The chinese based team, China Team DK one of the strong teams from the DotA 2 scene, has announced that they have lost one player.

The player in question is China Zhang 'LaNm' Cheng Zhang.  The reason behind this move is the fact that the player has decided to retire.

With this move, China Team DK now has the following 4 men:

  • China Xu 'BurNIng' Zhilei (C)
  • China Lei 'X!!' Zengrong
  •  Chay 'Mushi' Yee Fung
  •  Daryl Koh 'iceiceice' Pei Xiang
  • One of the biggest korean based Starcraft 2 team, South Korea Incredible Miracle, whom used to house some big names has announced today that they have lost three players from their Starcraft 2 roster.

    The three players are: South KoreaTerran MvpSouth KoreaProtoss Trap and South KoreaProtoss Squirtle. It seems that the parties did not come to terms on a new contract.

    The announcement was made on the socialization pages of the team.

    With this in mind, the new South Korea Incredible Miracle is:

  • South KoreaProtoss YongHwa
  • South KoreaProtoss Ruin
  • South KoreaTerran UngNim
  • South KoreaZerg ByuL
  • South KoreaZerg Lucky
  • The american based team, USA ROOT Gaming has announced that they have secured the services of the korean terran player, South KoreaTerran SuperNova.

    The team manager, Zerg CatZ stated:

    "I'm really happy SuperNova approached us about joining the team. He's not only an amazing Terran player, he's also got pretty good english and he's a really nice guy. With him, our terran lineup is as scary as terran lineups get these days.

    Altough SuperNova can't move to the US, we're discussing potentially coming to visit the house for a few weeks as well. I'm confident SuperNova will be a great fit and asset to our SC2 squad."

    The player himself stated:

    "I am really happy to have finally found a good team to join. I look forward to participating in tournaments and meeting many new fans, and ROOT will allow me to do that.

    ROOT is a strong team and I will get some good practice partners who I look forward to get to know better soon. I will put my heart and soul into having good results for ROOT and my fans, please cheer for me! :)"

    With this move, the new line-up of USA ROOT Gaming is:

  • NetherlandsProtoss RooterdaM
  • USAProtoss Astrea
  • USATerran Illusion
  • South KoreaTerran SuperNova
  • Terran iaguz
  • CanadaTerran MaSa
  • Zerg CatZ (C)
  • Zerg Petraeus
  • USAZerg Sasquatch
  • CanadaZerg Spyte
  • United KingdomZerg Fenner
  • USATerranProtossZerg Caliber
  • USA ROOT Gaming's academy, the USA Seed Academy has:

  • CanadaProtoss Bones
  • USAProtoss Virium
  • Protoss Darkness
  • USATerran Heiwa
  • USATerran SiegeMode
  • Zerg MightyKiwi
  • SwedenZerg Najzmajs
  • NorwayZerg Prebs
  • NorwayZerg SolO
  • USAZerg Baldwin
  • The protoss player, South KoreaProtoss Ruin whom used to play for South Korea Incredible Miracle has announced that he has signed with the Taiwan based team Taiwan Wayi Spider.

    Not much can be said about this move as there is no official statement, just that the managers of the team posted on their socialization pages that from now on, Ruin will represent them in South Korea Code A.

