VeXed Gaming add WiPR as analyst
Posted: Mar 15, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The French based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, France VeXed Gaming has announced changes in their CS:GO team.

The new addition is France Renaud 'WiPR' Malfait whom will fill in the analyst role in the team.

The announcement was made by the new team via a post over at their official website where it is stated by the new analyst himself:

Recently I missed the opportunity to work as an analyst for one of the best European team.

Until then I was only producing analysis videos about CS:GO and casting some matches once in a while, and that little missed opportunity just “clicked" in my head:from being a simple spectator.

I could become a real actor within the scene by proposing my services to a professional team. Immediately I thought of Vexed Gaming who was engaged in different leagues such as ESEA Premier and I decided to contact NpK who was back then coach of the team.

One thing leading to another, my proposal seduced them and that's how I now have the opportunity to work with their CSGO roster."

With this new addition, the roster for France VeXed Gaming is:

  • France Steve 'jarod' Cohen
  • Pedro 'Allum3tt3' Morais
  • France Leonard 'Smily' Michelino
  • Belgium Victor roombang' Henkinet
  • Belgium Pierre 'NpK' Henkinet
  • Algeria Sophien thyx' Felkaoui (ESEA stand-in)
  • France Renaud 'WiPR' Malfait (analyst)
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