Sprout release zehN
Posted: Feb 5, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The European based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Germany Sprout has announced the release of their Finnish player, Finland Jesse 'zehN' Linjala.

The announcement was made in the aftermat of the recenlty passed Major, where his team failed to impress.

The official statement regarding the release was made by the team via their official socialization page where it is written:

"Today we thank you @zehncsgo and say goodbye. We had a great time. Proud to have played with you, mate."

At the same time, Finland zehN had this to say:

"Exactly one year ago i started to play for international team, learned so much from all players involved in my teams. Cant never thank enough for all players and organisations i've been with. Met the best players and biggest persons in esports community, was really nice year.

So from this day on i will be free agent and i am looking for serious offers, cheers for all who spectated my journey so far! retweets are appriciated."

So far his future move is unclear, as for the team he parted ways, it seems that Denmark Niels Christian 'NaToSaphiX' Morh Sillassen from Denmark LPSP! will be the new fifth in Germany Sprout.

So far the new CS:GO team for Germany Sporut is:

  • Germany Kevin 'KRYSTAL' Amend
  • Germany Timo 'Spidii' Richter
  • Germany Denis 'denis' Howel
  • Poland Pawel 'innocent' Mocek
  • Denmark Niels Christian 'NaToSaphiX' Morh Sillassen (stand-in?)
  • Germany Tobias 'tow b' Herberhold (coach)

While Denmark LPSP! is left with:

  • Denmark Danni 'smF' Dyg
  • Denmark Christian 'rezex' Edward Bjerregaard
  • Denmark Jonas 'netrick' Wenzelsen
  • Denmark Martin 'PERCY' Wessel

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