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Gaming Hardware
Review of Fnatic Clutch G1 mouse
Posted: Jan 29, 2017 Written by: profi

A world-known esports organization Fnatic keep conquering gaming hardware niche. I have reviewed some Fnatic devices earlier and was happy to get a chance to put my hands on new mouse Clutch G1. At first glance it seemed like a Flick G1, but the difference between these two is pretty massive. Let's have a look at everything in details.

Review of Fnatic FLICK mouse and Fnatic BOOST mousepad
Posted: May 15, 2016 Written by: profi

After reviewing of Fnatic RUSH keyboard, it's time to test out the Fnatic's FLICK mouse and BOOST gaming pad. The role of the keyboard is important, however, the mouse plays the main role among all gamer's devices. The developers have to pay attention to many factors such as sensor, shape, button placements, used materials, etc..

Review of RUSH keyboard from Fnatic Gear
Posted: Apr 12, 2016 Written by: profi

The world-known esports organization, fnatic, presented their own gaming gears under Fnatic Gear brand. If hardware manufacturers lean on their production experience while opening gaming divisions, in fnatic's case – it's all about esports experience. They know well what is required for hardcore gamer.

Review of MSI Sistorm and Thunderstorm gaming pads
Posted: Jan 25, 2016 Written by: profi

For casual users a mouse pad is not something special. Same time, gamers are paying a huge attention to the pads.

MSI company, along with gaming mouse Interceptor DS100, has provided two mouse pads for review: Sistorm and Thunderstorm.

Review of MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse
Posted: Jan 5, 2016 Written by: profi

MSI company is well known for its desktops, laptops, motherboards, graphic cards and other “heavy artillery" of the computer world. In addition, the company manufactures gaming devices such as mice, keyboards, mousepads.

Review of SteelSeries Apex M800
Posted: Nov 3, 2015 Written by: profi

I'm a fan of mechanical keyboards. Despite the fact that I wrote a pretty big number of reviews for keyboards, I'm not losing a chance to write another one. All this time I thought that “mechanical keyboard" and “low-profile" are incompatible concepts, but SteelSeries brought to market Apex M800.

Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL review
Posted: Mar 29, 2015 Written by: profi

I was given an opportunity to review the keyboard from Cooler Master called NovaTouch TKL. What makes this keyboard different? It comes with hybrid capacitive switches also known as Topre switches. This type of switches is quite new in comparison with mechanical or membrane keyboards. Moreover, NovaTouch TKL is unique keyboard due to fact that it's the only keyboard with Cherry MX compatible stem.

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