Evil Geniuses release coaches and analyst
Posted: May 11, 2022 Written by: do_0h

The North American based organization, United States Evil Geniuses has decided to release their technical team from the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster.

So with this decision a total of three members departed the North American organization, one of them is in innactive status, namely the former coach, France Damien 'maLeK' Marcel.

At the same time, the assistant coach France Paolo 'EVY' Berbudeau and the analystSpain Juan 'Hepa' Borges were released entirely out of the organization.

The announcement of the move came on the twitter page of the team, there managers posted:

"Evil Geniuses is commited to the success of this team and will continue to make the necessary moves to help our players challenge the world's best CS:GO teams on the biggest stages.

It's no secret that performances have not met the expectations since the start of the year. Because of that we've made the tough decision to move CS:GO head coach France Damien 'maLeK' Marcel to a non active role and have granted him permission to begin exploring new options for his career.

We have also parted ways with assistant coach France Paolo 'EVY' Berbudeau and analyst Spain Juan 'Hepa' Borges and thank them for their hard work during their time with Evil Geniuses.

We are excited to start fresh by finding a new coaching staff that is alligned with Evil Geniuse's goals and systems and is the right fit to bring the best from this roster.

Stay tuned for mor information on the next chapter of CS:GO at Evil Geniuses in the coming weeks."

So with this the move of those released is uncertain while United States Evil Geniuses still has the following CS:GO team:

  • United States Vincent 'Brehze Cayonte
  • United States Jake 'Stewie2k' Yip
  • United States Timothy 'autimatic' Ta
  • United States Will 'RUSH' Wierzba
  • Bulgaria Cvetelin 'CeRq' Dimitrov
  • France Damien 'maLeK' Marcel (innactive coach)
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