With the biggest Starcraft 2 tournament closer and closer, the organizers have announced more details regarding it.

This time is all about the casters and hosts of the event. To bring us the action we will have United KingdomTerranProtossZerg Shaun 'Apollo' Clark, USAProtoss Dan 'Artosis' StemkoskiUSAProtossNick 'Tasteless' PlottNetherlandsProtoss Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi, USATerran Nathan 'Nathanias' Fabrikant.

Along side, as experts we will have FranceProtoss Yoan 'ToD' MerloUSATerranProtossZerg Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, United KingdomTerran James 'Kaelaris' Carrol, Zerg Andrew 'mOOnGLaDe' Pender

The in game observers will be FranceTerran Alexandre 'FunKa' VerrierProtoss Phil 'inFeza' Bertino and USATerran Florence 'flo' Yao.

Along side the main stream there will be lots of other languages streams. Remind you that the event will kick off on 1'st of November 2014.

The chinese based DotA 2 team, China HyperGloryTeam has announced that they will change one player from their roster.

The reason behind removing China  Gua 'Cys-S' Sida is uncertain. 

All that is known is the fact that Cys-S will be replaced by former China RisingStars player China Yin 'Air' Yuxiao.

The announcement was made via the official socialization page of the team.

With this move, the new roster for China HyperGloryTeam is:

  • China Gong 'ZSMJ' Jian
  • China Zhi 'kaka' Liang Hu
  • China Xiu 'PrettyHaw' Xiu
  • China Yin 'Air' Yuxiao
  • The russian based team, that recently ceased operations in the Starcraft 2 scene has announced that they will also change one player in their DotA 2 division.

    The player changed is the ukrainian captain of the team, Ukraine Andrew 'Mag~' Chipenko. The reason behind this change seems to have to do with some personal problems of the player. 

    Ukraine Mag~ stated:

    "It was a very interesting year in which we had a lot of ups and downs. I hope that you will keep in memory only the best moments.

    It was very nice to play with the guys, but as you may have noticed that we had not an easy situation inside of the team recently, so the decision was forced on both parties. I have problems that I need to solve and it requires some time.

    I decided to take a little break from the professional Dota. Special thanks for their help and support to owners of Team Empire"

    In order to fill in the shoes of the team captain, the managers called a russian player in the name of Russia Maxim 'yoky' KIm. The captain will from now on be Ukraine Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok.

    With this move, Russia Team Empire now has:

  • Russia Airat 'Silent' Gaziev
  • Russia Aleksey 'Solo' Berezin
  • Russia Maxim 'yoky' Kim
  • Ukraine Roman 'Resolut1on' Fominok (C)
  • Ukraine Andrey 'ALWAYSWANNAFLY' Bondarenko
  • The malaysian based team,  Arrow Gaming whom just recently lost one key player, has lost more this time

    The organization has decided to dismiss the entire team due to some scandal regarding matchfixing.

    After just few days ago, two players were acused of matchfixing, in the name of  Kok Yi 'ddz' Liong and  Fua Hsien 'Lance' Wan, the guys behind the organization have reevaluated the situation and found out that the entire team was implicated in matchfixing.

    This made them take a decision and dismissed the entire line-up.

     Arrow Gaming had:

  • Fua Hsien 'Lance' Wan
  • Kok Yi 'ddd' Liong
  • Chung Kah 'MoZuN' Sheng
  • Chiok Soon 'xiangzai' Siang
  •  Matteru 'MtR' Xing
  • The former South Korea eSF team, South Korea Team Prime has announced that they have lost one player.

    The player in question is the one that joined the team not long ago, South KoreaProtoss Billowy.

    The reason behind this move is uncertain, the announcement was made by South KoreaTerran KeeN via his official socialization page. All that is known is that the player will not seek to retire, he will instead try to find a new team to represent.

    South KoreaTerran KeeN stated:

    "Now he is out of PRIME team. He wants to find a new team"

    With this in mind, the new line-up of South Korea Team Prime is:

  • South KoreaProtoss Creator
  • South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK
  • South KoreaTerran ByuN
  • South KoreaZerg KassiA
  • South KoreaZerg TerrOr
  • The streamer, zerg player from USA, USAZerg Spanishiwa has decided to sign with a new team. After they lost one zerg player, the managers of USA Micro GamerZ decided to invite another zerg player.

