The player list of the 2014 season of the European Union MSI Beat IT was finalized. The total number of players is set at the 16, with the event handing out a total of $26.000 in cash prize.

Need to mention that all the players were invited after winning or taking second place in different qualifiers.

The players that made it are: CanadaProtoss HuK, South KoreaProtoss First, Protoss Blysk, TaiwanProtoss Has, ChinaProtoss Cloudy,PartinG, Terran iaguz, South KoreaTerran YoDa, South KoreaTerran Journey, South KoreaTerran Flash, South KoreaZerg viOLet, Zerg EnDerr, TaiwanZerg Sen, South KoreaZerg Solar, South KoreaZerg Rogue, TaiwanZerg Ian.

The format of the event will have four groups of four players, with the first two players at the end of the groupstage from each group advancing into a Single Elimination Bracket Ro8.

The event will kick off starting 1'st of November 2014 and will end on 2'nd of November 2014. 

With the final of CanadaUSA WCS America Premier League 2014: Season 3 now over, we know all the players that will take part at BliZZcon 2014, later in November.

The organizers have already drawn the Ro16 Single Elimination Bracket for the event also. The event will kick off on 1'st of November 2014, closing on 8'th of November 2014, and will have a total of $250.000 in cash prizes.

There will be a lot of surprises at this event and maybe many games announced from BliZZard's part.

The players that made it out are: South KoreaTerran Bomber, South KoreaZerg HyuN, South KoreaProtoss Zest, South KoreaTerran Polt, South KoreaProtoss MC, South KoreaProtoss San, South KoreaTerran TaeJa, South KoreaProtoss StarDust, South KoreaTerran MMA, South KoreaZerg soO, South KoreaTerran jjakji, South KoreaProtoss herO, South KoreaProtoss Classic, South KoreaZerg Life, South KoreaTerran INnoVation, South KoreaZerg Jaedong.


First Round









South KoreaTerran Bomber                
 1'st of November 2014              
South KoreaZerg Jaedong            
     7'th of November 2014          
South KoreaProtoss StarDust            
 1'st of November 2014          
South KoreaTerran MMA          
         8'th of November 2014      
South KoreaProtoss MC            
 1'st of November 2014          
South KoreaProtoss herO        
     7'th of November 2014      
South KoreaTerran Polt            
 1'st of November 2014          
South KoreaProtoss Classic          8'th of November 2014  
South KoreaProtoss San              
 1'st of November 2014            
South KoreaTerran jjakji          
     7'th Of November 2014        
South KoreaProtoss Zest          
 1'st of November 2014        
South KoreaZerg Life          
 8'th of November 2014    
South KoreaZerg soO              
 1'st of November 2014            
South KoreaTerran TaeJa          
     7'th of November 2014        
South KoreaZerg HyuN              
 1'st of November 2014            
South KoreaTerran INnoVation              

The american based team, USA Micro GamerZ that features some of the mid tier korean players has lost one korean zerg player.

The player that left is South KoreaZerg PenguiN.

The reason behind this move is uncertain, things looked good for the team as they just signed a contract with a new sponsor, in the name of West Coast Chill.

Maybe the player wasn't satisfied with his performance, or the organizers did not like his results.

The next move of the player is also uncertain, we do not know if he will retire or if he will try and find a new team.

With this move, USA Micro GamerZ is left with:

  • South KoreaProtoss Samuel
  • CanadaProtoss Believe
  • South KoreaZerg Galaxy
  • South KoreaZerg Mamuri
  • USAZerg Snakehips
  • South KoreaTerran MotoK
  • South KoreaTerran Tree
  • BrazilTerran Kelazhur
  • Team Academy:

  • USAProtoss Jimmy
  • TaiwanProtoss RedFeet
  • USATerran Atomic
  • TerranBabysky
  • CanadaZerg DIRESTRAIT
  • BrazilZerg HyPeR
  • USAZerg Duolonn
  • USAZerg MandyMoore
  • The zerg player, one of the most prolific players in South Korea Team MVP has announced his retirement.

    The reason behind this move is the same as for all players his age, he has to go and do the mandatory millitary service in South Korea.

    The announcement was made via a post on South KoreaZerg DongRaeGu's socialization page, where the player stated that the reason behind this move is the millitary.

    With this in mind, South Korea Team MVP now has:

  • South KoreaTerran MarineKing
  • South KoreaTerran Center
  • South KoreaTerran SalvatioN
  • South KoreaZerg KangHo
  • South KoreaZerg Symbol
  • South KoreaZerg DeParture
  • South KoreaProtoss YongHwa
  • The much loved Germany HomeSotry CUP tournament will be featured in a new place starting 2015. The announcement was made by the organizers behind the tournament with a video.

