Vega Squadron complete roster with kibaken
Posted: May 11, 2018 Written by: do_0h

One of the most promising Russian teams, Russian Federation Vega Squadron has completed their roster once more. The Counter-Strike:Global Offensive team was forced to say goodbye to two of their players due to conflicts in terms of practice as Russian Federation Nikolay 'mir' Bityukov and Russian Federation Sergey 'keshandr' Nikishin (benched/free for transfer) were both sined to the free to transfer status.

After adding Ukraine Igor 'crush' Shevchenko from Ukraine pro100, the managers have now signed free agent, Russian Federation Anton 'kibaken' Kolesnikov whom was last seen playing for Russian Federation forZe.

More to the story, Russian Federation Artem 'Fierce' Ivanov whom for the past weeks acted as a playing coach will from now take his old role back.

The announcement was made on the official website of the team where Russian Federation kibaken wrote:

"I am very glad to come back after such a long inactive period. I can't wait to see “sharks" future, because I know these guys and we have a good idea of what to expect from each other."

At the same time, sports director of the team Russian Federation Georgy 'drAmer' Faleev, stated:

"Our fifth player will be the well-known kibaken. Anton has been practicing together with the guys for more than 2 weeks already and got along well both ingame and outside. Today all the players are gathering for a lengthy bootcamp - the place where the intensive teambuilding begins."

With this, Russian Federation Vega Squadron now has:

  • Russian Federation Leonid 'chopper' Vishnyakov
  • Russian Federation Pavel 'hutji' Lashkov
  • Russian Federation Anton 'kibaken' Kolesnikov
  • Ukraine Dmitriy 'jR' Chervak (C)
  • Ukraine Igor 'crush' Shevchenko
  • Russian Federation Nikolay 'mir' Bityukov (benched/free for transfer)
  • Russian Federation Sergey 'keshandr' Nikishin (benched/free for transfer)
  • Russian Federation Artem 'Fierce' Ivanov (stand-in and coach)

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