mousesports to bench Snax
Posted: Oct 11, 2018 Written by: do_0h

A report by VPEsports states that the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of European Union mousesports wigh the possible bench of their latest addition, former Poland Virtus.Pro player, Poland Janusz 'snax' Pogorzelski.

Remind you that the team has spent a six digit sum in order to buy the player from Poland Virtus.Pro back in late June 2018 when Slovakia Martyn 'STYKO' Styk was benched.

Later on, the benched player was loaned to United States Cloud9, only to come back in the line-up and still field the innactive role this month.

If the move, of Poland Snax being benched is true then most likely, Serbia STYKO will regain the active role in the line-up.

The move was rumoured by VPEsports after the guys there found out that the team had a meeting where Poland Snax was not present.

For the time being, the current CS:GO team for European Union mousesports is:

  • Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de Jong
  • Czech Republic Tomas 'oskar' Stastny
  • Estonia Robin 'ropz' Kool
  • Finland Mikka 'suNny' Kemppi
  • Poland Janusz 'snax' Pogorzelski
  • Slovakia Martyn 'STYKO' Styk (benched)
  • Ukraine Sergey 'lmbt' Bezhanov (coach)

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