Apeks lose two
Posted: Jul 21, 2022 Written by: do_0h

The European based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team homed by European Union Apeks announced changes within their ranks.

The announcement came on the twitter page of the team, there management posted:

"After thorough evaluation, everyone has agreed that changes are needed in the team. Asger 'AcillioN' Larsen and Hugo 'chawzyyy' Gunther will be benched from our roster during the summer break.

We are actively looking for replacements."

At the same time, Denmark Anders 'aNdz' Kjaer, team Head of eSports had this to say:

"It's a pity that we ended up here, but together with the players we have decided that changes are necessary. We simply ended up having the wrong composition of players.

The results have not been on par with what we expected.

We have learned much from the last six months and feel confident that this is the best way forward for everyone."

As for the future of the innactive players, their future is uncertain for the time being.

With this, European Union Apeks is left with:

  • Sweden Tim 'nawwk' Jonasson
  • Norway Joakim 'jkaem' Myrbostad
  • Slovakia Martyn 'STYKO' Styk
  • Denmark Asger 'AcillioN' Larsen (innactive)
  • Sweden Hugo 'chawzyyy' Gunther (innactive)
  • Norway Pal 'Polly' Kammen (coach)
  • Norway Halvor 'vENdetta' Gulesto (analyst)

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