Review of MSI Sistorm and Thunderstorm gaming pads
Posted: Jan 25, 2016 Written by: profi

For casual users a mouse pad is not something special. Same time, gamers are paying a huge attention to the pads.

MSI company, along with gaming mouse Interceptor DS100, has provided two mouse pads for review: Sistorm and Thunderstorm.


  • Surface: Water Repellent 100% polyester cloth surface
  • Base: Anti-slip silicon
  • Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 2mm
  • Weight: 242g


  • Design: L-shape, Dual-sided design
  • Two-sided surface: Anodized aluminum, hard plastic polymer
  • Dimensions: 320 x 225 x 2mm
  • Weight: 386g


The box of MSI Sistorm is made from thick cardboard and has a branded color. By overviewing its surface, we can imagine the shape of pad, which is different from the traditional rectangle.

On the backside, there is a detailed description of the main features.

The box can be unopened as a classic envelope. The design is eye-catchy due to prolonged corners.

There is a corporate logo in the bottom-left corner. The logo of MSI's gaming division is placed in upper-right side.

The backside of the MSI Sistorm was made from the non-slide silicon material. The pad is absolutely motionless. Even the logo has been pressed in for avoiding any kind of interfere with its non-slip properties.

The pad has medium dimensions which should fit to majority of gamers. It has a texturized surface which mostly fits to the gamers playing with low/medium sensitivity.


The box itself says that the aluminum pad MSI Thunderstorm is the whole new level - more dense materials used for packing, a stylish carrying handle, and elegant design.

The description of the main features can be found on the backside. The technical specifications are provided in several languages.

By opening the box, the design instantly attracts our attention. It has a “L-shape" design.

Besides the pad itself, Thunderstorm is packed with Teflon mouse feet, short instruction how to use Teflon feet and a piece of cleaning material.

As it was mentioned above, pad has L-shape, and its practical benefit will be described below. “Corporate dragon" is drawn almost on the entire surface.

The corners have a special silicon clips. Due to fact that the pad is double-sided, the clips are double-sided too.

The opposite side is made from hard plastic-polymer material. This side is recommended for those who prefer “speed" over the “control".


If you prefer to work/play on fabric pads, especially if you play with low/medium sensitivity, then you should give a try to MSI Sistorm because its textured surface is more focused on control and preciseness rather than on speed.

The silicon substrate makes the pad absolutely motionless on any surface.

Also, don't forget about its water repellent properties, so it's washable which is another pro.

The design of this pad is non-standard. On the one hand, that prolonged corner slightly reduces useful area, but on the other hand, this design became recognizable.


This pad attracts attention straight from the box. It could be a perfect gift for either casual user or hardcore gamer.

Special thanks to the manufacturer for the package content which includes Teflon mouse feet and special cloth for cleaning.

I didn't find any issues while working/playing on it. If you are a fan of aluminum pads, then definitely you will be happy with MSI Thunderstorm, especially due to its double-sided properties.

The L-shape design has a practical benefit too. Many are using pads under an angle and such design allows to dock the pad to keyboard in a most elegant way.


I didn't find any single issue while working and playing on these MSI pads. If you are fine with the surface material and design, then you won't be disappointed. Of course, don't forget about physical dimensions to make sure you have enough space on your table.

MSI Sistorm


  • Excellent build materials
  • Non-standard design
  • Water Repellent
  • Non-slip substrate


  • None

MSI Thunderstorm


  • Great package and its content
  • Excellent build materials
  • Non-standard design with L-shape form
  • Water Repellent


  • None
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