The german caster Germany Denis 'Take.Tv' Gehlen has announced that he will host yet another tournament. The event, a 24 man roster, the Top 6 from the Europe Grandmaster that are not barrcode will be invited to join the roster in that 28 man line-up. 

Along side the 6 man from the Grandmaster ladder, we will have 6 other players qualified from three online qualifiers. To make for the entire players list we will have 12 invited player. Out of these 24 players, 12 will make it for the final phase of the event where they will be seeded along side 4 invited players.

First names to be invited are: South KoreaProtoss Stork, South KoreaZerg Impact and NetherlandsProtoss Harstem. These three players will seek to get a part of the $1.500 in cash prize.

The qualifiers will start on 21'st of September till 23'rd of September, while the main event will start on 10'th of October 2014, while on 11'th of October we will have the last phase of the event

The European Union Acer terran player, South KoreaTerran MMA has managed yesterday to win his first top event in 2014.

The player with this win managed to brake toe Top15 in the WCS Ranking for USA BliZZcon and can still get points as there is one more Sweden DreamHack event and also the player is still in the Premier League from WCS Europe.

In the grand final he managed to take down the terran killer, jjakji whom before this event was 29 and 1 in terms of wins/losses against terrans.

With this win he bagged a total of $10.000 in cash prize and 750 WCS Points.

Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaTerran Acer.MMA - $10.000 + 750 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 2'nd. South KoreaTerran mYinsanity!jjakji - $5.000 + 500 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 3'rd/4'th. NorwayZerg Liquid`Snute, South KoreaZerg Dead Pixels TRUE - $3.000 + 375 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter each
  • 5'th/8'th. South KoreaProtoss Alien Invasion Patience, South KoreaProtoss Wayi Spider Daisy, RussiaTerran Empire Happy, South KoreaZerg BBoongBBoong - $1.000 + 250 WCS Points each
  • 9'th/16'th. Protoss Cascade Adonminus, South KoreaTerran TCM-Gaming YoDa, NorwayZerg Imaginary Gaming TargA, RussiaZerg Vega Squadron LiveZerg, South KoreaZerg ROCCAT HyuN, FinlandProtoss NewRoSoft Welmu, South KoreaProtoss TCM-Gaming First, UkraineProtoss Vega Squadron fraer - 125 WCS Points each
  • The american Starcraft 2 terran player, USATerran Sonic, whom used to play for USA Core Gaming has announced that he leaves that team for a bigger one. He decided to move to USA Solaris Gaming, a team that features an all american line-up.

    The announcement was made by the new team in a post over at Netherlands TL. With this move, Core Gaming is left with only the amateur team.

    The team managers stated:

    "It's with great pleasure that I'm able to welcome Sonic to the team today. Having been at one point in time, one of North America's brightest up and coming talents, his sudden inactivity raised many question marks as to the heights that he could someday reach.

    Now that he has returned, we want to see Sonic fulfil his potential and provide him the best experience and environment possible to help him achieve just that. We hope you join us in welcoming him back to the scene as well as to the Solaris Gaming family."

    The terran player stated:

    "It's an honor to be a part of Solaris Gaming, with a lot of old friends and teammates. The players and managers all seem very passionate and friendly. It's been a while since I've played actively and I will try my best to improve and represent Solaris Gaming."

    This makes for the following rosters as of now:

    USA Solaris Gaming:

  • USAProtoss Padre (C)
  • USAProtoss Virium
  • USAZerg Guitarchesse
  • USAZerg Silky
  • USAZerg JonSnow
  • USATerran binski
  • USATerran Sonic
  • USA Core Gaming amateur team:

  • CanadaProtoss OneTrickPony
  • CanadaProtoss SoulQuest
  • USAProtoss Wannabecool
  • GermanyProtoss NexuS
  • USATerran Expect
  • South KoreaTerran EJK
  • South KoreaTerran FlowerPiG
  • United KingdomZerg AsTeR
  • South KoreaZerg Blast
  • The serbian terran player, Terran Beastyqt has announced that he has changed his russian based team, Russia Russian universe of Warhamer for an italian Starcraft 2 team, Italy The Extreme Supremacy.

    The announcement was made by the new team, via their socialization page with a post that stated:

    "We are glad to introduce our new member, Welcome Beastyqt!!!"

    With this in mind, the new line-ups are:

    Russia RuW team A:

  • RussiaProtossJesus
  • GermanyProtoss KensShow
  • Protoss MetHiX
  • Terran FrozenImpact
  • FinlandTerran Satiini
  • RussiaZerg SMILE
  • BelarusZerg sYz
  • Zerg stakiman
  • Russia Ruw team B:

  • RussiaTerran SieL
  • RussiaTerran Happa
  • RussiaTerran Ludasha
  • RussiaTerran LuckyGnom
  • UkraineTerran YellowStar
  • UkraineTerran SoulReaver
  • UkraineTerran Maniac
  • GermanyTerran MAKSIM
  • FinlandTerran Calt
  • RussiaProtoss Richart
  • RussiaProtoss InTheDark
  • RussiaProtoss Griffith
  • RussiaProtoss Vega
  • RussiaZerg IOdollars
  • GermanyZerg Forescene
  • United KingdomZerg RustySpook
  • Zerg HyDrA
  • Italy TeS:

  • ItalyZerg Nogard (C)
  • ItalyZerg Gropherex
  • ItalyZerg Mark
  • ItalyZerg Ryu
  • ItalyZerg Vincent
  • ItalyProtoss Alphard
  • ItalyProtoss Imotep
  • ItalyProtoss Cripseil
  • ItalyProtoss Narsil
  • ItalyProtoss Nikui
  • FranceProtoss Shadown
  • ItalyTerran StarEagle
  • ItalyTerran RuinBlaster
  • ItalyTerran Diord
  • Terran Beastyqt
  • The chinese protoss player, one of the best players from the chinese Starcraft 2 scene has announced that he left his chinese based Starcraft 2 team.

