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Posted: Jan 1, 2018 Written by: do_0h

The Spaniard whom was on loan from Spain x6tence to the Spain KPI.Gaming Counter-Strike-Global Offensive team, Spain Omar 'arki' Chakkor has announced his departure from the latter mentioned.

It seems that the player and his teammates agreed to terminate the collaboration and thus the player returned to his old organization.

On twitter, Spain arki stated:

"To inform you a little, I will not continue with KPI or with any of my former teammates for the following season, the decision has been yours, when I know news about my future I will be reporting, for now I still belong to x6.

Let's see if they behave better in 2018"

With this in mind, the new CS:GO line-ups for the two organizations are:

The departured team, SpainSlovakia KPI.Gaming now has:

  • Spain Victor 'xikii' Garcia
  • Spain Miguel 'exerz' Marin
  • Slovakia Michal 'EMENK' Belej
  • Slovakia Peter 'shhhack' Belej

While Spain X6tence now has:

  • Spain Aiter 'SOAKER' Fernandez
  • Spain David 'Kairii' de Miguel de la Fuente
  • Spain Antonio Rivas 'FlipiN' del Rey
  • Sweden Nicolas 'Plopski' Gonzalez Zamora (trial)
  • Spain Omar 'arki' Chakkor (back-up)
  • Spain Manuel 'MaseN1' Serrano (analyst)
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