Sissi State Punks lose three
Posted: Dec 8, 2021 Written by: do_0h

The German based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster, Germany Sissi State Punks has lost three members from their team. The three are two players and their coach, Germany Tobias 'sha' Bengsen.

The announcement of the move came on the official twitter page of the three that left, the coach sha wrote:

" After the turbulent season at the @SissiStatePunks , My contract ends and I'm #LFT -Open for Offers as a coach or analyst. DE / INT Thank you for the time we spent together. "

At the same time the two players that left also posted tweets, Germany Enrico 'DreaM-" Wolf posted:

" After yesterday's last esea game of the season with Sissi State Punks, I am a free Agent now.

I wanna thank Sissi State Punks for this great year despite some up and downs, I still had a lot of fun and the org did a good job to make everything as uncomplicated as possible for the players and I'm sure we'll meet again.

With that being said, I am looking to develop myself as a player more and I'm looking for new challenges in 2022.

I'm extremely motivated and bring a lot of time with me. I'm preferably looking for a position as an AWPer since I want to go back to it.

But I'm also open to tryout for lurk and support roles. Thank you for reading and if you're interested just message me in my DM's or add me on steam! :) "

While the last one to debark, Germany Marian 'rapala' Korpaniuk said:

" Moin moin, after 2 years it is time for me to say goodbye to my family @ Sissistatepunks .

It wasn't always easy, but looking back I can proudly say that I always had a team and organization that stood behind me no matter what.

But despite this farewell, I am ready for new challenges in a new environment as an Entry / 2nd Entry in a new crew. I look forward to working with new people and above all getting the best out of myself in order to keep getting better and stronger.

PS you can contact me anytime via Steam or Twitter DM"

As for the Germany Sissi State Punks, a team that has failed to impress so far it now remains with no player as Germany Marcel 'hyped' Kohn, Germany Marc-Philipp 'MRC9' Jarke, Germany Nick 'nixeed' Schleicher also left the team prior to these last three members.

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