DH Winter 2014 CS GO: Titan and Epsilon disqualifiedFor the last few months French teams dominated on CS GO scene, and almost entire community expected battles between teams from France versus other big names such as Sweden NiP, Sweden fnatic, Poland Virtus.pro and others.

And now this is not going go to happen. The huge cheat scandal made a hit yesterday. Within one day two well-known players France Hovik 'KQLY' Tovmassian and France Gordon 'Sf' Giry got VAC-bans for cheating. Few hours later, organizers behind Sweden Dreamhack Winter 2014 have announced that both teams France Titan and France Epsilon are disqualified from the event. It's extremely sad situation for their temmates, because not only they have lost opportunity to take part in a major tournament, but lost a lot of money from prize purse and "stickers". From other point of view, such punishment probably will stop to use the cheat for other "dirty" players, because now it's clear that in case of VAC-ban - entire team will be punished.

Norway London Conspiracy, Finland 3DMAX, Denmark Cph Wolves and Sweden Flipsid3 Tactics are invited to special LAN Qualifier which will be held right before the Dreamhack Winter 2014 CS GO. Two owners of empty slots will be determined in this mini-tournament in single elimination format. Important to note that USA VALVe will cover all travel and live expenses for participants of mini-LAN Qualifier.

The Dual Turnament that will be played prior to the group stage of the USA San Jose stop from Germany Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 has had it's Bracket drawn.

The tournament will feature two Double Elimination Brackets that will each have two slots for the group stage.

Brackets are as follow:

Upper Bracket #1:





Winners' Final


Grand Final

South KoreaZerg viOlet                
 3'rd December 2014              
USAProtoss Caliber            
CanadaZerg hendralisk            
 3'rd December 2014          
South KoreaProtoss Super            
USAProtoss puCK          
 3'rd December 2014          
South KoreaZerg Hydra        
South KoreaTerran GuMiho          
3'rd December 2014          
CanadaProtoss HuK              

Lower Bracket #1:

Round 1


Round 2




Losers' Final





Upper Bracket #2:





Winners' Final


Grand Final

South KoreaZerg TRUE                
 3'rd December 2014              
South KoreaTerran TOP            
South KoreaZerg Symbol            
 3'rd December 2014          
NetherlandsProtoss Harstem            
USAZerg Suppy          
 3'rd December 2014          
Zerg CatZ        
USAZerg Phog          
3'rd December 2014          
South KoreaZerg Revival              

Lower Bracket #2:

Round 1


Round 2




Losers' Final




The american based team lead by the peruwian zerg player, Zerg CatZ has announced that they will part ways with one player.

The player in question is the british zerg player United KingdomZerg Fenner.

No real reason for this move was given by any part involved.

"Heyo I'm leaving ROOT to go solo. Staying at the ROOT house helped me out tremendously in eSports. Thanks for the good time"

With this move, USA ROOT Gaming now has:

  • NetherlandsProtoss RooterdaM
  • USAProtoss Astrea
  • USATerran Illusion
  • USATerran Nathanias
  • South KoreaTerran SuperNova
  • Terran iaguz
  • CanadaTerran MaSa
  • Zerg CatZ (C)
  • Zerg Petraeus
  • USAZerg Sasquatch
  • CanadaZerg Spyte
  • South KoreaZerg Hydra
  • NorwayZerg SolO
  • USATerranProtossZerg Caliber
  • USA ROOT Gaming's academy, the USA Seed Academy:

  • Protoss Darkness
  • USATerran Heiwa
  • USATerran SiegeMode
  • SwedenZerg Najzmajs
  • NorwayZerg Prebs
  • USAZerg Baldwin
  • CanadaZerg Regor
  • The swedish zerg player, SwedenTerran Miniraser has announced that he left United Kingdom fnatic.

    The reason behind this move is uncertain, all that was stated is the fact that both parties went their speratate way on good terms.

