SEAL eSports release CS:GO team
Posted: Mar 11, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Polish based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Poland SEAL eSports has parted ways with the organization.

The announcement made on one of the leading eSports news websites from Poland, states that the players do have in mind the prolong of the contract, but for the time being a mutual agreement wasn't reached.

Four of the players will keep on playing together, the only player to go on a solo road is Poland Piotr 'p1jo' Blok.

The four will for the time being be known as ex- Poland SEAL, and are:

  • Poland Oskar 'oskarish' Stenborowski (C)
  • Poland Piotr 'peet' Cwiklinski
  • Poland Michal 'crank' Krystyniak
  • Poland Michal 'mono' Gabszewicz

As for their former coach, Poland Dawid 'DEJV' Herczynski, his future is unclear.

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