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ex-Space Soldiers lose Maj3r
Posted: Mar 23, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Turkish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of ex- Turkey Space Soldiers has lost one of their team members.

The French/Turkish player and AWP-er and also, team Captain, FranceTurkey Engin 'MAJ3R' Kupeli has parted ways with the rest of the team.

Team EnVyUs sign three
Posted: Mar 22, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The North American based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, United States Team EnVyUs has announced changes in ther roster.

There are two players to part ways with the organization as United States Tayler 'Drone' Johnson and United States Stephen 'reltuC' Cutler were both cut away.

fnx joins MiBR as brand ambassador
Posted: Mar 21, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Brazilian Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Brazil Made In Brazil has announced the addition of Brazil Lincoln 'fnx' Lau from Brazil Team oNe as brand ambassador.

The announcement was made on the twitter page of the team, here it is posted that the former player will join the team as brand ambassador.

Chaos add two
Posted: Mar 20, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Swedish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, housed by Sweden Chaos Gaming has added three new members to their ranks.

Former Sweden x6tence Galaxy player, Sweden Linus Baat 'Baaten' Andersson and former European Union Epsilon eSports player Sweden Daniel 'djL' Narancic are the new players for Sweden Chaos Gaming.

Cloud9 target two from OpTic
Posted: Mar 19, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Biggest North American organization target new blood for their Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team.

The two targeted are two Danes from Denmark OpTic Gaming, Denmark Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke and Denmark Jakob 'JUGI' Hansen.

Gambit Gaming release two
Posted: Mar 19, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Russian based organization, home for the Russian Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Russian Federation Gambit Gaming has announced changes within the roster.

The changes come with the release of two Ukrainians, Ukraine Vladyslav 'bondik' Nechyporchuk, the trial and the coach Ukraine Andrey 'B1ad3' Gorodenskiy.

HellRaisers add two
Posted: Mar 19, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The CIS based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, European Union HellRaisers has added two former mousesports members.

First of all it is the AWP-er, Czech Republic Tomas 'oskar' Stastny whom even if he stated he wants to hang his mouse for the time being has signed a short term contract with the CIS organization.

GameAgents announce new roster
Posted: Mar 15, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Servian based organization, Serbia GameAgents announced a new European Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster.

The new roster is formed using lesser known players, but for an organization such as European Union GameAgenst is all good.

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