Team Sprout and kressy part ways
Posted: Dec 3, 2021 Written by: do_0h

After almost a month and a half of innactivity within the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team of Germany Team Sprout, the support rifler Germany Marko 'kressy' Dordevic is as of today a free agent.

The announcement came on the twitter page of the player, there Germany kressy wrote:

"Ready to do anything to win and be successful. That little break was really needed for me and I am really happy to play again.

If there is any concerns or a left over question just hit me up. Kind of disappointed in some people though.

Heard that some guys from my past started to spread lies about me.

There are always two sides to every story."

The future of the player whom by now bagged almost $90000 in cash prize from the competitive play is for the time being uncertain, as for the team he has left, Germany Team Sprout is:

  • Germany Timo 'Spidii' Richter (C)
  • Germany Josef 'faveN' Baumann
  • Germany Fritz 'slaxz-' Dietrich
  • Denmark Rasmus 'raalz' Steensborg
  • Poland Kamil 'KEi' Pietkun
  • Germany Can 'kyuubi' Kamber (loaned to Germany No Limit Gaming)
  • Denmark Danny 'BERRY' Kruger (coach)

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