Heroic release RUBINO, sign AcilioN
Posted: Jul 10, 2018 Written by: do_0h

After two monts of free agency the Danish Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player, Denmark Asger 'AcillioN' Larsen has signed a contract with Denmark Heroic Gaming replacing their innactive player, Norway Ruben 'RUBINO' Villarroel.

The Dane acted as a stand-in for the team at the recently passed Minor Qualifiers.

Need to mention that Denmark AcilioN was out of action ever since parting ways with European Union The Imperial back May 2018.

At the same time Norway RUBINO due to some health problems was out of action for two straight events on a total of two months.

The official announcement was made on the website of the team, Denmark AcilioN had this to say:

"Having finished my first day in the amazing office surroundings, I must say, I really look forward to playing with the Heroic team. I really had no doubt, when I was first contacted by the RFRSH organization and talking to MODDII, the player-coach, and introduced to their way of working, the facilities and the ambitions only confirmed my initial feelings.

Dreamhack Valencia will be our first tournament, and I can't wait to pull the shirt over my head and play with the guys as an official Heroic-player. On Imperial, we beat them at Copenhagen Games, but this team and organization is so much bigger, and I am just proud to be a part of it all."

As for Norway RUBINO for the time being, his future is unclear while Denmark Heroic now fields the following roster:

  • Denmark Nikolaj 'Niko' Kristensen
  • Denmark Patrick 'es3tag' Hansen
  • Denmark Asger 'AcillioN' Larsen
  • Sweden Adam 'friberg' Friberg
  • Sweden Andreas 'MODDII' Fridh (player/coach)

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