Tempo Storm sign two CS:GO teams
Posted: Aug 13, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The United States Tempo Storm organization, known for it's Hearthstone players, has entered the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive world.

The organization announced the addition of two CS:GO teams.

One of those team is the Brazil ex-PaiN Gaming team, the announcement being made by the organization via a post over at their official website. Where one of the Brazilian members, Brazil Lucas 'destinyy' Bullo stated:

" The most important tournament that I ever played in was the Americas Minor at Santa Ana, CA – I felt like that was the first step to put us out in the public eye and open doors for us in the United States.

Playing for Tempo Storm is such a good opportunity – the structure is amazing, and the history between Tempo Storm and Brazilian players is really good! Our main goal right now is to qualify for EPL and one day play at the Major."

At the same time the managers of the organization announced the addition of a Swedish based line-up on the same website, along side the statement of one player, namely, Sweden Linus 'Limpone' Wecksell whom was one of the members from Sweden HOMESENT and who stated:

" I'm super excited about forming an alliance with Tempo Storm.

Ever since the first phases of communication started with Hampus and Andrey (reynad), they've seemed super committed to the idea of having us develop under Tempo Storm.

We all share the same mindset and values, so I can't think of a better organization with which to start this journey."

So far the organization owner, UkraineUnited States Andrey 'reynad Yanyuk did not make any statement regarding this.

With this in mind, United States Tempo Storm now has the following CS:GO teams:

Team Brazil Tempo Storm.br:

  • Brazil Lucas 'destinyy' Bullo
  • Brazil Bruno 'shz' Martinelli
  • Brazil Denis 'dzt' Fischer (C)
  • Brazil Paulo 'land1n' Felipe (C)
  • Brazil Alef 'tataz1n' Pereira
  • Brazil Rodolfo 'bLecker' Blecker (coach)

Team Sweden Tempo Storm.se:

  • Sweden Linus 'Limpone' Wecksell (C)
  • Sweden Kristian 'KriLLe' Ekroth
  • Sweden Tobias 'Shadow' Flodstrom
  • Sweden Jakob 'Barken' Bark
  • Sweden Fredrik 'elo' Annerstrom
  • Sweden Hampus 'Shaabi' Johansson (coach)

While the departured Swedish based team, Sweden Team Rogue now has:

  • Sweden Kalle 'perzon' Persson
  • Sweden Kevin 'Kevve' Bohlin
  • Sweden Patrik 'powerputte' Perjons

While the big team is left with:

  • Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Moller (C)
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