PrakM back in action
Posted: Apr 28, 2022 Written by: do_0h

A new Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team on the Australian scene was presented.

The new team is made out of some well known players from their region.

The announcement was made by a retired player, the former Australia Team Immunity player, Australia Montheara 'prakM' Prak, he tweeted:

" Excited to start playing @CSGO again with an amazing bunch of blokes.

Will be competing in up-coming competitions.

As for now will be playing under "Looking For Orgre", happy to see any Organisation offers however. @LlamasCS , @HUGHMUNGUScs , @minniio_o & @MaykerxD #StayTuned. "

So as the announcement states, the team is on a loojout for an organization to represent, for the time being the team will be called Looking for orgre:

  • Australia Ben 'minnii' Scrogie
  • Australia Daryl 'Mayker' May
  • Australia Montheara 'prakM' Prak
  • Australia Luke 'Llamas' Merchant
  • Australia Hugh 'HUGHMUNGUS' Anderson
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