Quantum Bellator Fire has a new roster
Posted: Jul 23, 2020 Written by: do_0h

The Russian based organization has revealed a new Counter-Strike:Global Offensive roster.

The new roster is the Russian Federation Z-Zombies known roster, an all Russian based roster.

The new team is yet to turn heads on the international scene, as did the old Russian roster that managed to go into the Quarterfinals of the United States ELEAGUE major 2018, United States Boston, United States Atlanta, United States United States of America

The announcement was made on the leading eSports news website, hltv.org, the new roster of Russian Federation Quantum Bellator Fire is:

  • Russian Federation Vladimir 'JACKPOT' Dyakonov
  • Russian Federation Sergey 'Quantium' Malchenko
  • Russian Federation Denis 'Kas9k' Grishechkin
  • Russian Federation Roman 'rommi' Golubev
  • Russian Federation Dimitry 'lesswill' Medvedev
  • Russian Federation Artem 'telstar' Esmantovich (coach)
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