The show host, USA Chris 'ChanmanV' Chan has announced via a his channel that he will retire. Better known as the guy whom for many years even with few viewers ran shows in the Starcraft 2 and Heartstone communities, the american announced that he will cease to do these shows.

The reason behind this move is uncertain, what it is known is the fact that from now on we will not have the shows like: "Pro Corner", "Climbing the Ladder" and so on.

The groups and the brackets for the Dual Tournament at Canada Intel Extreme Masters Season 9 Toronto have been drawn.

As mentioned, each group got three players so far with the fourth player hauling from the Dual Tournament brackets. Each group will see two players advance on to try and grab the big prize of the tournament.

The groups games will start on 28'th of August 2014.

The groups are as follow:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
South KoreaTerran Polt South KoreaZerg viOLet CanadaTerran MaSa CanadaZerg Scarlett
South KoreaProtoss Zest South KoreaTerran YoDa South KoreaProtoss First South KoreaTerran Flash
South KoreaTerran TaeJa South KoreaZerg HyuN South KoreaProtoss sOs South KoreaProtoss MC
 Dual Turnament  Dual Turnament  Dual Turnament  Dual Turnament

Dual Tournament Bracket #1:

Upper Bracket:





Winners' Final


Grand Final

South KoreaZerg Jaedong
28'th of August 2014
CanadaProtoss Bones
    28'th of August 2014
South KoreaZerg Leenock             
28'th of August 2014
CanadaProtoss HuK             
      28'th of August 2014
South KoreaProtoss Oz           
28'th of August 2014
CanadaZerg hendralisk         
    28'th of August 2014
CanadaZerg Kane           
28'th of August 2014
DenmarkTerran Bunny               

Lower Bracket:

Round 1


Round 2




Losers' Final



    28'th of August 2014         
28'th of August 2014       28'th of August 2014  
      28'th of August 2014    
28'th of August 2014             


Dual Tournament Bracket #2:

Upper Bracket:





Winners' Final


Grand Final

South KoreaProtoss StarDust
28'th of August 2014
USAZerg sasquatch
    28'th of August 2014
USAProtoss puCK             
28'th of August 2014
South KoreaZerg Revival             
      28'th of August 2014
South KoreaTerran Maru           
28'th of August 2014
CanadaProtoss desRow         
    28'th of August 2014
CanadaProtoss Believe           
28'th of August 2014
NorwayZerg Snute               

Lower Bracket:

Round 1


Round 2




Losers' Final



    28'th of August 2014         
28'th of August 2014       28'th of August 2014  
      28'th of August 2014    
    28'th of August 2014         
28'th of August 2014             

Today the last group of the South Korea GSL Code S 2014 Season 3 was played. With this in mind we now know all the players that will this year enter the last group stage in GSL Code S.

The last group saw South KoreaTerran Flash and South KoreaZerg Solar advance, while South KoreaProtoss Avenge and South KoreaZerg Dark had to recognize defeat.

This season sees a pretty much even race distribution unlike previous season, we now have pretty much eaqual numbers of players of each race, with zerg having one more representat.

The 16 players that qualified are: South KoreaZerg EffOrt, South KoreaProtoss sOs, South KoreaTerran Cure, South KoreaTerran INnoVation, South KoreaTerran Maru, South KoreaTerran Reality, South KoreaProtoss Stats, South KoreaZerg SoulKey, South KoreaProtoss Rain, South KoreaProtoss Zest, South KoreaZerg soO, South KoreaZerg DongRaeGu, South KoreaZerg TRUE, South KoreaProtoss PartinG, South KoreaTerran Flash, South KoreaZerg Solar.

The group stage will be drawn, each group will see two players advance to the Ro8 Single Elimination Bracket.

Prize distribution:

  • 1'st. - $66.612 + 2.000 WCS Points
  • 2'nd. - $14.274 + 1.000 WCS Points
  • 3'rd/4'th.  - $7.612 + 750 WCS Points each
  • 5'th/8'th.  - $3.806 + 500 WCS Points each
  • 9'th/12'th.  - $2.283 + 300 WCS Points each
  • 13'th/16'th.  - $2.283 + 200 WCS Points each
  • 17'th/24'th.  - $1.427 + 150 WCS Points each
  • 25'th/32'nd.  - $1.427 + 100 WCS Points each
  • KuroKy and Puppy left NaVi After the top-8 at The International 2014 which is became the worst result for Ukraine NaVi DOTA 2 among other The International events, management decided to make a changes.

    Team captain Estonia Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov and player from the Germany Germany Kuro 'Kuroky' Salehi Takhasomi who played as support for last two years are left the NaVi team. 

    KuroKy made a statement:
    "I want to thank everyone of Na`Vi for the the time we spend together. The times together are unforgettable memories of mine, i will cherish them as long as I can. We shall see each other soon again.".

    CEO of the organization Ukraine Alexander 'ZeroGravity' Kokhanovskiy commented:
    "I am very grateful to Kuro for the time and efforts he invested in Na'Vi. He has been demonstrating marvelous performance for over the year. Under the present circumstances our ways are parting. However, I do hope that they will meet in future and not only on the gaming arena." 