    With this move, Taiwan Wayi Spider now has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Daisy
  • South KoreaProtoss Ruin
  • TaiwanProtoss FunNv
  • South KoreaZerg Check
  • Zerg Cheetos
  • Zerg AK
  • Zerg Fist
  • Zerg Python
  • Zerg Rex
  • South KoreaTerran Nado
  • UPDATE #9: Event completed with triumph of China NewBee! They won over  $5,000,000! Congratulations!
    UPDATE #8: Ukraine NaVi and China Invictus Gaming are out from the first round in lower bracket. Anyway, they got more than $500k each. Today will be played remain games except Grand Final.
    UPDATE #7: First day of the main stage is completed. China New Bee is already in the Grand Final! Same time USA Evil Geniuses guaranteed they will be at least in Top #3. Today battles in lower bracket will kick off.
    UPDATE #6: 3'rd stage is over and now we are now all participants of the Main Stage! There will be 3 days of rest before the main battles. Stay tuned!
    UPDATE #5: Group stage is over. Five teams are out of the event. Today stage #3 will kick off. After this stage two more teams will leave the events while others will join Lower or Upper Brackets of the Main Stage at The International 4.
    UPDATE #4: Before the last day of group stage, we have two leaders in face of China Vici Gaming and USA Evil Geniuses.
    UPDATE #3: After 2'nd Day of Group Stage, we have a new leader which is China Vici Gaming.
    UPDATE #2: After first day of group stage, European Union Cloud9 became the leader of the table by winning 4 games of 5. Currently Malaysia Arrow Gaming is showing the worst results by losing all 5 matches. Sweden Alliance is not in shape too. Let's what will happen after 2nd day of Group Stage at The International 2014.
    UPDATE: First day is over. USA Team Liquid won Wild Card Tournament and became the last participant of The International 2014 DotA 2! The winner of Solo Championship became Sweden s4. Today the group stage will kick off!

    The International 2014: Streams, Results, Brackets and TeamsToday the biggest esports event in the history The International 2014 DotA 2 will kick off. Prize purse is already more than $10,500,000 and increasing! Almost half of the prize purse will go to the champion.

    Remind you that 16 best DotA 2 teams of the world will take part in event. The 16'th team will be determined via Wild Card Tournament which will kick off one day before the main stage. Besides this, we will see solo championship as well.

    The format of event is significantly different than previous tournaments. You can read in detail about it's format here

    In this news you will find all information related to The International 2014 DOTA 2 including streams, teams, members, results, standings, brackets, etc.. Stay tuned!

    Final Standings and prize distribution at The International 2014 DOTA 2:

    1. China NewBee - ~$5,000,000
    2. China Vici Gaming - ~$1,480,000
    3. USA Evil Geniuses - ~$1,040,000
    4. China DK - ~$820,000
    5/6. European Union Cloud9, China LGD Gaming - ~$655,000 each
    7/8. Ukraine NaVi, China Invictus Gaming - ~$520,000 each
    9/10. USA Team Liquid, Malaysia Titan - ~$49,000 each
    11/12. Sweden The Alliance, European Union Mousesports - ~$38,000 each
    13/14. European Union fnatic, Russia Team Empire - ~$22,000 each

    Official streams of The International 2014: completed!

    Upper Bracket:



    Winners' Final


    Grand Final

    China Vici Gaming             
    [1:2] China NewBee         
    China NewBee        
    China NewBee     
    USA Evil Geniuses         
          China NewBee 
    USA Evil Geniuses     
    China DK      China Vici Gaming   

    Lower Bracket:

    Round 1


    Round 2




    Losers' Final



        China Vici Gaming        USA Evil Geniuses     
    European Union Cloud9      China Vici Gaming       
    [2:1]  European Union Cloud9      China Vici Gaming 
    Ukraine NaVi         
            China Vici Gaming   
        China DK           
    China Invictus Gaming      China DK       
    [1:2]  China LGD Gaming           
    China LGD Gaming               

    Information about previous stages, brackets and results at The International 4

    The german zerg player and the ukrainian based team have decided to part ways.

    The reason behind this move is the fact that the player had unsatisfying results recently, thus making the managers of the team cut the loses. The guys behind the team mentioned that GermanyZerg HaNfy left the team with the sallary paid in full.

    The next step for the german zerg player is uncertain, it seems he will not retire and will try to find a new team. 

    The Ukraine Cascade Gaming team now has:


  • GermanyProtoss Zeth
  • RussiaProtoss DeathMask
  • Protoss Adonminus
  • UkraineTerran Kas
  • RussiaTerran Des
  • Terran Complain
  • UkraineZerg DIMAGA
  • UkraineZerg Friend
  • The  Cyber League: Pro Circuit , the event sponsored by USA Plantronics Gaming has ended with the win of a korean player as every tournament seems to end for the past months.

    The event that featured a total of 24 players and a total of $7.500 in cash prize ended with a TvZ final.

