Sinisters presents new roster
Posted: Dec 2, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The Argentinian based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team under the Argentina Sinister flagship has suffered a massive revamp.

One of the sole players that was left within the roster, Argentina Ignacio 'nch' Devita will now be the coach of the newly added roster.

The team is formed of some rather unknown players around the sole player remaining, the team Captain, Argentina Agustin 'peqexino' Caceres.

The announcement of the team was made on the twitter page of the organization, there the managers named the new players.

The new CS:GO team of Argentina Sinisters now is:

  • Argentina Agustin 'peqexino' Caceres
  • Argentina Stefano 'yeyoh' de Gregorio
  • Argentina Alexis 'karyy' Richards
  • Argentina Tomas 'Nyogen' Castiglione
  • Argentina Mateo 'kardash' Verni
  • Argentina Ignacio 'nch' Devita (coach)

Most notably Argentina Tomas 'Nyogen' Castiglione and Argentina Mateo 'kardash' Verni played for Argentina Isurus Gaming, a team that now is:

  • Argentina Nicolás 'Noktse' Davila
  • Argentina Gabriel '1962' Sinopoli
  • Argentina Roberto 'reversive' Themtham
  • Uruguay Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalez
  • Argentina Marcos 'decov9jse' Amato (trial)
  • Argentina Rodrigo 'pino' Manarino (coach)
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