    The announcement was made via the socialization page of the player.

    The reason behind the move is uncertain, all that is known is that he leaves the team due to personal reasons.

    It is uncertain if he will retire or if he will try and join another chinese team or a foreign team.

    With this move, China Zenith of Origin now has:

  • ChinaTerran Loup (C)
  • ChinaTerran HunteR
  • ChinaProtoss Gemini
  • ChinaProtoss How
  • ChinaZerg TooDming
  • ChinaZerg Courage
  • The final Single Elimination Bracket for Russia DreamHack Open Moscow 2014 was released moments ago.

    The remaining 16 players will once again start playing tomorrow in order to determine the grand finalists and the overall winner.

    The highest European Union WCS non korean player, NorwayZerg Snute whom has to grab every WCS point he can managed to come out of the Second Group Stage and keeps his USA BliZZcon dreams alive for now.



    First Round









    South KoreaProtoss Patience                
     14'th of September 2014              
    Protoss Adonminus            
         14'th of September 2014          
    South KoreaTerran YoDa            
     14'th of September 2014          
    South KoreaTerran MMA          
             14'th of September 2014      
    NorwayZerg TargA            
     14'th of September 2014          
    South KoreaProtoss Daisy        
         14'th of September 2014      
    NorwayZerg Snute            
     14'th of September 2014          
    RussiaZerg LiveZerg          14'th of September 2014  
    South KoreaZerg BBoongBBoong              
     14'th of September 2014            
    South KoreaZerg HyuN          
         14'th of September 2014        
    South KoreaZerg TRUE          
     14'th of September 2014        
    FinlandProtoss Welmu          
     14'th of September 2014    
    South KoreaTerran jjakji              
     14'th of September 2014            
    South KoreaProtoss First          
         14'th of September 2014        
    RussiaTerran Happy              
     14'th of September 2014            
    UkraineProtoss fraer              

    After yesterday announcing that they lost one zerg player, in the name of South KoreaZerg Hydra, today the guys from South Korea CJ Entus have announced that they have lost yet another zerg player, the icon player, one whom was with the team since the start, South KoreaZerg EffOrt.

    Team managers stated:

    "effOrt who has been with CJ ENTUS for a long time as the best team representative, are now no longer part of us CJ ENTUS due to contract termination. We’d like to convey our appreciation to him, as he dedicated his best efforts to the success of the team. We hope to see you soon again, and please know that we’ll always cheer for you."

    At the moment, the next move for EffOrt is uncertain.

    With this move, the new line-up is:

  • South KoreaTerran Bbyong
  • South KoreaTerran Bunny
  • South KoreaTerran sKyHigh
  • South KoreaProtoss herO
  • South KoreaProtoss Hush
  • South KoreaProtoss Sora
  • South KoreaProtoss Trust
  • South KoreaZerg ByuL
  • The russian zerg player, RussiaZerg Revolver has joined a new team.

    Since departuring Romania Team Spectre when the team terminated it's activity two months ago, the russian player was teamless, he managed to sign a contract with the french based team.

    With this move, France Imaginary Gaming now has:

  • FranceProtoss ShouOne
  • FranceTerran GreatTeacher
  • FranceZerg CENSURE
  • FranceZerg SmelC
  • NorwayZerg TargA
  • RussiaZerg Revolver
  • FranceTerranProtossZerg Rotab
  • The best South Korea KeSpa team, multiple South Korea ProLeague winners, South Korea SK TelecomT1 has announced the departure of three players from their Starcraft 2 line-up.

    The thre players are some of the big guns the team had, South KoreaProtoss PartinG, South KoreaProtoss Rain and South KoreaTerran FanTaSy.

    It seems that the reason of this move is common, all three players want to experience new things, and join more foreign tournaments.

    South KoreaProtoss PartinG stated:

    " I miss the passion from the foreign fans who used to cheer for me.

    The reason I'm leaving the team is to enjoy the game. In the past, money was important, but now I've come to know that money isn't everything. I want to go back. Over the course of a year, SK Telecom was really good to me.

    I give them thanks, and I want to tell the fans and the people at SKT that I'm sorry."

    With this move, the new line-up is of South Korea SK TelecomT1:

  • South KoreaProtoss Classic
  • South KoreaProtoss ParalyzE
  • South KoreaTerran BrAvO
  • South KoreaTerran Sorry
  • South KoreaZerg Dark
  • South KoreaZerg SoulKey
  • South KoreaZerg soO
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