    The new tournament area will be bigger than Germany Take.Tv's flat where the past 9 seasons of the HomeStory CUP took place. The reason behind this move is the fact that the organizers would like that their tournament grows to be bigger and bigger.

    In the video, Germany Dennis 'Take' Gehlen also hinted to future HeartStone, DotA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments along side the Starcraft 2 ones.

    At the moment. the place is under construction, but the organizers promised to make a video when the thing is finished.

    The korean protoss player, South KoreaProtoss Patience has decided to leave the german based team, Germany Alien Invasion.

    The reason behind this move is unceratin, all that is known is the fact that the two parties both decided on this move. 

    South KoreaProtoss Patience stated:

    "Hello guys! I'm Patience. As of today, the contract is terminated between alien invasion and me under joint ageement.

    Until now, I thanked to everyone who helped me.

    I wish everyone good luck. It was very fun in Alien Invasion! I will practice at korean ledder after resting a few days in Korea. About 1~2 week later, i'm going to start stream on korean ladder."

    With this move, the new Starcraft 2 line-up of Germany Alien Invasion is:

  • GermanyProtoss Honor
  • GermanyProtoss CPU
  • South KoreaProtoss Primelot
  • UkraineTerran Strelok (C)
  • Terran Demigod
  • South KoreaTerran Revenge
  • The russian based team, Russia Team Empire has announced that they will close their Starcraft 2 division, the reason behind this move is uncertain, all that is known is the fact that the decision was made at the start of the autumn.

    In order to close the division, the last memeber of the team, RussiaTerran Happy had to leave the team and he did just that.

    RussiaTerran Happy stated:

    "Today I’m leaving the team, I had been representing for 3,5 years, if I’m not mistaken, I never been in any team for such a long period of time, so, it feels a bit weird.

    Sad, but, everything ends once in a while. In before I would say, that, this announcement is not a sudden surprise for me, it’s been decided back in mid-summer. I remember, how hesitant I was, while thinking about becoming a part of, back then, very young and upcoming team Empire back in 2011, how distrustful I was towards the team.

    Fortunately, I quickly realized, that Empire is a serious and stable team, and that Empire at that moment could have given me support, that I didn’t have even back in the time, when I was Warcraft 3 player.

    Not everything been perfect in the team at times, but, I have no shame to say, that, out of those teams I had been part of, Empire proved themselves from the best side. I don’t regret about spending my time here, but, as I wrote above, nothing lasts forever.

    Time is going, team’s priorities change, StarCraft II is not having the best times right now (and would there be a better times – nobody knows)."

    The player will not retire, he will try and find a new team.

    The korean terran player from the taiwanese based team Taiwan Wayi Spider has decided to leave the team. The reason for this move is uncertain, the player will not retire but will instead look to find a new team.

    The announcement was made by the player himself in a post, where he stated:

    "I've decided to leave Spider It's already been about 5 months since I've been here in Taiwan and for the past 5 months, I've experienced many things and those experiences helped me become a better person.

    I'm sorry to all my fans who stayed to cheer for me and support me even when there were no matches. I wasn't able to repay your support with significant results. As all of you know, YoeFWVanilla is a very good Terran although he chokes during broadcasted matches.

    If he overcomes that nervousness, I'm sure that he will be better than me. So please support him and in the mean time, I will be practicing at my house while looking for another team. Thank you everyone for supporting me."

    With this move, the Taiwan Wayi Spider line-up remains:

  • South KoreaProtoss Daisy
  • South KoreaProtoss Ruin
  • South KoreaZerg Check
  • Zerg Cheetos
  • Zerg AK
  • Zerg Fist
  • Zerg Rex
  • The former South Korea SK TelecomT1 protoss player, South KoreaProtoss PartinG has found a new team one month after departuring the top notch team from South Korea KeSpa, he will join other korean players at the taiwanese based team, Taiwan yoe Flash Wolves.

    The announcement was made by the new team when they published some pictures with PartinG wearing the yoe Flash Wolves jersey. 

    With this move, Taiwan yoe Flash Wolves now have:

  • Protoss Has
  • South KoreaProtoss San
  • South KoreaProtoss PartinG
  • South KoreaZerg Leenock
  • Zerg Ian
  • Zerg Slam
  • TaiwanTerran Vanilla
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