Team Property release CS:GO roster
Posted: Jul 10, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Swedish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team whom played for Sweden Team Property has parted ways with the organization.

The tier 3 team that failed to deliver important results was released by the managers, but it seems that the lack of results was to much.

The announcement was made by the managers via their official website where it is written:

" Today Team Property have decided to make a full roster change. We want to thank Limpone, Kevzy, Ericip, zinken and Jayzwalkingz for their time with us.

Our journey has been great and a lot of memories together since february when we first signed them.

The team has been working hard to achieve top results but unfortunately in the end our goals and visions doesnt match with their.

We wish all the players the best of luck in their future plans. We will soon be back with an update regarding our future plans for CSGO. "

As for the players their future is unclear for the time being, some of them like Sweden Linus 'Limpone' Wecksell stated on his official twitter page that for the time being he will keep streaming.

Others like Sweden David 'Jayzwalkingz' Kempner stated that they will remain as a team and are searching for a team to represent in European Union MDL Season 28.

At the time of the release, Sweden Team Property was:

  • Sweden Linus 'Limpone' Wecksell
  • Sweden David 'Jayzwalkingz' Kempner
  • Sweden Eric 'Ericip' Torsson
  • Sweden Gustav 'ZINKEN' Bjork
  • Sweden Kevin 'kevzy Nilsson
  • Sweden Alexander 'rdl' Redl (coach)

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