Triumph Gaming is born
Posted: Sep 5, 2019 Written by: do_0h

Another Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team into United States of America is born today.

The team called United States Main AWP, a name that was used by the players, not an organization, is as of today housed by United States Triumph Gaming.

The team is rather unknown to the international scene so not much is known about it, even the local scene is in doubt for this line-up, the official announcement was made on the twitter page of the new organization.

There the managers of triumph gaming wrote:

"We're going global. Please welcome Triumph CS:GO. Huston - @HustonCSGO Obsidian - @Obs1dianCSGO Riku - @cjpriku Saiyo - @paulsaiyo Vek - @not_vek Coach @markalodon. "

So the new CS:GO team for United States Triumph Gaming, former United States Main AWP team now is:

  • United States Stephen 'Huston' Huston
  • United States Alex 'Obs1dian' Conrad
  • United States Paul 'saiyo' Saiyo
  • United States Chris 'riku' Piasecki
  • Canada Alex 'vek' Voynov
  • United States Mark 'markalodon' Rose (coach)

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