The 10'th edition of the HomeStory CUP was announced. The event that will run from 13'th of November 2014 till 16'th of November 2014 will featue a total of $25.000 in cash prize.

In order to celebrate this decade edition, the organizers have announced that the games will not be played in Germany Denis 'Take.Tv' Gehlen flat, instead the event will be held at the Germany Konigsburg Krefeld.

The action will be casted by USAProtoss Geoff 'iNcontroL' Robinson, NetherlandsProtoss Kevin 'RotterdaM' van der Kooi and Germany Evan 'Winter' Ballnik.

The players are yet to be announced but the number is set at the 32 mark.

Prize distribution:

  • 1'st - $10.000
  • 2'nd. - $6.500
  • 3'rd. - $3.000
  • 4'th. - $2.000
  • 5'th/8'th. - $875 each
  • It was announced that the brazilian based team from Brazil CNB e-Sports has moved to a different organization, the new organization is another brazillian based, Brazil paiN Gaming.

    This move isn't approved by the CNB e-Sports manager whom blamed the players that they left the team right when the results could have started to come in. 

    Brazil CNB e-Sports manager stated:

    "CNB was the only one who believed and invested in this team. Though we're offering a better proposal, after six months of investment, players solve the situation in the worst possible way by going to our main competitor, in a moment that could reap the fruits of labor, participating in three major championships. Lack of professionalism is one of the reasons the DotA scene in Brazil is so outdated. "

    The new Brazil paiN Gaming line-up is:

  • Brazil Paulo 'Klotz22' Nobrega
  • Brazil Adriano '4DR' Machado
  • Brazil Danilo 'NedBone' Silva (C)
  • Brazil Tharcio 'Baga' Medeiros
  • Brazil Paulo 'Klotz' Nobrega
  • The ukrainean based team Ukraine NVMII has announced changes in their roster, with this in mind, they have replaced Russia Andrey 'Afoninje' Afonin with former Russia Virtus.Pro player, Russia Roman `Scandal' Sadotenkov.

    The change was made as for all russian and ukrainean teams based on the poor results, thus the managers quickly changed one hoping that this will solve their problems.

    With this move, the new Ukraine NVMII line-up is:

  • Ukraine Artur 'Goblak' Kostenko (C)
  • Ukraine Alexander 'DkPhobos' Kucheria
  • Russia Illya 'Illidan' Pivcaev
  • Russia Ilya 'Lil' Ilyuk
  • Russia Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov
  • The guys from the France NationWars II have announced a new mini event organized by them. The winner of the France NationWars II CUP, Norway will take on Korea in a mini event that will feature €5.000 in cash prize.

    The match will be played on 30'th of September 2014 featuring a Bo9 format.

    Each country will have three revivals, as they can revive a player after that player was defeated, also to grand another chance, each team ca revive a player as their ace, if needed.

    Every player can be revived once so the players that were revived prior to the ace match cannot be revived if the game should bo to the full Bo9.

    The teams are:

  • NorwayNorway: Zerg Snute, Zerg TargA, Protoss EIKI
  • South KoreaKorea: Zerg Life, Zerg Jaedong, Protoss MC
  • Prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - €3.500
  • 2'nd. - €1.500
  • Last night the Starcraft 2:HoTS event from Sweden DreamHack Open: Strockholm 2014 ended with the triumph of a zerg player, South KoreaZerg Solar the South Korea Samsung Galaxy player managed to defeat South Korea SK TelecomT1's South KoreaZerg soO in the grand final with a clean [3-0] sweap.

    With this win, Solar bags a total of $10.000 in cash prize and 750 WCS Points, that bring him to the 18'th position in the WCS Ranking, but most important grants him a slot to the last Sweden DreamHack stop, Sweden DreamHack Winter 2014.

