After losing some players in the past months, the South Korea KeSpa team sponsored by the korean airlines, South Korea Jin Air Green Wings has managed to sign a new player on their Starcraft 2 roster.

This new man, is the former South Korea Team MVP player, South KoreaZerg Symbol.

The announcement was made by the new team.

With this in mind, the new line-ups of the teams look as follow:

South Korea Team MVP:

  • South KoreaTerran MarineKing
  • South KoreaTerran Center
  • South KoreaTerran SalvatioN
  • South KoreaTerran Aphrodite
  • South KoreaZerg KangHo
  • South KoreaZerg DeParture
  • South KoreaProtoss YongHwa
  • South Korea Jin Air Green Wings:

  • South KoreaProtoss Avenge
  • South KoreaProtoss Terminator (C)
  • South KoreaProtoss sOs
  • South KoreaProtoss Trap
  • South KoreaTerran Cure
  • South KoreaTerran Maru
  • South KoreaZerg Rogue
  • South KoreaZerg Adios
  • South KoreaZerg Symbol
  • The former Germany ESC.IcyBox protoss player from Korea, South KoreaProtoss Patience has joined a new team.

    This new team is a newly born swiss team in the name of  Dead Pixels.

    The announcement was made by the team managers with a post on their website stating:

    "I am very happy to welcome the talented protoss, the cutest sc2 players (searching swedish love) and finally my friend."

    The player stated:

    "Today I am thrilled to officially announce that I am joining team Dead Pixels! I am looking forward to embracing this new challenge with a foreign team. I’m also very happy to join two very good friends of mine, TRUE and Elroye.

    We will train hard to show you the best! Last but not least, don’t forget to tune in for the DreamHack Winter 2014, in which we will fight for the win with Patience!"

    With this in mind,  Dead Pixels now have the following players:

  • South KoreaZerg TRUE
  • Zerg Elroye
  • South KoreaProtoss Patience
  • The philippinean organization,  Team Mineski has made public the final roster of their DotA 2 team.

    They removed two players in the name of  Jessie 'JessieVash' Cuyco and  Prieme Ejay 'PlayHard' Banquil  out of the entire seven man that they had in the roster to make it to the following line-up:

  • Jay 'Yaj' Garan
  • Joshua 'Owa' Dela Serna
  • Siong Tait 'JoHnNy' Lee
  • Ryan Jay 'Bimbo' Qui 
  •  Ralph Richard 'RR' Penano
  • After losing the russian line-up of their DotA 2 division, the russian based organization, Russia Moscow Five decided to sing an international team.

    This new team is formed around the former Moscow Five player, Russia Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov.

    The remaining four players are rather unknowns in the name of: Russia Khaled 'sQreen' El-Kabbash whom is the team captain, Ukraine Danilo 'Bignum' Shehostov,  Selim 'Neqroman' Oynar and Belarus Vitali 'zxc' Damastoi.

    With this said, the new line-up of the interational DotA 2 team for Russia Moscow Five is:

  • Russia Khaled 'sQreen' El-Kabbash (C)
  • Russia Vladimir 'PGG' Anosov
  • Ukraine Danilo 'Bignum' Shehostov
  •  Selim 'Neqroman' Oynar
  • Belarus Vitali 'zxc' Damastoi
  • The brazilian based organization, Brazil semXorah has decided to enter the DotA 2 scene. They have called a team that had no organization to represent. The new team seeks to be a top notch team on the brazilian DotA 2 scene and maybe enter the international scene.

    The five players are:

  • Brazil therence
  • Brazil Igi
  • Brazil HNS
  • Brazil Sono
  • Brazil foc
  • It was announced that the protoss player, South KoreaProtoss Rain has decided to drop out of Ro8 from South Korea HotSix CUP in order to be part of USA Intel Extreme Masters San Jose that is due to start in less than two weeks.

    In prder to replace the protoss player, South KoreaProtoss PartinG was called after he defeated South KoreaTerran TY and South KoreaTerran Flash in a WILDCARD Quarterfinal mini tournament.

    The Taiwan yoe Flash Wolves player, PartinG will face South KoreaTerran MarineKing in the Ro8.

    With all the announcements made regarding the next Starcraft 2 event from Germany Intel Extreme Masters Season 9, the american stop from USA San Jose, one more announcement left to be made.

    The casters and the hosts for the event were made public.

    The casters list include the names of: FranceProtoss Yoan 'ToD' Merlo, TerranProtossZerg Shaun 'Apollo' Clark, USATerranProtossZerg Sean 'Day[9]' Plott, NetherlandsProtoss Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi and United KingdomTerranProtossZerg James 'Kaelaris' Carrol.

    The hosting part of the event will ensured by United KingdomTerran Paul 'ReDeYe' Chaloner and United Kingdom Richard Lewis while the interview part will be handled by Sue 'Smix' Lee.

    Remind you that the event will start on 3'rd of December 2014 ending on 7'th of December 2014.

    The recently formed team,  Team Malaysia has lost two players.

    The two players that decided to part ways with the team are team captain  Chai Yee 'Mushi' Fung and  Joel Chan Zhan 'XtiNcT' Leong.

     Mushi had this to say on his official socialization page:

    "I have officially left Team Malaysia. Anything about Team Malaysia is not related with me. Best of luck to TM, hope they could bring up Malaysia's pride and makes everyone proud."

    With this move  Team Malaysia how has:

  • Chong Xin 'Ohaiyo' Khoo
  • Lee Kong 'kYxY' Yang
  • Wai Pern 'Net' Lim

  • It was annunced that the latest addition to the DotA 2 division of USA compLexity Gaming, USA Daniel 'BloodyNine' Foster was removed.

    The announcement was made by the player via his socialization page, and states that the reason is the lack of results since his join.

    With this in mind, the line-up of USA compLexity Gaming is:

  • USA Kyle 'swindlemelonzz' Freedman (C)
  • USA Zakari 'Zfreek' Freedman
  • Canada David 'MoonMaker' Tan
  • Sweden Linus 'Limpp' Blomdin
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