KPI Gaming lose kamil
Posted: Jun 12, 2018 Written by: do_0h

Just the other month, the European Counter-Strike:Global Offensive line-up, European Union KPI Gaming announced the addition of Poland Kamil 'kamil' Kaminski for the international leagues while Portugal Luis 'ZELIN' Lousada was due to play in the roster locked leagues.

Today the Polish player announced he was removed from the team due to internal problems. The problems are unknown for the general public as the announcement was made by the player via a post over at his official socialization page.

The Polish rifler, Poland kamil posted the following on twitter:

"Well short period of time that I played for KPI has ended, shame that I got cut because of internal problem, altho im happy and motivated to achieve more and more, and get back on track to my results from 2k16 Open to offers from EU teams RT's appreciated. "

The future of the team is unclear now, it remains to see if Portugal ZELIN will play in all leagues or if they will seek for a new permanent fifth, as of now, kamil is a free agent while European Union KPI Gaming now has:

  • Spain Victor 'xikii' Garcia
  • Slovakia Michal 'EMENK' Belej
  • Slovakia Peter 'shhhack' Belej (C)
  • Portugal Luis 'ZELIN' Lousada
  • Venezuela - Bolivarian Republic of Carlos 'sc4rx' Sanchez
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