Infinite retire
Posted: Dec 30, 2020 Written by: do_0h

The North American Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player, United States Gage 'infinite' Green whom played throughout his career for teams such as United States Cloud9, United States Singularity, United States Chaos eSports Club announced his retirement from the CS franchise.

The player same as more from CS:GO transitioned to the new United States RIOT Gaming FPS game, Valorant.

The former CS:GO rifler and In Game Leader has already found a home for Valorant in the name of the United States NRG.eSports organization. Need to mention that CS:GO was good with United States Infinite as he won as a player over 35 titles and a total of 32600 in cash prize.

The announcement was made by the player via his twitter account where United States Infinite wrote:

"NRG @NRGgg · 26 dec. the final piece to NRG Valorant please welcome @Infinite1csgo to the #NRGFam "

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