Team Finest make changes
Posted: Sep 15, 2021 Written by: do_0h

The European Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, European Union Team Finest has made changes within their roster.

The roster was revamped with three new faces while the ever stand-in, Estonia Kristjan 'FejtZ' Allsaar departed the roster.

The announcement was made on the twitter page of the team, there managers wrote:

"Today, we bid farewell to one of our CSGO Veterans, @fejtZ1 Kristjan has been with us for a year, and we'd like to thank him for his time under the Finest banner.

We wish the best for you and hope you go on lots of adventure! You always will be a part of the Finest FAM! "

In the place of the Estonian, three new faces arrived in order to make for a complete line-up, these new faces are: Sweden Rasmus 'kreaz' Johansson, Sweden Robin 'robiin' Sjogren and Estonia Kristjan 'shokz' Jakobson, making for the following roster under the European Union Team Finest flag:

  • Israel Guy 'anarkez' Trachtman
  • Bulgaria Martin 'mar' Kuyumdjiev
  • Sweden Rasmus 'kreaz' Johansson
  • Sweden Robin 'robiin' Sjogren
  • Estonia Kristjan 'shokz' Jakobson

The future of Estonia Kristjan 'FejtZ' Allsaar is ucnertain for the time being.

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