Team Liquid wins ESL One Cologne 2019
Posted: Jul 7, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The final game of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive at the Germany Lanxess-Arena, Cologne, Germany for Germany Electronic Sports League One Cologne 2019 has ended with the favorite, United States Team Liquid taking on the French team of France Team Vitality.

The final game was an one way affair as Liquid took it home with a [3-1] win that could have gone [3-0] on de_overpass (16:6), de_dust2 (17:19), de_inferno (16:10) and de_mirage (16:7).

With the win, United States Team Liquid not only takes home the trophy and the $125000 in cash prize but it became the second team to win the European Union Intel Grand Slam and the $1000000 in cash prize after Denmark Team Astralis did so last year.

This culminates with a long year that saw United States Liquid grow as a team and organization in terms of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. Just a reminder at the 2018 edition, United StatesCanadaBrazil Team Liquid at that time a mix of Canadian-United States of America and Brazilian players ended the event dead last.

Their long time nemesis, Denmark Team Astralis was defeated by France Team Vitality in the Semifinal.

The event was broadcasted by:

  • United Kingdom Oliver James Borg 'OJ Borg' D'Anastasi - (stage host)
  • United Kingdom Alex 'Machine' Richardson - (desk host)
  • United States Tres 'stunna' Saranthus - (interviewer)
  • Australia Chad 'SPUNJ' Burchill - (analyst)
  • United Kingdom Duncan 'Thorin' Shields - (analyst)
  • Denmark Jacob 'pimp' Winneche - (analyst)
  • United Kingdom Henry 'HenryG' Greer - (caster)
  • Canada Matthew 'Sadokist' Trivett - (caster)
  • United States Jason 'Moses' O'Toole - (caster)
  • Denmark Anders Blume - (caster)
  • United Kingdom Adam 'Dinko' Hawthorne - (secondary caster)
  • United Kingdom Alex 'Hawka' Hawkins - (secondary caster)
  • United Kingdom Jack 'Jacky' Peters - (secondary caster)
  • United Kingdom Benjamin 'esio' Doughty - (secondary caster)
  • United Kingdom Jake 'jak3y' Elton - (in game observer)
  • United Kingdom Alex 'Rushly Rush - (in-game observer)
  • United Kingdom Jake 'zarx' Karakouzian - (secondary in-game observer)

Final prize distribution:

  • 1'st. United States Team Liquid- $125000
  • 2'nd. France Team Vitality - $50000
  • 3'rd./4'th. Denmark Astralis, Russian Federation Natus Vincere - $22000 each
  • 5'th./6'th. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas, United States NRG eSports - $11000 each
  • 7'th./8'th. , European Union mousesports, Denmark Heroic Gaming- $7500 each
  • 9'th/12'th. European Union FaZe Clan, Brazil FURIA eSports, Germany BIG, Sweden fnatic - $6000 each
  • 13'th/16'th. Korea - Republic of MVP.Pk, Australia LA Renegades, Brazil MiBR, Finland ENCE eSports - $5500 each
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