Alternate aTTaX drop CS:GO roster
Posted: Dec 21, 2022 Written by: do_0h

It has come to the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive scene that the guys behind the German based organization, Germany Alternate aTTaX have droped their CS:GO roster.

The announcement came via a tweet from one of the players, Germany Max 'PANIX' Hangebruch whom on his twitter page wrote:

"Don´t know where to start really... News came out of nowhere last week, attax dropped us so i´m looking for a new team for next year.

Personally for me we didn´t reach the goals i had in mind with this team but i think we still showed good progress after some months of problems. I really enjoyed the time with the team, we made some cool memories and it felt like playing with a group of friend trying to achieve the same goal.

I felt like i could improve alot as a player mostly teammate in this team and take more responsibility.

I know that i still didn´t reach my full potential and i´m really motivated to reach that! Open to play everywhere and fulltime. If you want to know more just text me on twitter or steam.

TY <3 @FreeZe_csgo @awzekCSGO @PerX1337 @pdy_csgo @officialxenn."

The future of the roster as the future of the organization is for the time being uncertain, at the time of the release, Germany Alternate aTTaX had:

  • Greece Michalis 'awzek' Napoloni
  • Germany Paul 'PerX' von Erdmannsdorff
  • Germany Max 'PANIX' Hangebruch
  • Germany Patrick 'pdy' Merken
  • Germany Lukas 'FreeZe' Hegmann (C)
  • Germany Sebastian 'xenn' Hoch (coach)

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