Nemiga eSports release ROBO, sign
Posted: Dec 2, 2019 Written by: do_0h

The CIS based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Belarus Nemiga eSports has suffred changes.

The Belarusian player, Belarus Vladimir 'ROBO' Neskey was released from the roster, his place being taken by a rather unknwon player, Kazakhstan Diyar 'spellfull' Issakhanov, former in Kazakhstan Syman Gaming.

The announcement was made on the webpage of the team, there the managers of Belarus Nemiga eSports wrote:

" Recently, our team has undergone a number of changes.

A constant search for improvements and a new style of play has brought the line-up to qualitative changes, in connection with which we made a difficult decision: Vladimir "ROBO" Neskey left Nemiga Gaming.

We sincerely wish ROBO all the very best.

We are sure that such a talented player will be able to find himself in the new team and bring a lot of good to it.

We will continue to work on ourselves to achieve even better results.

Thanks for everything, Volodya! "

Regarding the sign, the managers wrote:

" We are pleased to announce that from this day on организации Diyar "spellfull" Isakhanov joins our organization as the fifth player of the main team.

We hope that his aggressive AWP playing style will help Nemiga reach new heights.

Best of luck, Diyar! Welcome to #NemigaFamily!"

The future of Belarus ROBO is uncertain, at the same time, Belarus NEMIGA eSports now is:

  • Belarus Alexander 'mds' Rubets
  • Belarus Igor 'lollipop21k' Solodkov
  • Belarus Anton 'boX' Burko (C)
  • Estonia Rassim 'Jyo' Valijev
  • Kazakhstan Diyar 'spellfull' Issakhanov
  • Belarus Yuriy 'keep3r' Mikulchik (coach)

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