Clou9 bench woxic
Posted: Jan 7, 2021 Written by: do_0h

After just three months of activity, the Turkish AWP-er, Turkey Ozgur 'woxic' Eker, former European Union mousesports and now United StatesEuropean Union Cloud9 member was placed by his organization on the bench.

The decision comes as stated above after just three months since the player joined the team.

This is another blow for the team as just at the end of last year they have lost the team coach Serbia Aleksandar 'kassad' Trifunovic due to some problems with the team Captain, United Kingdom Alex 'ALEX' McMeekin.

The reason behind the bench is uncertain for the time being, and strange if we take in consideration the amount of cash that the team spend just three months ago to bring him in, a total of $1400000 in real MONEY.

There are rummours that the place of the Turkish AWP-er will be taken by former Chaos player, United States Erick 'Xeppaa' Bach

For the time being, the luckluster team of United StatesEuropean UnionCloud 9 looks as follows:

  • United States Ricky 'Fl0ppy' Kemery
  • United Kingdom Alex 'ALEX' McMeekin (C)
  • United Kingdom William 'mezii' Merriman
  • Denmark Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
  • Turkey Ozgur 'woxic' Eker (benched)
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