Maknitude lose two
Posted: Jun 12, 2019 Written by: do_0h

Not long ago, on 24'th of May 2019, Maknitude, a newly formed organization, signed the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Denmark LPSP!.

Today the same organization announced the release of two players from that roster.

It seems that some internal decisions are to blame for this move as the players and managers alike were happy with the decision, the announcement was made by the team owner, the Danish CS:GO caster, Denmark Niels 'rizc' Topp whom on the website wrote:

" Based on a team decision (taken by the majority of the team, supported by me) we have chosen to remove AnJ and smF from the team.

This comes, even though everyone on the team (including myself) is very happy with both Allan and Danni personally, but the majority of the team have chosen to go a different way.

I myself am sorry that this should happen in this way, but unfortunately this is the country. We want all the best for Allan and Danni in the future, and we will shortly announce what the future plans are for the team in relation to which players will replace them. "

Now the future for the two removed players, Denmark Danni 'smF' Dyg and Denmark Allan 'AnJ' Jensen is uncertain and full of suprizes, as is the future of the team, a team that at the moment is:

  • Denmark Martin 'PERCY' Wessel
  • Denmark Dennis sycrone' Nielsen
  • Denmark Jacob 'dragoNfly' Lund
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