    At this moment Natus Vincere remain with Ukrainian players only:

    Ukraine Gleb 'Funn1k' Lipatnikov
    Ukraine Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin
    Ukraine Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich  

    The chinese based team, China Vici Gaming has announced that they have lost one player from their DotA 2 roster. The player in question is the team captain, ChinaBai rOtk' Fan.

    The reason behind this move is the fact that the player has announced retirement, from being a pro-gamer and goes for the casting part of the DotA 2 eSports scene.

    China Bai 'rOtk' Fan stated:

    "After deliberating for a while I have decided to retire from professional competition. After these four to five years of competing, my body is slightly unable to take the stress, and I have also been thinking of taking a break for a while now. The euphoria, success, and dejection I experienced in my three years in DK will become the memories of my youth.

    Lastly, I wish to thank all of the fans who have been supporting eSports and competitive gaming all this while: you guys have accompanied me through my professional career, allowed me to be more confident, and also made my career even more exciting. Now that I will have more time after retiring, I will participate in In-Houses more often for fun, so keep fighting! "

    With this move, China Vici Gaming is left with:

  • China Chao 'Fenrir' Lu 
  • China Liu 'Sylar' Jiajun
  • China Xie 'Super' Juanhao
  • China Linsesn 'fy' Xu

    The chinese based team, China HyperGlory Team, announced that one of their DotA 2 players, China Xun Tao 'xtt' Xu will be leaving the team. 

    The reason seems to be the fact that the managers aren't satisfied with the results.

    To fill in the gap, they have called a former member of the team, a core player.

     China Peng 'Icy' Wang, whom for the past months played under the China LGD.CDEC clang tag has rejoined the team.

    With this move, the two teams have the following rosters:

    HyperGlory Team:

  • China Gong 'ZSMJ' Jian
  • China Tianyu 'Cty' Chen
  • China Peng 'Icy' Wang
  • China Jin '121' Ming Kang
  • China Zhi 'kaka' Liang Hu
  • China Xiu 'PrettyHaw' Xiu

    now has:

  • China Lu 'Maybe' Yao (C)
  • China Liu 'Garder' Xinzhou
  • China Sun 'xh' Zheng
  • China Wang '333' Yutian
  • China Zhang 'HHH' Yi
  • The american based team that features some of the best european and canadian players, USA Cloud9 has announced that they have lost the services of Netherlands Weh Sing 'SingSing' Yuen.

    To fill in the gap left by the dutch player, they have called a member of the german based team, Germany Mousesports, the german player Germany Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks.

    Team managers stated:

    "Cloud9 HyperX is excited to welcome Adrian “FATA” Trinks to the Cloud9 DOTA 2 roster. Coming from Germany and top teams such as mousesports and Sigma, FATA is definitely ready to take the role of Mid Laner for C9."

    Team captain, Canada EternalEnVyy stated:

    “I’m proud to announce that Fata will be joining Cloud9 DOTA 2. We originally tried him out last year and invited him to join us as we felt he was a very good fit but he was not ready to commit at the time.  Now he’s ready to join Cloud9 for our quest for TI5.”.

    With this move, the two rosters look as follow:

    USA Cloud9

  • Sweden Johan 'pieliedie' Astrom
  • Canada Jacky 'EternaLEnVy' Mao (C)
  • Canada Kurtis 'Aui_2000' Ling
  • Netherlands Adrian 'FATA-' Trinks
  • Romania Pittner 'b0ne7' Armand

    Line-up of Germany Mousesports DotA2:

  • Sweden Per Anders 'Pajkatt' Olsson Lille (C)
  • Denmark Rasmus 'MySeRy' Filipsen
  • Germany Pascal 'paS' Lohmeier
  • USA Arif 'MSS' Anwar
  • A new team hauling from France France, in the DotA 2 scene is born. The team named France Denial eSports, is consisted out of french players only.

    Team captain stated:

    "Today I am proud to announce that from now on, we will be representing Denial eSports, not only with our gaming performances, but also with our professionalism and values.

    After a solid performance in MSI Beat It qualifiers, Denial offered to support us, and help us have the finest gaming conditions.

    We will, before mid-September, set-up gaming offices in Paris. The full roster will be able to practice and improve in a LAN environment, which is extremely important. I have big hopes, and even higher expectations. Once again, thanks for all the support, it's 7ckng on"

    The new team has:

  • France Sebastein '7ckngMad' Debs (C)
  • France Titouan 'Sockshka' Merloz
  • France Sullivan 'Joraal' Carlotti
  • France Arben 'Arbenlol' Forest-Sisalem
  • France Choi 'Crio_J' Jong-Bin
  • The brazilian DotA 2 team that was formed this year has announced that they have lost one player. The man in question is Brazil Octavio 'Tavo' Gabriel whom as per the managers words left the team due to lack of motivation.

    This reason is in question, since shortly after leaving the team he has announced a new organization that he will represent, namely the Brazil South American Rejects.

    The man to replace Brazil Tavo will be announced soon.

    For the time being the teams look as follow:

    Brazil CNB e-Sports Club:

  • Brazil Paulo 'Klotz22' Nobrega
  • Brazil Adriano '4DR' Machado
  • Brazil Danilo 'NedBone' Silva (C)
  • Brazil Tharcio 'Baga' Medeiros
  • Brazil South American Rejects:

    Brazil Otavio 'Tavo' Gabriel


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