    In the grand final South KoreaZerg KingKong whom came out of the Upper Bracket had nor problems in defeating the australian player Terran iaguz with a [4-0] scoreline, managing to grab the first place prize of $3.000.

    Along side the first prize, KingKong grabbed a seed for USA WCS America 2014 Season 2 Challenger League, but because he already had a slot, the seed went to the second place Terran iaguz.

    It was a great way for the australians to win some prizes as the remaining of the Top8 is filled by 6 australians and a chinese player.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaZerg Team Exile5 KingKong - $3.000
  • 2'nd. Terran ROOT Gaming iaguz - $2.000
  • 3'rd. ChinaProtoss Trick or Treat Pigeon - $1.000
  • 4'th. Protoss Silicon Sports Pezz - $500
  • 5'th/6'th. Protoss Ninth Legion Frustration, Zerg Team Exile5 NXZ - $300 each
  • 7'th/8'th. Zerg Ecko Esports RivaL, Protoss Ecko Esports Probe - $200 each
  • The final game at the Germany Intel Extreme Masters Season 9, the chinese stop in China Shenzhen has been played this morning, the sole terran hope, South KoreaTerran TaeJa managed to strike yet another win in an important tournament.

    In the grand final he took on fellow korean player, South KoreaZerg Solar, managing to dispose with hard work and a [4-3] scoreline of the zerg player.

    With this win, TaeJa bags yet another $10.000 in his wallet and a total of 750 WCS Points to solidify his position in the WCS Ranking Points.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaTerran Liquid`TaeJa - $10.000 + 750 WCS Points
  • 2'nd. South KoreaZerg Samsung Galaxy Solar - $4.000 + 500 WCS Points
  • 3'rd/4'th. South KoreaZerg EG Jaedong, ChinaProtoss Invictus Gaming Jim - $2.000 + 375 WCS Points each
  • 5'th/8'th. South KoreaProtoss KT Rolser Zest, NorwayZerg Liquid`Snute, South KoreaProtoss yoe Flash Wolves San, South KoreaTerran AcerINnoVation - $1.000 + 250 WCS Points each
  • 9'th/12'th. South KoreaTerran mYinsanity! jjakji, South KoreaZerg Jin Air Green Wings TRUE, South KoreaProtoss Liquid`HerO, South KoreaZerg StarTale_Life - $400 + 125 WCS Points each
  • 13'th/16'th. USATerran ROOT Gaming Illusion, USAProtoss lvDGaming puCK, South KoreaTerran AcerMMA, South KoreaProtoss Samsung Galaxy Stork - $350 + 125 WCS Points each (Stork will not get WCS Points, because a player needs to advance at least one round in an WCS affiliated tournament in order to get points.)
  • Last night, the final game of the recently ended DreamHack Open Valencia 2014 was played. With zergs all around the Ro8, the final game saw a former South KoreaSK TelecomT1 player, South KoreaZerg Sacsri take on the "boss toss"  South KoreaProtoss MC.

    The final was an intense Bo5 game that saw the zerg player clinch the win after an impressive effort. Sacrsi managed to overcome MC with a [3-2] scoreline and thus took the $10.000 first prize.

    With this second place, MC managed to solidify his #1 place in the WCS Points Rank.

    Final prize distribution:


  • 1'st. South KoreaZerg mYinsanity! Sacsri - $10.000 + 750 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 2'nd. South KoreaProtoss MC - $5.000 + 500 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 3'rd/4'th. South KoreaProtoss mYinsanity! StarDust, South KoreaZerg yoe Flash Wolves Leenock - $3.000 + 375 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter each
  • 5'th/8'th. South KoreaZerg Alien Invastion Golden, South KoreaZerg ROCCAT HyuN, Zerg Mousesports Starbuck, SpainZerg Mill+VortiX - $1.000 + 250 WCS Points each
  • 9'th/16'th. FranceZerg Meltdown Stephano, RussiaZerg Team Spectre Revolver, SpainProtoss Mousesports Majestic, PolandZerg AcerNerchio, South KoreaTerran RedBull Bomber, PolandProtoss Liquid`MaNa, South KoreaTerran YoDa, South KoreaProtoss First - 125 WCS Points each
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