Team Vitality wins Esports Championship Series Season 7
Posted: Jun 10, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The French team France Vitality has managed to win the United Kingdom Electronic Championship Series Season 7 as the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team No.1 in the French scene managed to secure a win over the Brazilian side of Brazil FURIA eSports.

The final game saw an easy win with a [2-0] win on de_inferno (16:9) and de_overpass (16:4).

The Brazilian side was the surprise of the event as they managed to secure back to back wins over Denmark Team Astralis.

With the win, France Vitality managed to grab a total of $225000 in cash prize and their first big title.

Remind you that a total of eight team fought each other at the United Kingdom SSE Arena, Wembley, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom.

The event was broadcasted by:

  • United States Sue 'Smix' Lee - (stage host)
  • United Kingdom Freya 'Freya' Spiers - (desk host)
  • Norway Halvor 'vENdetta' Gulesto - (analyst)
  • Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' Quiquerez - (analyst)
  • Denmark Jacob 'pimp' Winneche - (analyst)
  • Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill - (analyst)
  • United Kingdom Daniel 'ddk' Kapadia - (caster)
  • United Kingdom James 'JZFB' Bardolph - (caster)
  • United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer - (caster)
  • Denmark Anders Blume - (caster)
  • United Kingdom Conor 'Sliggy' Blomfield - (in game observer)
  • United Kingdom Jake 'jak3y' Elton - (in game observer)

The event also featured a showmatch between United States Team United Kingdom and European UnionUnited States Team The Rest of the World that ended [1-1]

Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. France Team Vitality - $225000
  • 2'nd. Brazil FURIA eSports - $100000
  • 3'rd./4'th. Denmark Team North, United States NRG eSports - $50000 each
  • 5'th./6'th. Denmark Team Astralis, United States compLexity Gaming - $25000 each
  • 7'th./8'th. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas, Brazil Made in Brazil - $12500 each
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