Team oNe sign, NikoM
Posted: May 13, 2018 Written by: do_0h

Moments ago, the Brazilian based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Brazil Team oNe announced the addition of the Argentinian player, Argentina Nicolas 'NikoM' Miozzi as their new fifth.

The announcement was made on the official twitter page of the team.

The managers of the team wrote:

"Welcome brother: the argentinian will be our 5th player! Now more than ever Brazil and Argentina will be side by side!", followed by a picture of the new player.

Need to mention that the ne addition has in the past most notably played for Argentina Isurus Gaming.

This makes for the following five man roster in Brazil Team oNe:

  • Brazil Pedro 'Maluk3' Campos
  • Brazil Victor 'iDk' Torraca
  • Brazil Alencar 'trk' Rossato
  • Brazil Jean Michel 'mch' D'Oliveira (C)
  • Argentina Nicolas 'NikoM' Miozzi
  • Brazil Olavo 'cky' Napoleao (coach)
  • Brazil Rafael 'pava' Pavanelli (streamer)
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