

  • Canada Tyler 'TC' Cook (C)
  • Canada Peter 'Waytosexy' Nguyen
  • USA Sam 'BuLba' Sosale
  • USA Jimmy 'DeMon' Ho
  • Germany Max 'qojqva' Broecker
  • Just after few hours managing to snatch two players from Sweden Team Property, the swedish team announced that they lost the team for a bigger organization. The new organization is the american based team USA Monomaniac, whom managed to take the newly formed team in order to represent them in the DotA 2 leagues.

    The new roster of Sweden Monomaniacs looks as follow:

  • Sweden Jesper 'Frigoleet' Gothe
  • Sweden Staffan 'SteffStyle' Solin
  • Sweden Joel 'Apemother' Larsson
  • Sweden Eskil 'eskillz' Sundblad
  • Denmark Sebastian 'Solen' Kjaer (C)
  • The swedish based organization Sweden Team Property keeps on losing branches, after they lost the Starcraft 2 branch now it's time for the DotA 2 branch to disband.

    The five players all went separate wasy, two went for Sweden Darkdrapare: Sweden Jesper 'Frigoleet' Gothe and Sweden Staffan 'SteffStyle' Solin another went for Sweden House of GamersSwedenJoakim 'M4lem' Andersson while the last two are for the time being on a "free agent' status: Sweden Felix 'Floxplox' Stromqvist and Sweden Julius 'cYso' Aberg.

    With this in mind, the rosters now look as follow:

    Sweden Darkdrapare:

  • Sweden Jesper 'Frigoleet' Gothe 
  • Sweden Staffan 'SteffStyle' Solin
  • Sweden Joel 'Apemother' Larsson
  • Sweden Eskil 'eskillz' Sundblad
  • Denmark Sebastian 'Solen' Kjaer

    Sweden House of Gamers:

  • Sweden Joakim 'M4lem' Andersson
  • Sweden Shoan 'SAJKORESAJ' Nasser
  • Sweden Jan 'Maglev Gank Train' Liu
  • Sweden Chirster 'Key' Phan
  • Finland Benjamin 'Notah' Laara
  • The biggest dannish event in the year has arrived, the event will feature four disciplines: Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and Fifa 2014.

    The Starcraft 2 tournament will have a total of €7.210 in cash prize and a total of 1350 WCS Points for a total of 32 players.

    The format of the event will see two group stages with a Bo3 format that will continue into a Single Elimination Bracket

    The players list contains some big names such as: South KoreaZerg Golden, DenmarkTerran Bunny, RussiaTerran Happy, GermanyTerran KrasS, South KoreaZerg HyuN, FinlandZerg Serral, SwedenTerran MorroW, FinlandProtoss elfi, NorwayZerg Snute, South KoreaProtoss Patience and SwedenProtoss StarNaN. The event will conclude on 19'th of April 2014.

    Prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - €3.200 + 300 WCS Points
  • 2'nd. - €1.500 + 200 WCS Points
  • 3'rd/4'th. - €755 + 150 WCS Points each
  • 5'th/8'th. - €250 + 100 WCS Points
  • 9'th/16'th. - 75 WCS Points
  • The next big event in terms of Starcraft 2 is due to kick-off in less than one week, with this in mind, some changes were made in the players list. First, the organizers stated that top two from each WCS Premier League region will get an invite to the event.

    The six were found out, but two winners from the European Union WCS events, South KoreaZerg HyuN and South KoreaProtoss MC declined the invite in order to compete in Romania DreamHack Open:Bucharest.

    The next logical step in terms of European Union WCS Europe was to make the two semifinalist duke it out in order to see whom gets MC's slot, but South KoreaTerran jjakji stated that he will compete in Sweden DreamHack aswell so the slot went to South KoreaProtoss San.

    For the american WCS, the two semifinalists, South KoreaZerg Revival and South KoreaProtoss Alicia will play a decider game on 18'th of April in order to see whom gets HyuN's slot.

    The invited players are: South KoreaTerran MMA, South KoreaProtoss Oz, South KoreaProtoss Zest, South KoreaZerg soO

    The qualified players are: South KoreaProtoss PartinG, South KoreaProtoss Squirtle, South KoreaTerran Maru, South KoreaTerran Flash, South KoreaTerran FanTaSy, South KoreaTerran Hack, South KoreaZerg Impact, South KoreaZerg Action,South KoreaZerg RorO, South KoreaZerg DongRaeGu

    I have reviewed a pretty big number of mechanical keyboards and a big surprise for me that none of them have dedicated media keys. I know that all desired keys and shortcuts could be assigned to macro-keys or could be used via FN-keys, but come on, it’s very complicated to press several keys just for “pause” or “play next track” during the gaming or streaming sessions. It’s clear if we are talking about compact gaming keyboards, but why is that difficult to add dedicated media keys to the full size keyboard?

    I started researching and found only a few mechanical keyboards with dedicated media-keys, and one of them is MEKA G-Unit Illuminated from Tt eSPORTS. I was fortunate enough that the gaming division of Thermaltake have agreed to provide me one for review.


    >>> Click for review MEKA G-Unit Illuminated

    The USA EG player, USA Fear is suffering from a tendon condition, this illness is not healling as expected and with the finals for Ukraine StarLadder closer and closer, he had to take a decision.

    He stated that he will make what ever is possible in order to play in the game but the guys behind EG decided something else.

    They have called USA EternaLEnVy in order to fill in the gap left by Fear. This move will be only for the Ukraine StarLadder Finals as when Fear will feal better he will regain his place in the team.

    USA EG roster for Ukraine StarLadder Finals is:

  • USA Saahil 'Universe' Arora
  • USA Peter 'ppd' Dager (C)
  • Canada Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao
  • Canada Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev
  • Sweden Ludwig 'zai' Wahlberg
  • With both European Union Europe and USACanada America WCS Premier Leagues now over, we know the complete list of the players that will take part starting 19'th of April at the South Korea GSL Global Championship.

    The six player that managed to qualify from the WCS finals are: South KoreaProtoss Oz, South KoreaProtoss MC, South KoreaProtoss Zest, South KoreaTerran MMA, South KoreaZerg HyuN, South KoreaZerg soO.

    These six players will be joined by ten others that managed to qualify from the qualifiers: South KoreaProtoss PartinG, South KoreaProtoss Squirtle, South KoreaTerran Maru, South KoreaTerran Flash, South KoreaTerran FanTaSy, South KoreaTerran Hack, South KoreaZerg Impact, South KoreaZerg Action, South KoreaUSA RorO, South KoreaZerg DongRaeGu.

    As mentioned the event will start 19'th of April and has a total of almost $20.000 in cash prize, note that the prize purse keeps on rising depending on the sales the organizers make.


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