WESG 2019 Ukraine details
Posted: Sep 12, 2018 Written by: do_0h

Te guys behind StarLadder have revealed the details of the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Qualifier for the Ukraine WESG 2019 in Ukraine.

Ukraine will have two Qualifiers starting on 14'th of November till 17'th of November 2018 and 19'th of November till 22'nd of November 2018.

Both Qualifiers will feature Single Elimination Bracket with a Bo3 final in the Bracket.

The two teams that will win the Qualifiers will advance to the Ukraine WESG Regional Final that will run from 21'st of December till 23'rd of December 2018 in Ukraine Kiev, Ukraine.

At this stage the two winners will be joined by invited teams that are due to be announced, the winner of this Regional Final will be handed a spot at the World Electronics Sports Game 2019.

Any team can join the Ukraine Qualifiers by attending this page https://starladder.com/en/wesg2018, registration is open from 12'th of September 2018 till 14'th of November 2018.

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