esea invite 2013 formatOrganizers behind USA ESEA have revealed the format of upcoming USA ESEA Invite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event where top 4 teams from North America will fight against 4 best teams of Europe.

As on previous seasons, event will kick off directly from play-off stage with Best-of-3 Double Elimination format. For seeding the teams, before the main event there will be a show-match between top stars of NA and EU, and winner of the match will provide 1, 3, 5, 7 ranks for respective continent. Participants of the show-match will be determined via polls among community. Team with higher seed could select either map or side.

Prize purse of ESEA Invite LAN Finals is equal to $36,000 and will be distributted in following order:

1. - $17,500
2. - $7,000
3. - $4,000
4. - $2,500
5/8. - $1,500 each

The exact place where event will be contducted is not revealed yet, but seems as before it will be in Dallas, USA. 

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