Team Viral present new roster
Posted: May 13, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Swedish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of European Union Team Viral has a new roster.

After the Finnish based roster parted ways with the organization, and then being left with just Sweden Benjamin 'lolz1e' Borgman from their previous roster, the managers announced the new CS:GO team.

The team is build around the remaining player, Sweden lolz1e, he was joined by four other players to complete the five men team. The move was due to the team losing their second remaining player, Sweden Josef 'no1' Soderlind, with Sweden Linus 'LNZ' Holtang and Sweden Alexander 'Allelele' Aura as well as Sweden Casper 'bustaN' Bartoldsson allegedly sticking together in order to retain their United States ESEA spot.

The names are lesser known for the general public with the most prolific name being Sweden Isak 'Blandfers' Alexius, former player in Sweden Granit Gaming.

The new CS:GO team for Sweden Team Viral as announced on their official website where managers wrote:

"TeamViral is pleased to announce that we have finalised our CS:GO roster. We were left down to just Benjamin "lolz1e" Borgman, but we have now found four new players to complete the lineup.

Firstly, we have added Marcello "mazzo" de la Rivera Andersen. The young talent featured in ASUS ROG tournament earlier in the year, playing in the Swedish team.

We have also linked up with super young talent Kristopher "neevz" Hedlund. The 15-year-old is early into his CS:GO career but is earmarked as a future Swedish talent. Joining these two will be Isak "Blandfers" Alexius. He featured on GAMERZ in 2017 and played with ESEA Advanced's Granit Gaming until January of 2019.

Rounding out the roster is Casper "SHiNE" Wennerberg. The 17-year-old is a talented player, who has shone in ESEA Open and is ready to step up. With former players of TeamViral retaining ownership of the ESEA Main spot, we are unable to participate in Season 30.

We will, however, be participating in the next season of the WINNERS League and we have a spot in Fragbite's Division 1 for the next season.

The team will further be doing its best to qualify for the Svenska Eliteserien (Swedish Elite Series) CS:GO tournament through regional qualification methods.

The team will next be in action towards the end of the month, with further updates on our matches coming on Twitter.", is:

  • Sweden Benjamin 'lolz1e' Borgman
  • Sweden Isak 'Blandfers' Alexius
  • Sweden Marcello 'mazzo' de la Rivera Andersen
  • Sweden Casper 'SHiNE' Wennerberg
  • Sweden Kristopher 'neevz' Hedlund
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