PGL to host Major in Krakow
Posted: Mar 15, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The Romanian based Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament organizer has been announced to be the next Major holder.

The organization Romania Professional Gamers League has chosen the Polish town of Krakow as the next Major location.

The 11'th Major will be held from 16'th of July till 23'rd of July 2017 in the above mentioned town.

The event will feature a total of 16 teams with eight already being known as the Legend status that they have, the eight are: Denmark Team Astralis, Sweden fnatic, European Union Natus Vincere, Denmark Team North, Poland Virtus.Pro, Brazil SK.Gaming, Kazakhstan Gambit Gaming, European Union FaZe Clan.

The event will feature four Minors for the rest of the eight spots:

  • June 1-4: PGL Asia Minor Championship
  • June 8-11: PGL Americas Minor Championship
  • June 8-11: PGL CIS Minor Championship
  • June 15-18: PGL Europe Minor Championship

The Romania PGL guys released a move regarding this:

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