Team Spirit change arch with somedieyoung
Posted: Jan 8, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The CIS based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, Russian FederationUkraine Team Spirit, has announced changes in their roster.

The latest addition, Ukraine Vladyslav 'arch' Svistov, whom joined the team in late October 2017 is now released from the squad.

The reason of the decision seems to be the fact that the team has had no important wins ever since the above mentioned player joined.

The young player, Ukraine Victor 'somedieyoung' Orujov or Ukraine SDY as he is known was the chosen player to take the vacant post left by the release of arch.

The announcement was made on the official website of the team, where Ukraine Ruslan 'Eddieh' Bugrin, the CEO of Russian FederationUkraine Team Spirit stated:

"With the arrival of Vlad in the team, we started playing quite well, selected for the LAN-finals of the SL i-League and got an invite in a minor. Nevertheless, after visiting two events and working for a while, we realized that the guys felt not very comfortable. The decision to replace it was not easy.

Having communicated with Vlad separately and the whole team together, we realized that now we can not continue playing in such a composition. Vlad is a very cool person and a good player and I want to wish him good luck in the future.

I am sure that he will continue his career and we will meet again in official matches. After discussing the possible options, we decided to take on the test young somedieyoung, which was very cool on the FPL.

During the time spent in the team, Victor managed to play some official matches with us - he showed himself well, proving that he deserved a place in the team. Somedieyoung very quickly develops and works a lot on his game.

Leaving for the New Year holidays, we already understood that Vitya was the player that the composition now needed. And today we are ready to announce this officially."

As for Ukraine arch, his future for the time being is unclear.

The new CS:GO team for Russian FederationUkraine Team Spirit is:

  • Russian Federation Dmitry 'S0tF1k' Forostyanko (C)
  • Russian Federation Vadim 'DavCost' Vasilyev
  • Russian Federation Dimitry 'Dima' Bandurka
  • Ukraine Pavel 'COLDY' Veklenko
  • Ukraine Victor 'somedieyoung' Orujov

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