Nordavind presents new CS:GO roster
Posted: Mar 8, 2019 Written by: do_0h

A new Norwegian Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team was announced today.

Playing under the Norway Nordaviond banner the new team features four Norwegians and one Dane.

The announcement of the new team was made on the facebook page of the organization, there the managers presented the complete line-up.

First of all two players, former team Captain Norway Morten 'zEVES' Vollan and Norway Haris 'h4rr3' Hadzic were moved to an innactive position, their future being uncertain for the time being.

The complete roster features: Norway Haakon 'Radifaction' Tholo, Norway Jorgen 'cromen' Robertsen, Norway Ruben 'RUBINO' Villarroel and Denmark Jesper 'TENZKI' Plougmann.

The sole player to stay from the old line-up is Norway Hakon 'hellzerk' Fjaerli.

The new roster will be coached by Norway Jasmeet 'Rosey' Gill whom will retain his role within the roster.

The new CS:GO roster for Norway Noradvind is:

  • Denmark Jesper 'TENZKI' Plougmann (C)
  • Norway Morten 'zEVES' Vollan
  • Norway Jorgen 'cromen' Robertsen
  • Norway Haakon 'Radifaction' Tholo
  • Norway Hakon 'hallzerk' Fjaerli
  • Norway Morten 'zEVES' Vollan (innactive)
  • Norway Haris 'h4rr3' Hadzic (innactive)
  • Norway Jasmeet 'Rosey' Gill (coach)
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