Review of MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse
Posted: Jan 5, 2016 Written by: profi

MSI company is well known for its desktops, laptops, motherboards, graphic cards and other “heavy artillery" of the computer world. In addition, the company manufactures gaming devices such as mice, keyboards, mousepads.

I was fortunate to get a gaming mouse MSI Interceptor DS100 for review. Due to fact that I have never reviewed MSI's products before, it doubled my interest to test it out.


  • USB Interface with Laser Tracking
  • 3,500/1,600/800/400 DPI
  • 6 Backlight Colors
  • 7 Programmable Buttons
  • Gold-plated Connector
  • Braided Wire
  • Anti-slip Coating


The mouse is packed in a compact box with a brand-colored design. On the front of the box manufacturer decided to highlight DPI resolution and laser sensor.

More details can be found on the backside: specifications, system requirements and key features of the gaming mouse.

The box opens vertically. The mouse itself is placed under the transparent plastic cover. Actually, you can check design and shape of the DS100 without unpacking the box fully.

Inside the box you can find User's Guide, disc with software and even additional Teflon mouse feet. Honestly, it's a first time in my experience when the mouse glides were included in the package.


MSI DS100 has a symmetric shape, and because of this can be used by both left and right-handed users. On top of the mouse, besides the default mouse wheel, there are two buttons that operate as DPI-level switch by default. Of course, you can reassign these buttons to any other function via software. Also, there is a logo of MSI company which has a backlight (in case of activation).

On the left side, there are DPI indicator, two side-buttons and a backlight zone. Interesting to note, that side-buttons have a different surface for avoiding miss-clicks. Awesome!

There are no buttons on the right-side; however, DPI indicator and backlit zones are available.

On the bottom-side of the mouse, besides the general information such as serial and model number, there is a hardware button for switching the modes. By this, after initial setup of profiles and modes, computer will not be necessary for switching either mode or profile.

The cable is braided and connector is gold-plated.


Despite having disc available, it's always better to download the software from the official website, for making sure that you're using the latest version. The installation process is exactly the same as for any other app within Windows operating system.

We can reassign all the buttons from the main windows of the software. Just click on required button and assign any other functionality, shortcut or macro-command. Certainly, for each profile you can use different assignments. Moreover, mouse support two modes with five profiles in each, so in sum you can keep up to 10 profiles in DS100's memory.

In Sensitivity tab, which you can find on the right side of the software, you can adjust DPI resolution of MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse. You can adjust X/Y-axis setting independently, if you wish to. Mouse holds up to 4 DPI levels.

In Advanced tab you can adjust the polling rate. The mouse supports 125, 250, 500 and 1000 Hz. In the same tab you can select preferred backlit color, brightness level or turn it off entirely. And again, each parameter can vary for each profile.

In the last tab System Settings, you can tune-up the speed of double-click, pointer and scroll. Also, pay attention to Test Area functionality. You can test the different settings of this tab before saving in mouse's memory.

As other professional gaming mice, DS100 supports the macro-commands. The pauses between pressed buttons can be recorded in real-time and assigned with default fixed interval. Also, you can set number of loops for each command.

Generally speaking, the software of MSI DS100 is easy to learn and use. It looks simple, but has all main features and functions which will fit to both gaming and regular users.


I've tested this mouse for quite a long time in both games and routine tasks, and didn't face with any problem or glitch with it. The build quality is excellent. I liked the coating surface of the mouse. Besides the tactile pleasure, such surface helps to seize the mouse even with sweat palm.

The mouse has the average size. The weight is not adjustable, which is pretty common for budget category of gaming mice.

The software is not complicated and you can learn how to use it without turning to any guide. I didn't find any glitch while working with software as well. The only disadvantage which I found is that there is no function for auto-activating the profile based on launched software or game.

The backlit will make all “wow-effect" lovers happy. Also, backlight could help to determine the active profile, of course if you set the different color for each profile.

The backlight of DPI-switch buttons are not adjustable and always red.

I would like to note the package of MSI Interceptor DS100 Gaming Mouse. It's really great that MSI decided to add the glides into package. Especially due to fact that mouse is in a budget category.

If you are looking for some affordable, but a good gaming mouse, then pay attention to MSI Interceptor DS100. It won't disappoint you.


  • Great build and materials quality
  • Backlit
  • Hardware button for switching the modes
  • Glides in a package
  • Braided cable
  • Low price


  • Lack of auto-switch profile based on launched game or app
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