cowana Gaming cease operations
Posted: Dec 7, 2022 Written by: do_0h

It seems the international crises strikes the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive scene also, the German based organization, Germany cowana Gaming announced the cease of the operation today.

The official statement came on twitter, where management of the organization wrote:

" Hello dear community, In this statement we would like to inform you about the future of Cowana gaming. First of all, we would like to thank all the players, sponsors and of course the community, who have made possible an incredible time with unique experiences, moments of sadness and joy.

We managed to play in various titles in the highest national league in a very short time. We had the honor of advancing to the Pro League in Rainbow Six and competing with the best of the best. Our CSGO team got to battle it out for the top spot in ESLM and 99Damage league with Sprout, BIG AC as well as Attax :)

We are more than grateful to everyone who helped us on our way with contacts and tips. Also all the news portals that always kept our fans up to date. Special thanks to all our employees who worked on the Cowana gaming project - without you we would not have made it. We would like to say thank you for this very special journey.

For the first 2 years of Cowana Gaming we have always tried to be one of the top places to go for players, staff and creators and we have succeeded. Unfortunately, we also felt the effects of the international crises and a large part of our business was no longer executable.

The protracted nature of these circumstances has led us to decide to discontinue the trip at the end of the year. We will make sure that any outstanding balances are paid by the end of the year. As of this post, all existing players, managers, and co. are free to move at any time without a transfer fee. Our contracts run until the end of the year, but everyone is free to leave early.

We would like to apologize from the bottom of our hearts and we hope that you, our community, understand our decision and maybe we can make a clean cut. We hope with this transparent statement, to be remembered a little better, we want to communicate it openly with you towards and not just disappear from the scene. Thus, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and much health and success on your future path. "

At the time of the close, Germany cowana Gaming was:

  • Hungary Adam 'koloRRR' Domoszlay
  • Germany Denis 'denis' Howel
  • Germany Timo 'Spidii' Richter
  • Germany Kevin 'KRYSTAL' Amend (C)
  • Germany Stefan 'stfN' Seier
  • Poland Mariusz 'Loord' Cybulski (coach)

Now all these players ar on the transfer list.

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