Team Spirit sign academy team
Posted: Apr 13, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Russian organization, home of the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team known as Russian Federation Team Spirit has announced the addition of a secondary team.

The new team is an Academy roster based in the CIS region that up until now was known as Russian Federation ESPADA, with this the before mentioned team is no more.

Not much is known about the roster, as the team failed to make it's mark on the international scene. The announcement was made on the the page of the Russian Federation Team Spirit manager, Russian Federation Alexey 'OverDrive' Biryukov whom wrote:

"It was a long and interesting process. I have my own method of selecting a team, I need a distance, I need to understand not the current level of the player, but his potential.

This composition is my business card, its successes and failures will be primarily associated with me, so I think 10 times over each decision.

As a result, I gathered guys who are burning with the game, who still have shortcomings and mistakes, but they try every day to fix and develop everything.

In general, I am satisfied and confident in the good growth of players, both individually and in team terms."

With this, the new CS:GO rosters for the Russian Federation Team Spirit organization are:

The Main Russian Federation Team Spirit now is:

  • Russian Federation Dmitry 'S0tF1k' Forostyanko (C)
  • Russian Federation Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov
  • Russian Federation Artem 'iDISBALANCE' Egorov
  • Ukraine Pavel 'COLDY' Veklenko
  • Ukraine Victor 'somedieyoung' Orujov

While the Academy team now is:

  • Russian Federation Nikita 'Deffo' Sudakov
  • Russian Federation Abdul 'degster' Gasanov
  • Russian Federation Vladislav 'FinigaN' Usov
  • Russian Federation Mikhail 'tricky' Krutov (C)
  • Ukraine Vadim 'h1glaiN' Tanasuyk
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