    SwedenZerg Miniraser stated:

    "Hello everybody, today I am leaving Fnatic. It was a nice run, but at some point it had to end. I made lots of nice friends and we will stay together even though they are no longer my Teammates. A final thank you to Fnatic and farewell. I won't be retiring, so you will hear from me soon boys!"

    CEO of fnatic stated:

    "Today we are sad to announce that Miniraser will be departing Fnatic. Since joining he has been a great friend to every one in the Fnatic organisation. That won't change now that he's leaving. We wish him the best for the future and we can't wait to see him continue on in his StarCraft 2 career!"

    With this move, United Kingdom fnatic now has:

  • NetherlandsProtoss Harstem
  • European Union fnatic Academy:

  • PolandTerran souL
  • The groups for the next stop of Intel Extreme Masters Season 9, the american stop from USA San Jose that will take place from 3'rd of December 2014 till 7'th of December 2014 have been drawn.

    The 16 players were divided into four teams of four players.

    So far we know 12 of the players that will take part at the group stage, a Dual Tournament that will be played prior to the group stage will reveal the last four players that will be drawn in the groups.

    The groups are as follow:

    Group A Group B Group C Group D
    South KoreaProtoss Rain South KoreaProtoss First South KoreaTerran forGG South KoreaProtoss herO
    CanadaZerg Scarlett South KoreaTerran Polt Terran MajOr USATerran qxc
    NorwayZerg Snute South KoreaZerg Jaedong South KoreaZerg HyuN South KoreaTerran Bomber

    Prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - $10.000
  • 2'nd. - $4.000
  • 3'rd/4'th. - $2.000 each
  • The zerg player, South KoreaZerg KassiA whom used to play for South Korea Woongjin Stars has left the former South Korea eSF team, South Korea Team Prime. The reason bheind this move is unceretain, no official statement was released regarding this move. The announcement was made by South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK. The next move for the player is uncertain as of yet.

    With this move, South Korea Prime now has:

  • South KoreaProtoss Creator
  • South KoreaProtoss MyuNgSiK
  • South KoreaProtoss Zoun
  • South KoreaTerran ByuN
  • South KoreaZerg TerrOr
  • The taiwanese player, TaiwanZerg Slam has announced that he will leave his team, Taiwan yoe Flash Wolves.

    This decision comes as he wants to retire.

    The retirement of the player comes as he will have to go and enlist on his mandatory millitary service.

    The announcement was made by the team managers on a post over at their official socialization page.

    It is uncertain if the player will return to the pro scene once his millitary service is done or if he will remain on retirement.

    The casting team for the next Starcraft 2, the Sweden DreamHack Winter 2014 has had it's casting team announced.

    In order to bring us the action from the biggest Starcraft 2 event at the end of the year, we will have some of the best casters the market has to sell.

    The casting team  has: USAProtoss Nick 'Tasteless' Plott, USAProtoss Dan 'Artosis' Stemkoski, United KingdomTerranProtossZerg Shaun 'Apollo' ClarkUSAProtoss Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson. The interview part of the event will see South KoreaUSA Sue 'Smix' Lee take the players down that road.

    Remind you that the event will start on 27'th of November 2014 ending on 29'th of November 2014.

    The decade edition of the Germany HomeStory CUP, the first edition that took place outside the flat of Germany Dennis 'Take' Gehlen has ended with a TvP final.

    South KoreaTerran Flash whom looked unstoppable on the site took on South KoreaProtoss PartinG whom stated that he will win the event. The final score of the final saw a close call with a [4-3] scoreline in favor of the protoss player. With this win, PartinG takes home a total of $10.000 in cash prize.

    Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. South KoreaProtoss yoe Flash Wolves.PartinG - $10.000
  • 2'nd. South KoreaTerran KT Rolster Flash - $6.500
  • 3'rd/4'th. South KoreaTerran Liquid`TaeJa, South KoreaZerg MVP Losira - $2.500
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