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Posted: Oct 8, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The North American based organization, that recently added two Counter-Strike:Global Offensive teams to their name, have announced changes in their Brazilian based team.

The announcement was made on the leading eSports news site, hltv.org and on the official socialization page of the new added player, Brazil Ricardo 's1' Shinji.

More to the stroy, the player announced his departure from Brazil Merciless Gaming as he stated:

" I announce my departure from MG where I won titles and friends, thank you all who cheered for me, I will soon announce my future."

The player will replace Brazil Lucas 'destinyy' Bullo in Tempo Storm.

Along side the above mentioned player, it seems that Brazil Merciless Gaming has also lost Brazil Victor 'bld V' Jonqueira, whom joined Brazil Furia eSports, the announcement being made by the new team on their official socialization page.

As for Brazil Merciless Gaming, they are now left with just three players.

With this in mind, the new CS:GO teams for the above mentioned organizations are:

Team Brazil Tempo Storm.br:

  • Brazil Bruno 'shz' Martinelli
  • Brazil Denis 'dzt' Fischer (C)
  • Brazil Paulo 'land1n' Felipe (C)
  • Brazil Alef 'tataz1n' Pereira
  • Brazil Ricardo 's1' Shinji
  • Brazil Rodolfo 'bLecker' Blecker (coach)

Team Sweden Tempo Storm.se:

  • Sweden Linus 'Limpone' Wecksell (C)
  • Sweden Kristian 'KriLLe' Ekroth
  • Sweden Tobias 'Shadow' Flodstrom
  • Sweden Jakob 'Barken' Bark
  • Sweden Fredrik 'elo' Annerstrom
  • Sweden Hampus 'Shaabi' Johansson (coach)

Team Brazil Merciless Gaming now has:

  • Brazil Felipe 'delboNi' Delboni
  • Brazil Guilherme 'dukeN' Goes
  • Brazil Vinicius 'vhz' Santana
  • Brazil Alessandro 'apoka' Marcucci (coach)

Last but not least, Brazil Furia eSports now has:

  • Brazil Guilherme 'Spacca' Spacca
  • Brazil Arthur 'prd' Resende
  • Brazil Nicholas 'guerri' Nogueira
  • Brazil Vinicius 'VINI' Figueiredo
  • Brazil Victor 'bld V' Jonqueira
  • Brazil Bruno 'Sllayer' Almeida (coach)
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