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BLUEJAYS present new CS:GO line-up
Posted: Oct 8, 2015 Written by: do_0h

The German based organization has announced a new line-up to represent them into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

The new line-up is consisted of four members of the Germany -tba- team and a former Germany EYES ON U player.

Denial eSports announced new team
Posted: Oct 7, 2015 Written by: do_0h

The North American organization, United States Denial eSports whom used to house some of the top 3-5 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams from the North American scene before the likes of United States Liquid and United States CLG Gaming decided to breach the CS:GO scene has announced a new team.

HellRaisers sign oskar and STYKO for mou and AdreN
Posted: Oct 6, 2015 Written by: profi

After yesterday announcing that former Czech Republic eSuba and Czech Republic Neophyte players, Slovakia Martin 'STYKO' Styk and Czech Republic Thomas 'Oskar' Stastny will be playing on a trial basis for the Ukrainian based team, Ukraine HellRaisers along side the substitute Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostylev.

FolloweSports lose one
Posted: Oct 5, 2015 Written by: do_0h

After acquiring former Canada SaphireKelwonaDotCom Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, the Canadian line-up has suffered two changes. These two changes are the release of two players.

Babam World CSGO Rankings after CPL and PGL
Posted: Oct 4, 2015 Written by: profi

In pretty short period of time, two big CSGO events were held: European Union Counter Pit League и Romania PGL Finals Season 1.

The results of the events certainly affected on my world rankings. It's time to overview the current situation.

Orbit release Hungarian CS:GO line-up
Posted: Oct 4, 2015 Written by: do_0h

After just few weeks under the belt of the Swedish based organization, Sweden Team Orbit has decided as an organization to release the former Hungary K1ck eSports Klub's Hungarian team.

TSM win PGL Finals Season 1
Posted: Oct 4, 2015 Written by: profi

Denmark Team SoloMid became the champion of the prestigious event Romania PGL Finals Season 1.

In the final, they beat Polish powerhouse Poland and became richer for $40,000.

Sunday Fun #2
Posted: Oct 4, 2015 Written by: profi

It's a Sunday. So before the terrible Monday, it's time to check out some funny... or kind of funny pics related to our lovely Counter-Strike Global Offensive game.

If I missed some cool staff, don't hesitate to contact me just drop a comment.

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