OpTic Gaming announces new CS:GO team
Posted: Feb 8, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The North American based organization, United States OpTic Gaming has announced their new Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team.

The team consists of some big names from the Danish scene and from the North American region.

First of all they have released their remaining players in the name of Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli, Sweden Adam 'friberg' Friberg and Estonia Kevin 'HS' Tarn, their future being uncertain for the time being.

Then to make the new team, they have secured the services of the two innactive Denmark Team North players, Denmark Rene 'cajunB' Borg and Denmark Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke.

Third on the list it was Denmark Team North Academy player, Denmark Nicklas 'Gade' Gade.

Forth to the table, the United StatesCanadaBrazil Team Liquid benched player, Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz and for the final pice, they have called the free agent, former in team United States Team Misfits player, United StatesPakistan Shahazeb 'ShaZaM' Khan.

The announcement was made on the official socialization page of the team where a picture featuring the names of all these new players was posted along side the message:

"It is our pleasure to announce our 2018 OpTic Counter Strike roster!"

Now with all this in mind, we have the following rosters for the three organizations involved in the transfer:

For Denmark OpTic Gaming:

  • Denmark Rene 'cajunB' Borg
  • Denmark Kristian 'k0nfig' Wienecke
  • Denmark Nicklas 'Gade' Gade
  • Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
  • United StatesPakistan Shahazeb 'ShaZaM' Khan
  • United States Chet 'ImAPet' Singh (coach)

While Denmark Team North has:

  • Denmark Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen
  • Denmark Philip 'aizy' Aistrup
  • Denmark Valdemar Bjorn 'valde' Vangsa
  • Denmark Daniel 'mertz' Mertz
  • Denmark Markus 'kjaerbye' Kjaerbye
  • Denmark Alexander 'ave' Holdt (coach)

The Academy team:

  • Denmark Frederik 'acoR' Gyldstrand
  • Denmark Dennis sycrone' Nielsen
  • Denmark Johannes 'b0RUP' Borup
  • Denmark Allan 'AnJ' Jensen

And last but not least, United States Team Liquid:

  • United States Nick 'nit0' Cannela
  • United States Jonathan 'EliGE' Jablonowski
  • United States Joshua 'jdm64' Marzano
  • Canada Russel 'Twistzz' VanDulken
  • Brazil Lucas 'steel' Lopes
  • Brazil Wilton 'zews' Prado (coach)

As for the departured players, their future is unclear for the time given.

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