Nexus Gamers Pub release two, add jaxi
Posted: Oct 9, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The Romanian based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team, Romania Nexus Gamers Pub has made changes in their roster.

The announcement was made as one of the released players as Romania Bodea 'SEMINTE' Valentin stated on his official socialization stage:

"We're not playing for nexus anymore (me, sXe and White)".

At the same time even if the team refeatured Romania Costin 'jaxi' Vrinceanu, he stated on his official socialization page:

"Guess my feeling was right, i'm no longer part of @NexusGamingRo! I wish them best of luck! Now i'm open to any offer, [RT appreciated]."

For the departured players, their future is unclear for the time being, both Romania Bodea 'SEMINTE' Valentin and Romania Crisitan 'sXe' Nita are left without a team, same goes for Cosmin-Andrei 'WHiTE' Cetenas.

For now it seems that the official CS:GO roster for Romania Nexus Gamers Pub is:

  • Romania Catalin-Ionut 'BTN' Stanescu (C)
  • Romania Adrian 'XELLOW' Guta
  • Romania Costin 'Jaxi' Vrinceanu
  • Israel Shay 'equix' Gro (coach)
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