Team ForZe set liTTle on transfer list
Posted: Apr 16, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Russian based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster has announced that their team captain, Russian Federation Anatoliy 'liTTle' Yashin is transferable.

The player was forced to take the innactive status within the team and was set as transferable.

The decision comes with no official motive, the announcement being made by the managers of the team via a post over at their official socialization page.

The official statement on the vk page states:

" It's time to change the CS: GO-composition of forZe. From today the organization decided to send to the reserve and put on the transfer list our captain, the legendary sniper Anatoly "liTTle" Yashin.

He had a huge contribution to the development of our team, for which we are very grateful. Anatoly joined our team in September last year, and for the period of his participation in the team, the team went to PGL Minor Bucharest, Masters LAN and other important tournaments for us.

On the transfer, please contact Sergey Ignatko."

The future of Russian Federation liTTle is uncelar for the time being, so is the new fifth of the team, remind you that recently, the team also lost, Russian Federation Anton 'kibaken' Kolesnikov whom was put on the transfer list more than six weeks ago.

The new CS:GO team for Russian Federation ForZe is:

  • Russian Federation Dmitriy 'facecrack' Alekseyev
  • Russian Federation Andrew 'Jerry' Mehryakov
  • Russian Federation Bogdan 'xsepower' Chernikov
  • Russian Federation Svyatoslav 'svyat' Dovbakh
  • Russian Federation Anatoliy 'liTTle' Yashin (transfer list)
  • Kazakhstan Rustam '5TRYK#R' Alimkulov (coach)
  • Russian Federation Dmitry 'LemakaRovel' Makarov (manager)
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