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Posted: Jun 23, 2022 Written by: do_0h

After just at the start of the week, the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Denmark Heroic Gaming announced that the team cut off Denmark Ismail 'refrezh' Ali, today the managers of the roster announced the addition of their new "fifth".

The managers secured the sign of Denmark Jakob 'Jabbi' Nygaard from the Copenhagen Flames roster, where he was innactive.

The announcement came on the official website of the roster, there the newly added player, Jabbi wrote:

"I am delighted to join Heroic. It is a huge opportunity for me to become a part of this team.

It is a team that plays exciting CS while consistently being in the top 5.

I am looking forward to proving myself and showing that I can help take Heroic even further.

It will be an exciting new journey, and Heroic is the perfect place for me to continue my development.

I also know a lot of the players in the team – they are great guys."

At the same time, the Head of eSports Operations, Denmark Oliver Valsgaard had this to say:

"With Jakob, we are getting one of the most promising young players in Denmark. He is 18 years old and has already performed at two CS:GO Majors. He is very mature for his age, communicates well, and he can aim.

Many people will probably question making a change on a team that has been performing consistently in the top 10, but at Heroic we are willing to risk something very good at the chance to become the very best.

The core of this team is young and very talented, and with our strong leadership and performance team around them, we believe they will be among the best teams in the world for many years to come."

So with this in mind, the new CS:GO teams for the two organizations are as follows:

For the Heroic Gaming organiztion:

  • Denmark Rasmus 'Sjuush' Beck
  • Denmark Martin 'stavn' Lund
  • Denmark Rene 'TeSeS' Madsen
  • Denmark Jakob 'Jabbi' Nygaard
  • Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Moller (C)
  • Denmark Ismail 'refrezh' Ali (innactive)
  • Sweden Richard 'Xizt' Landstrom (analyst/coach)

While Denmark Copenhagen Flames now is:

  • Denmark Rasmus 'HooXi' Nielsen (innactive)
  • Denmark Rasmus 'Zyphon' Nordfoss (innactive)

The Denmark Copenhagen Flames.fe:

  • Denmark Josefine 'Josefine' Jensen
  • Denmark Anna 'ramziiN' Ramsing
  • Denmark Anna 'AGR' Rais
  • Sweden Jennica 'JNK' Sjogren
  • Sweden Tilde '7licious' Bystrom
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