    Final prize distributiuon:

  • 1'st. South KoreaZerg Samsung Galaxy Solar - $10.000 + 750 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 2'nd. South KoreaZerg SK TelecomT1 soO - $5.000 + 500 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter
  • 3'rd/4'th. South KoreaTerran Mill+forGG, South KoreaZerg CJ Entus herO - $3.000 + 375 WCS Points + Direct Seed to Sweden DreamHack Winter each
  • 5'th/8'th. South KoreaProtoss Alien Invasion Patience, South KoreaTerran AcerMMA, South KoreaZerg mYinsanity!Sacsri, South KoreaZerg EG Jaedong - $1.000 + 250 WCS Points each
  • 9'th/16'th. South KoreaTerran mYinsanity!jjakji, South KoreaTerran Axiom_Ryung, South KoreaTerran CM Storm Polt, PolandProtoss Liquid`MaNa, South KoreaZerg StarTale_Life, South KoreaZerg Dead Pixels TRUE, South KoreaProtoss SK TelecomT1 Classic, DenmarkTerran Liquid`Bunny - 125 WCS Points each
  • The european organization that features an american line-up in their DotA 2 team, Netherlands Team Liquid has lost two players.

    The two players that left the team, are USA Sam 'BuLba' Sosale and the german player Germany Max "qojqva' Broecker whom left the team in order to join former team mates over at European Union Team Tinker.

    With this move, USA Team Liquid is left with only one DotA 2 player in the name of Canada Tyler 'TC' Cook, and the future for the DotA 2 division looks grim.

    The new line-up for European Union Team Tinker is:

  • Sweden Per Anderss Olsson 'Pajkatt' Lille (C)
  • Sweden Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist
  • Netherlands Weh "SingSing' Sing Yuen
  • USA Sam 'BuLba' Sosale
  • Germany Max 'qojqva' Broecker
  • Titan wins DreamHack Stockholm CS GOSweden Dreamhack Stockholm 2014 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gaming discipline is completed with triumph of France Titan team.

    Eight teams were invited to the event, and tournament saw big names such as Sweden NiP, Sweden fnatic, France Titan and others. The prize purse was equal to $30,000

    The format of event was pretty standard: two groups with 4 teams in each. Top-2 from each group played in semifinals Singe Elimination Best-of-3. The grand final saw two french teams France LDLC and Titan, where Titan became stronger. Looks like after all the changes in the teams from France, overall french CS GO scene became stronger.

    The main sensation of the event became NiP by leaving the event right after the group stage. 

    Final standings and prize distribution:

    1. France Titan - $10,000
    2. France LDLC - $5,000
    3/4. Finland 3DMAX, Sweden fnatic - $3,500 each
    5/8. Germany Alternate, Sweden NiP, Denmark dignitas, Denmark Cph Wolves - $2,000 each







    France LDLC        
    [16:8] Cache  
    [16:12] Dust2 
    France LDLC     
    Finland 3DMAX    
        [4:16] Mirage  
    [15:19] Cache 
    France Titan 
    Sweden fnatic       
    [11:16] Inferno
    [1:16] Dust2     
    France Titan   
    France Titan       

    After signing former South Korea oGs player, South KoreaProtoss TAiLS, the french based team, a rather unknown team has announced another great pick.

    Another former oGs player, the terran player South KoreaTerran TOP has joined the team.

    The announcement was made by the team managers via their official socialization page:

    "Hello everyone, after our big recruitment of TAiLS, we are proud to announce you today that ex oGs and AZUBU TOP is joining our team. Let's welcome him and wish him a lot of success!"

    With this move, France Invasion eSports has:

  • South KoreaProtoss TAiLS
  • South KoreaTerran TOP
  • The best South Korea KeSpa team at the moment, South Korea SKTelecomT1 has announced some changes in their roster.

    Former European Union Acer terran, South KoreaTerran INnoVation will try and give some power to the South Korea SKTelecomT1 terran roster, same as former South Korea MVP terran player South KoreaTerran Dream.

    More to the story, it seems that South KoreaZerg SoulKey will retire from progaming has he has grown tired of the game. The fate of South KoreaTerran BrAvO is uncertain as of yet.

    The announcement was made bya korean eSport newswriter via his official socialization page:

    "It's confirmed that SKT T1 has recruited Innovation (Acer Inno) and Dream (MVPDream) under its wings to revive their Terran line. Oops, DailyeSports confirms Soulkey is also leaving with Bravo. "

    With this in mind, the new roster for SKTelecomT1 is:

  • South KoreaProtoss Classic
  • South KoreaProtoss ParalyzE
  • South KoreaTerran INnoVation
  • South KoreaTerran Dream
  • South KoreaTerran Sorry
  • South KoreaZerg Dark
  • South KoreaZerg soO
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