x-kom team and innactive players part ways
Posted: Dec 3, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Polish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Poland x-kom Team and the innactive players they housed parted ways.

The three players that were innactive within the roster were released today.

The announcement was made on the Polish based eSports news website, eweszlo.pl where a post for each and every player was made, it seems that the managers were not pleased with the way the ream runned with the three players.

One of the players, Poland Krzysztof 'stark' Lewandrowski wrote:

"On the first of December my contract with the organization x-kom team ends. I filled out the whole period of the contract, which I agreed to, signing the papers at the beginning of the cooperation.

Now I am going to change the environment to a foreign backyard, although I am also open to offers from Polish teams."

The same time, Poland Michal 'SOON' Wojcicki said:

"I would like to return to the top 3 of Poland again."

While last, but not least the third player, Poland Wiktor 'mynio' Kruk on his official twitter page wrote:

"Thank you to the organization and players, because after all the atmosphere in the team was mega."

As for the players the future is unclear, the Poland x-kom Team now has the following five man roster:

  • Poland Krzysztof 'Goofy' Gorski
  • Poland Daniel 'STOMP' Plominski
  • Poland Oskar 'oskarish' Stenborowski
  • Poland Michal 'mono' Gabszewicz
  • Poland Grzegorz 'jedqr' Jedras
  • Poland Patryk 'Patitek' Fabrowski (benched)
  • Poland Adrian 'IMD' Pieper (coach)

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