Review of Fnatic FLICK mouse and Fnatic BOOST mousepad
Posted: May 15, 2016 Written by: profi

After reviewing of Fnatic RUSH keyboard, it's time to test out the Fnatic's FLICK mouse and BOOST gaming pad. The role of the keyboard is important, however, the mouse plays the main role among all gamer's devices. The developers have to pay attention to many factors such as sensor, shape, button placements, used materials, etc..


  • Optical sensor: ADNS 3310
  • Processor: Holtek HT68FB560
  • Main switches: Omron
  • Resolution: 5000 CPI
  • Polling rate: up to 1000 Hz
  • Cord: braided (2 m) with Gold Plated USB connector
  • Dimensions: 168 x 126 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 90 g
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Surface material: Polycarbonate
  • Surface type: Control or Boost
  • BOOST M Dimensions: 280х214х2 mm
  • Weight: 111 g
  • Warranty: 2 year


The FLICK's box has the same white minimalistic design as the RUSH keyboard.

All key features of the mouse are described on the backside of the box. There is an accent that this model of mouse oriented for e-sports players and hardcore gamers.

We can open the box like a book, and overview the mouse in details without unpacking.

Inside the box there is the mouse and Quick Guide only.

The BOOST's box design has the same style. The front of the box shows the shape of the mouse, used surface material (CONTROL or BOOST) and its size (M, L, XL).

Traditionally, main features are described on opposite side.

By removing the cover, we can see the mouse pad itself.

Removing pad out of the box is an easy process due to special notch in upper-right corner.


The cable is braided for better durability and its connector is gold plated.

The mouse has a symmetric form. There is an additional button under the mouse wheel.

We can find two side buttons on the left side. Three CPI indicators are located above the side buttons, and they are visible in active mode only.

There are no additional buttons on the right side of the mouse, but it has CPI indicators.

Now let's talk about the mouse pad BOOST. There are two types of it. One is for “speed", and another one for better “control". They are names SPEED and CONTROL respectively. Besides the used surfaces, everything else is the same.

There is a Fnatic GEAR logo in lower-right corner.

The backside has a special rubberized material which makes the pad absolutely non-glide on any surface.

The pad is very thin and slightly thicker than paper.

Both devices look awesome in combination.


The software of Fnatic RUSH didn't impress a lot. Let's test out the software for FLICK.

The installation was very easy and without any single issue. In header of the app, you can find your version of Software and Firmware. In one row bottom, we can setup 3 profiles, save or restore the settings.

In Basic Settings tab, we can set a required level of CPI. We can set up to 3 different CPI levels per profile. Besides CPI, from the same tab we can adjust global sensitivity settings as well as mouse wheel scroll speed. In addition, we can set a desired polling rate which can be either 125, 250, 500, 1000.

The next tab is Button Assignments. The tab name says on its own. Here we can reassign the mouse buttons or reset settings by default.

The mouse wheel has a backlight, which can be adjusted from the Color Settings window. We can select color, mode, and brightness level or disable the backlight entirely.

If you need to assign a combination of keys to one mouse button, then Macro Recorder tool is at your service. Just press “rec", press required buttons, and click Save. Now you can assign recorded macro-command to any button. Unfortunately, there is no option to edit recorded command and adjust the interval of pressed keys.


As mentioned in the beginning of the review, while other gaming devices are important, the mouse is playing the key role, and the experience of fnatic's players is shining right here. The professional gamers better know which shape of the mouse is most optimal; where additional buttons should be placed; which surface is preferable, etc..

During the testing period, I didn't face with any problem with the mouse. Everything worked perfectly while playing or doing a routine job. The mouse got a pleasant to touch material and there is no discomfort even after longest gaming sessions.

There is no problem with software too. User-friendly interface allows to work with app without reading the manual.

The quality of backlight is quite good.

I tested the mouse in combination with the pad BOOST CONTROL, and didn't find any problem with it. If you're a fan of hard but thin gaming pads, BOOST shouldn't disappoint you.

In general, the debut of Fnatic in the hardware market is successful. Their products are competing with the old players in this market straight from the start. It's very interesting to follow for evolution of Fnatic's products in this area.

Pros of Fnatic FLICK:

  • Excellent sensor and build materials
  • Used experience of Fnatic e-sports players in the development process
  • Backlit
  • Braided cable with gold-plated connector


  • Lack of auto-switch profile based on launched game or program

Pros of Fnatic BOOST CONTROL:

  • Excellent build materials
  • Practical shape
  • Special non-glide backside


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