Peeker's Advantage release two sign DAVEY
Posted: Oct 6, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The North American based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team United States Peeker's Advantage has suffered more changes.

Two players were cut in the name of United States Chad 'Oderus' Miller and United States Tayler 'Drone' Johnson, these two will now have the stand-in status within the roster.

At the same time Canada David 'DAVEY' Stafford was brought back to the roster.

For the time being, both players that are now stand-ins as stated on their twitter pages are looking for new teams but will continue to play with the rest of the roster until they find something new.

The announcement was made on the leading eSports news website from the North American scene,, the new CS:GO team for United States Peeker's Advantage now is:

  • United States Stephen 'reltuC' Cutler
  • United States Mike 'Swisher' Schmid
  • Canada David 'DAVEY' Stafford
  • United States Chad 'Oderus' Miller (stand-in)
  • United States Tayler 'Drone' Johnson (stand-in)
  • United States Alex 'Mauisnake' Ellenberg (coach)

While United States Fine Wine, former team of Canada DAVEY now is:

  • United States Ryan 'Winsum' Johns
  • United States Tommy 'Axed' Ryan
  • United States Joel 'jcrueL' Cruel
  • United States Matthew 'nero' Seymour
  • Canada Adam 'Ange' Milian

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