Team Singularity lose two
Posted: Jan 6, 2021 Written by: do_0h

The Danish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Denmark Team Singularity loses two members from their roster.

The team housed by the Danish organization has lost Denmark Casper 'Celerate' Andersen and team captain, Denmark Tobias 'TOBIZ' Theo.

Both of them joined the ranks of the team almost a year ago, in Late January 2020, since then failing to have any impact on the team's results, as the last notable result of the roster dates back to Mid November 2019 with a 7-8'th finish in United States Electronic Sports League Pro League Season 10 - Americas, when the team was an almost North American roster.

The announcement of the move was made on the twitter page of the team, there managers wrote:

"Today we take our first steps towards our 2021 CS:GO roster, which unfortunately means that we have to say goodbye to @TOBIZcsgo and @Celrate, that have both been with us for a year and since we re-entered the Danish CS:GO scene. "

So with this in mind, ahead of the new season the Danish roster is left with:

  • Denmark Emil 'Remoy' Schlichte
  • Denmark Anton 'notaN' Pedersen
  • Denmark Oliver 'IceBerg' Berg (coach)

As for the two departed players, their future for the time being is uncertain

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