Method Gaming sign FMESPORTS
Posted: Jun 12, 2017 Written by: do_0h

The British based Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team known as United Kingdom FMESPORTS has signed with a new organization.

The British based organization, United Kingdom Method Gaming has acquired the services of the British based team and added two more figures to the team.

The two new figures are the well known British streamer, United Kingdom Craig 'onscreen' Shannon whom will be their manager and former United Kingdom Reason Gaming player, United Kingdom Kevin 'keita' Hall whom will be their coach.

The announcement was made by the new organization via a post over at their website where it is stated:

" We are very proud to announce Method's return to FPS games and to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive specifically! Puls3, nEiLZiNHo, weber, stan1ey, jenko, coach Keita and team manager Onscreen will be joining the Method family and rounding out our Gfinity Elite roster. This exceedingly talented team has had a lot of success in the UK CS:GO scene with many accolades to their name, including two Insomnia wins as well as first place finishes in the ESL UK Premiership Spring 2017 Finals, UK CS:GO Masters S2, the ESEA UK CS:GO Open S24, and now they're looking to take on the international scene as well."

The new manager, onscreen had this to say:

" The UK has had a dominant team that could compete at the highest level throughout CS history, but this has long been forgotten. I'm excited to be working with Method to provide this line-up with everything they need to put the UK back on the map."

While team CO-owner, Germany Sascha 'Rak' Steffens stated:

" After over a year of absence from the scene, we are excited to announce today that Method CS:GO is back! We were impressed by this team from our very first conversation with in-game leader nEiLZiNHo.

Their recent accomplishments convey a very clear message: they do not just try to perform well, they play to win titles. Our ambitions are high, we want to both set the bar in national competitions and bring the UK back onto the international stage. Regardless of whether we will succeed in doing so or not, I'm looking forward to an exciting year 2017. #methodway."

With this in mind, the United Kingdom FMESPORTS organization is left without a team while United Kingdom Method Gaming now has:

  • United Kingdom Neil 'nEiLZiNHo' Finlay
  • United Kingdom Reece 'Puls3' Marrs
  • United Kingdom Tramaine 'stan1ey' Stanley
  • United Kingdom Tom 'Jenko' Jenkinson
  • United Kingdom Brandon 'weber' Weber
  • United Kingdom Kevin 'keita' Hall (coach)
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