    USAZerg Spanishiwa stated:

    “Hello SC2 viewers! I'm happy to announce that I'm back in the e-sports scene streaming SC2 for at least another year. I hope that you continue to support me on my new team MicroGamerZ as I stream live NA GM Zerg content”

    With this move, USA Micro GamerZ now have:

  • South KoreaProtoss Samuel
  • CanadaProtoss Believe
  • South KoreaZerg Galaxy
  • South KoreaZerg Mamuri
  • USAZerg Snakehips
  • USAZerg Spanishiwa
  • South KoreaTerran MotoK
  • South KoreaTerran Tree
  • BrazilTerran Kelazhur
  • Team Academy:

  • USAProtoss Jimmy
  • TaiwanProtoss RedFeet
  • USATerran Atomic
  • TerranBabysky
  • CanadaZerg DIRESTRAIT
  • BrazilZerg HyPeR
  • USAZerg Duolonn
  • USAZerg MandyMoore
  • The players list of the 2014 season of the European Union MSI Beat IT was finalized. The total number of players is set at the 16, with the event handing out a total of $26.000 in cash prize.

    Need to mention that all the players were invited after winning or taking second place in different qualifiers.

    The players that made it are: CanadaProtoss HuK, South KoreaProtoss First, Protoss Blysk, TaiwanProtoss Has, ChinaProtoss Cloudy,PartinG, Terran iaguz, South KoreaTerran YoDa, South KoreaTerran Journey, South KoreaTerran Flash, South KoreaZerg viOLet, Zerg EnDerr, TaiwanZerg Sen, South KoreaZerg Solar, South KoreaZerg Rogue, TaiwanZerg Ian.

    The format of the event will have four groups of four players, with the first two players at the end of the groupstage from each group advancing into a Single Elimination Bracket Ro8.

    The event will kick off starting 1'st of November 2014 and will end on 2'nd of November 2014. 

    With the final of CanadaUSA WCS America Premier League 2014: Season 3 now over, we know all the players that will take part at USA BliZZcon 2014, later in November.

    The organizers have already drawn the Ro16 Single Elimination Bracket for the event also. The event will kick off on 1'st of November 2014, closing on 8'th of November 2014, and will have a total of $250.000 in cash prizes.

    There will be a lot of surprises at this event and maybe many games announced from BliZZard's part.

    The players that made it out are: South KoreaTerran Bomber, South KoreaZerg HyuN, South KoreaProtoss Zest, South KoreaTerran Polt, South KoreaProtoss MC, South KoreaProtoss San, South KoreaTerran TaeJa, South KoreaProtoss StarDust, South KoreaTerran MMA, South KoreaZerg soO, South KoreaTerran jjakji, South KoreaProtoss herO, South KoreaProtoss Classic, South KoreaZerg Life, South KoreaTerran INnoVation, South KoreaZerg Jaedong.


    First Round









    South KoreaTerran Bomber                
     1'st of November 2014              
    South KoreaZerg Jaedong            
         7'th of November 2014          
    South KoreaProtoss StarDust            
     1'st of November 2014          
    South KoreaTerran MMA          
             8'th of November 2014      
    South KoreaProtoss MC            
     1'st of November 2014          
    South KoreaProtoss herO        
         7'th of November 2014      
    South KoreaTerran Polt            
     1'st of November 2014          
    South KoreaProtoss Classic          8'th of November 2014  
    South KoreaProtoss San              
     1'st of November 2014            
    South KoreaTerran jjakji          
         7'th Of November 2014        
    South KoreaProtoss Zest          
     1'st of November 2014        
    South KoreaZerg Life          
     8'th of November 2014    
    South KoreaZerg soO              
     1'st of November 2014            
    South KoreaTerran TaeJa          
         7'th of November 2014        
    South KoreaZerg HyuN              
     1'st of November 2014            
    South KoreaTerran INnoVation              

    The american based team, USA Micro GamerZ that features some of the mid tier korean players has lost one korean zerg player.

    The player that left is South KoreaZerg PenguiN.

    The reason behind this move is uncertain, things looked good for the team as they just signed a contract with a new sponsor, in the name of West Coast Chill.

    Maybe the player wasn't satisfied with his performance, or the organizers did not like his results.

    The next move of the player is also uncertain, we do not know if he will retire or if he will try and find a new team.

    With this move, USA Micro GamerZ is left with:

  • South KoreaProtoss Samuel
  • CanadaProtoss Believe
  • South KoreaZerg Galaxy
  • South KoreaZerg Mamuri
  • USAZerg Snakehips
  • South KoreaTerran MotoK
  • South KoreaTerran Tree
  • BrazilTerran Kelazhur
  • Team Academy:

  • USAProtoss Jimmy
  • TaiwanProtoss RedFeet
  • USATerran Atomic
  • TerranBabysky
  • CanadaZerg DIRESTRAIT
  • BrazilZerg HyPeR
  • USAZerg Duolonn
  • USAZerg MandyMoore
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